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Almost everyone wanted a sneak peek of some sort. At least a written peek so here ya go! The votes are in and the fall Series will be The Feasts!

No culture parties like the Pagan culture! We celebrate everything, even the space between! So, this is going to be a super fun three months!! As I work to expand your knowledge of ancient festivals, I will also be curating tools to inspire a constant stream of celebration, joy, and gratitude in everything and everyone.

The only spoiler that I’ll share is the Crystal Alchemy oil. As you can see, I have already prepared for this! The herbal oil will be ready to press in 2 weeks and the labels were printed a month ago! After an emotionally testy year, I honestly just want to focus on enjoying the ride. By the results of the theme poll, you guys do too! So, lets talk about how I have this planned!

I want to build up to a huge Samhain Feast. So, In September, I want to focus on normalizing Hail in the household. You most likely have seen the word in spells and prayers where we Hail Hecate or Hail Brigid. The term is archaic, and many have a disconnect in hailing a deity or ancestor. It’s not part of our everyday language so it feels foreign to shout out. For me, it’s important to understand ancient ways but not exactly replicate them. We live in a different time, so we must adjust to make these celebrations relevant.

When our ancestors would shout out Hail in prayer and celebration, it was a call of honor and respect. A summons with great respect. They recognized and appreciated something of importance in whomever they hailed. The Hail was also an invitation to their celebration. In addition to being summoned and honored, the deities, guides, elementals or ancestors would also be asked to bestow their blessings. When cultivated, this relationship of recognition, respect and gratitude creates a deeply connected, meaningful celebration.

For those reasons, I felt like the call itself, the hail, is an important foundation for feasts. So how to address it across all the different styles of subscriptions?

Monthly Meditation

We work through the elemental portal of air when we meditate. Air is the power of the mind, the force of intellect, inspiration, imagination. It is difficult to let those lights shine if they’re being blocked by fear and limited thinking. This month, we will work to release the inhibitions and blockages caused by fear. We will do exercises such as the temporal tap and some worksheets I have created to help rewire the thought process.
We’re going to finally, *really*, release, or at least learn how and practice to release the limiting thoughts preventing us from experiencing joy. No more “I don’t have the time or money. I don’t have clothes. I don’t know enough about the Sabbat. I don’t have the right crystals. Nobody will come. I’m not happy with my weight. I don’t like to socialize.” All the little nagging voices we listen to when fear creeps in, were going to do the work, and banish them!
Once we set ourselves free, the following two months will be all about the ride!
The monthly meditation includes 1 focus crystal and either loose herbals, incense or tealight candles with a written contemplative meditation.

Monthly Tea Ritual

Creating healing tea rituals that flow with the wellspring of life as we pay homage to the moon, fertility, dreams, friendships, and transformation. Water is the first element necessary to create and sustain life. Water can store memory just as crystals do and are powerful conductors of electricity. Our Monthly Tea Ritual is curated to help you be a better conductor, sustainer of life and carrier of purity and healing.

All three months of Tea ritual will focus on creating enchanting teas for intuitive leaf reading (no book cheats) with a partner or as a group. The tea volume is going to be doubled (no additional cost). Divination has always reigned supreme at witches feasts and is tons of fun.

The September- November monthly tea ritual includes one 2-ounce loose herbal tea in compostable plant-based packaging with a reusable label and written ritual.

Monthly Crystal Alchemy

Fire provides the spark for creativity, love, and transformation. The essence this subscription is crafting magick through crystal alchemy to actively pursue our passion, intimacy, sensuality, and purpose. As we work with the element of creation, destruction, purification and transmutation, the Monthly Crystal Alchemy is curated to help you identify that which is inside of you is ready to manifest, release, and balance.

Hail! The alchemy set is part of the magickal preparation when creating a feast. For each guest of honor that you hail from the other word, you will anoint 1 candle and place it within your circle or upon the feast altar. You likely already have this crystal, but we all want lots of them whenever we wish to communicate in the spirit realms.

The Monthly Crystal Alchemy typically includes 1 focus crystal combined with an alchemy oil, ritual oil or other herbal liquid for ritual and spell work.

The Seasonal Series Large box (Formerly, The Summer Reflection Ritual)

For the fall season, I will refer to this subscription as the Feast. Over summer, we reflected. We took the much-needed time took to calm ourselves and go within…but now, it’s time to feast! I still plan to create floral essences for each month as the main seasonal spiritual guide. When done correctly, floral essences are potent lightworkers! I realize I need to create a guide for you on this. It will come separate from the box though.
The rest will include enchanted Home & Hearth goods. All Kitchen Witch stuff that we can use to create an enchanting home and magickal spaces in big celebrations, specifically at Samhain, and for simple daily meals. Throughout the three months, we will celebrate
Samhain, and the Feasts of Hecate & Cailleach.
P.S. On September 23rd 2019, the Sun will cross the celestial equator, marking the Autumnal Equinox, also celebrated as Mabon. The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd and the moon will be in her home domain of Cancer. This is always the month that I wish I had a different ship day!!! I ship on the 20th, and it's often difficult to get them all prepared and packed by that date so I do not plan to ship anything related to the equinox out of fear it will arrive late. I will, however, write up a guide for you guys. I just wanted to get that out there so you guys dont plan on receiving anything Mabon!


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