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Star Magick for the New Moon

08 Nov, 2017

Star Magick for the New Moon

Your star of power is a single star you intuitively connect with, attune to, and draw upon. Stars are not planets; they are suns! Suns are the manifestations of the life force of the universe. You can attune yourself to their and draw them down to manifest your intentions.

Sounds amazing right? Well the timing couldn’t be more perfect as the stars shine bright when the moon sheds her light! To find your power star, simply gaze upon the night sky until you feel a connection. You want to make sure you pick a star and not a planet so remember stars blink, planets do not. Identifying a constellation that is near your star is a good way to relocate your star at another time. It is a good idea to draw a map and record the time and date the map was draw.

To attune with your star of power gaze upon your star comfortable and breathe normally. Observe your star and its colors. Open yourself to accept its powers, accept its energies. Fell the energy of the stars pouring into you. Observe how you feel approaching your star, attuning with it and your energy afterwards. Do this for several nights until you feel attuned and recognize your star easily. With regular attuning, this should only take a few seconds.

The night star oil you received in your moon goddess box was created to work with the stars and dark moon phase making it perfect for this ritual by Scott Cunningham. Anoint your third eye and pulse point as directed on the bottle. You can do this anytime but it is best at the New Moon/Dark Moon phase.

Although it is safe to use the words given by Scott Cunningham, I suggest creating your own words or spells when performing this or any ritual. It is important they are felt and come from the heart rather being told and memorized.

Here are 2 Star Magick rituals you can perform by Scott Cunningham


This ritual is designed to use the energy of the stars to absorb negative energy. Use it to help make a clean break from negative habits, misplaced emotions, and other wonderful human problems.

Sit outside.

Attune with your star of power.

Visualize your problem. Visualize yourself wallowing in it, feeding it energy so it is self sustaining.

Hold your arms up before you. Cup your hands together. Push this visualization out of your arms into your hands. Break all connections with that which is to be released. See the problems and its causes sitting within your palms. Say something like the following:

Blazing stars

Fiery stars

What is mine

Is now yours.

With a strong certain gesture, separate your hands, fling your arms into the sky, and release negativity to the stars. Push it from your body. Send it wildly spinning up into the heavens, where the energy of the stars will cleanse and transform it.

Repeat as necessary.



(a good idea for a new moon mala and mantra ritual!!)

This is best performed at night when the moon is not visible in the sky. It’s designed to being the power of the stars into some personal or magickal object, including jewelry.

Take the object to be charged outside.

Site comfortably. Attune with your star of power.

Hold the object to be charged in your receptive hand.

Push it up to the sky. Say these or similar words:



Points of light,



Shining bright,

Shining down on me tonight,

Bless me in my magick rite.

Draw down the power of the stars, visualize it streaming from each star in rushing, thin, sparkling blueish-white light. The streams unite to become one single, pulsating beam of energy that flows freely into the object. Continue chanting:

O celestial, starry band

Charge what I hold in my hand!

Lend it strength and energy,

Energy that I now see!

The powers sent; the powers free

This is my will, so mote it be!

Upon saying the words “the powers free,” redirect the single beam of energy back into the sky. It scatters and is reabsorbed into the stars from which it emerged.

Now, while the object pulsates with star energy, use your visualization to program it accourding to your needs. Imprint upon it its task: protection, prosperity, love, comfort, peace, physical strength, courage, psychic awareness – Star power can be used for all things.

Re-Charge the object at regular intervals, if necessary or is desired.

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