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Cancer, June Cosmic Energy Kit

25 Jun, 2018

Cancer, June Cosmic Energy Kit

The Cosmic Energy kit focuses on the powers of the celestial wheel and how to weave those energies into our seasonal intentions. When the sun enters each house of the zodiac, it activates a special set of energies offering opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening. As we enter the house of Cancer we focus on balancing our emotions. The key to evolving through this house is developing and strengthening our inner anchor.    

Those born under Cancer carry an intense emotional energy that can be both a blessing and a curse. When the sun is in Cancer we all get a taste of that emotional energy but not on the same intensity. This is the Cancer Folk’s superpower. They are naturally clairvoyant, your best friend and worst enemy, nurturing, loyal, empathetic, and the most ‘tuned-in’ of all the houses.

In curating this kit, I wanted to create the making of an altar space that you can come to for solace, restoration, and renewal. We know home is the most sacred of places for a cancer. Although not typically associated with Cancer, Ammonite fossils radiate a positive earth energy that assist us in finding the way down through our coiled, spiral spiritual pathway. A true ally to Cancer, Ammonite fossils lead us to the center of our innermost safe space we call home. The Ammonite spirit jar is an altar tool to ground and center emotional energy absorbed through the day, realign with our soul purpose so we can come back out with a renewed sense of direction and spiritual awareness. 

Another important tool for a Cancer is the chalice. Within this chalice, you will find a rose quartz crystal. Incorporate this set in your work when you are feeling overly emotional or empathic. This tool is a reminder that just because you can feel and take on the world's energy does not mean you should. Ground yourself in compassion for the world around you versus drowning in empathy. It is in this place that you will find the strength and ability to connect, nurture and protect in a healthy sustainable way.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer draws energy and vitality from moonstone crystals. The silver sachet contains both raw rainbow moonstone and tumbled Indian moonstone with chamomile flowers. Moonstone opens the gateway to the subconscious for spiritual wisdom and development, boosts psychic abilities, and harmonizes the aura. Hold this sachet in meditation or carry with you throughout the day to ground your inner anchor, connect with the divine for guidance and boost stamina.

The Cancer Zodiac oil contains essential oils of sandalwood, rosemary, gardenia, ylang ylang and davana. This specially blended oil created to align and strengthen the positive characteristic of Cancers. 

The Moon Planetary Incense is burned to connect with lunar energy. You can burn these herbals over charcoal or dress a candle. The specific type of lunar energy will change depending on the phase you are currently working under. I recommend grinding the herbs in a pestle & mortar with a blessing before each use.

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