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Through the choices we make about how we spend our time, the habits we take on, the work we do, the words we speak, and the actions we take we build our deaths daily. Our legacy, the trace we left, the lives we touched. You are the creator of the present moment, the trace you leave behind.

The Morrigan challenges us to know what is most important. And then holds us accountable to have the wisdom and courage to build our death around that answer.

Throughout the myths and lore, The Goddess always presents herself at a time of choice. She stands beside you calling your highest-self fourth. Are your ships coming or going? Are you present in your power?

In March, we set the stage to meet her. In April, sow the seeds we intend to reap.

Below is a teaser listing each of the individual subscription themes for April!

Ritual Tea - Holy Cacao

Monthly Meditation – The fire that stirs you

Crystal Alchemy - Awen

Spring Series Large Box - The Keeper

By the end of the Spring Series, we will have built a complete altar dedicated to The Morrigan. The April ritual (The Keeper) in the large box matches The Mirror from March and the "Thing" for May! 

If you are not able to get everything offered throughout these series I hope you do what you can, feel good about that and take a minute to record the information and tools from the rituals you missed out on!

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  • Posted on by Kristen

    I need to update my credit card info how do I go about it

  • Posted on by Hi Eva! You sent a box to me?

    can you message me so I have the right eva? thanks!

  • Posted on by Candy R McClean

    Can I get the March kit and the April one

  • Posted on by Eva
    I just saw this and sent a box to you a couple days ago It was slated to arrive today. Holy Cacao!

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