Tea as a Ritual

Teas, especially herbal tea, are medicinal. They invoke an immediate energetic change within our bodies. We craft herbal blends for their medicinal or magickal properties to align with our intentions and boost our magickal energy.

We often use tea before during and after spells, rituals, or ceremonies. We also use them to start the day, set intentions, heal spiritually, heal physically, heal emotionally, and just because.

It is my perception that we all want to live a more magickal life. One of the most convenient, and most subtle ways of doing that is through herbal teas. Let me explain the difference as I see and experience them. I always encourage you to stay curious and open, use your intuition and go with the path of least resistance when doing any tea ritual. It is a process of discernment and slow ripening.

Spell Tea

Spell Teas are very specific and boost magickal energy for a solitary witch or group of witches. The tea is sometimes prepared beforehand but always consumed within a closed circle. The action works with the element of water, emotions, feminine energy and deities, astral realms, offerings, and the moon. There is commonly an enchantment, poem, or other oral/written spell that is recited.

Ritual Tea

Ritual teas are performed habitually to enhance and direct energy and thoughts towards a specific intention. Ritual teas are spiritual workhorses. We use medicinal and energetic qualities to nourish and restore our health while we work mentally to focus our minds on our desires. As stated in an earlier section, repetition allows us to do things without thinking about it. Ever go into autopilot mode? That’s exactly what a tea ritual is about. We go on autopilot so we can shut out the excess noise and focus on whatever it is we are trying to manifest. When we do this, we see a dramatic increase in the success of our spells and manifestations.

The monthly tea ritual I send out focuses on a specific idea or energy that aligns with the current season or wheel of the year. It’s one way we stay connected to synchronicity and align ourselves with the wheel of the year. When you receive it, it is something for you to explore. There are no expectations, only discovery and new light!

Ritual teas are a daily habit, but it does not always *have* to be tea! It can be coffee, crystal water, soda, or whatever your thing is. Tea is the best because it's good for your body which in turn is good for your mind. The goal is to drink tea daily but not everyone is there and that’s ok! Everything is ok if you accept where you are and have an idea about where you want to go, the rest is just a process!

Ceremony Tea

Ceremony teas are largely cultural. Depending on the culture, they may or may not carry higher spiritual significance. Spell and ritual teas are, in a way, a cultural tea for pagans just as matcha ceremonies are for the Japanese!