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I’ll be rededicating to the Morrigan tonight and I thought I would share a little before I get started. Maybe answer questions? With the New Moon in Pisces, and the amplified intuitive energy going around we have the opportunity receive a visit our message in our dreams tonight!

-A feast for the Raven and dedication to the Morrigan

You’ll need:

  • One white candle for ancestral spirit, purity, and the memory of bone
  • One green candle for land spirits
  • One black candle for the Morrigan
  • An offering of bread and meat
  • One empty bowl
  • One chalice of wine
  • Raven or Crow Feather
  • Any other personal items or sacred tools relating to the feast or dedication

Open by calling to the land spirits, ancestral spirits and the Morrigan herself. When you call on spirits or deities it is usually a descriptive statement that recognizes and honors the qualities and powers of that specific spirit or deity.

As you call each of the spirits and the Goddess into ritual, pour red wine into your bowl. You can also hold something special relating to them at that time or even make a special offering. For example, I have my ancestral spirit jar and serpentine from this past Samhain with my aunt’s broach and will make an offering of vodka-water when I call in ancestral spirit.

When you call on the Morrigan, you want to tell her you are dedicating yourself to her patronage and the reasons why. Then invite her to your dedication.
State your purpose to the Morrigan. The reason you seek her, the reason you dedicate yourself to her, what she means to you. Speak from the heart, you do not need a spell or rehearsed poetry. If you are unsure of what to say, ask her to help you find the way.

You sacrifice to the Morrigan and offer a feast to the Raven as you spill your fear and anxiety, your bitterness and anger, self-loathing behaviors, pain, and weaknesses. Through air, offer them to her by voicing them over the bowl of wine. Leave it for the Raven. The one who consumes all things dead and no longer serving.

Close this ritual by turning out the candles one by one and part with the spirits and the Morrigan with a statement acknowledging the gift they have bestowed and that you will carry it with you until you meet again.


A poem by Rebecca Buchanan

How the Morrigan taught me to see

Open your eyes
To the gruesome
The terrifying
The decaying and the decayed:
There are truths
In such horrors
Which others refuse to see:
Do not look away


A poem by Morgaine Nightshade

The Mother’s Words

I will never give you more then you can bear.
The way to get true power, strength and confidence isn't easy
      for anyone.
 The way to harmony and health in mind, body, and soul comes through harsh lessons.

Live your passion.
Be passionate in all that you do
Feel the fiery energy and rejoice. 
Allow yourself to be happy.
Enjoy the little things. 

Negative thought forms easily create more anxiety;
clean center and ground yourself.
Banish negative energies within and around you.
Frustration and anger can be your downfall if not used

Be strong and proud,
courageous and kind;
you are much stronger and wiser than you think you are.

Lean on me, surrender with all your dreams, hopes, as well as your fears and failures.
I will take your hand and transform you, lead you to your life's purpose.
When you fall, when you feel that your last time has come, when you feel that it is over, that you can't go on;

When you feel that you have hit the rock bottom,

I am there giving you strength to continue:
breathing new life into your veins.
When you feel that the madness has won,
That you are beyond hysteria,
That there is no turning back,
No way of a normal life,
I am there.
When you feel so alone and empty,
That nothing helps to ease the pain,
Come to me,
I will be there to hold you.
Don't let anyone belittle you,
don't let anyone oppress you,
don't let anyone harass you.
Learn to love yourself as I love you.
Call on me and I will be there.
I will guide you.
I have shielded you, I have challenged you,
You fight no battle alone.


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