Cauldron Ritual of Deep Transformation

Cauldron Ritual of Deep Transformation

I highly recommend editing this ritual to suit your personal goals. This is merely a basic template and cannot be complete without meaningful words created from the heart relating to you at your core.

By adding symbolic representations when you call fourth Spirit, I feel the ritual will be enhanced exponentially. For example, you may use pictures or artwork, special incenses and herbals for energy, candles, poetry or tarot/oracle cards, clay figures, etc. 

With all ritual work, the more time you spend personalizing it the better. I painted the cauldron candles flat black, so they are easily painted with acrylic paints or paint markers. Consider creating a sigil or symbol representing your patron deity or spirit ally. I intend to draw an ouroboros on mine. When the candle has burned down, and the cauldron ritual is done, bury the cauldron.


The Cauldron

The cauldron represents the powers over the element of water and embodies the mysteries of the universe. Within the cauldron we learn to master our emotions as we transform. The Cauldron is the symbolic womb of the Great Mother Goddess that bestows wisdom, death, and rebirth. Cauldron Magick is to lose all form, enter the womb of the Mother and be reborn anew.


The Serpent

The Serpent Goddess symbolizes the bridge between the worlds, death, and renewal.  As a symbol of the earth, the goddess takes on her crone aspect and the Serpent Goddess reigns at as the deadly Queen of the Underworld. The Goddess teaches us that one must face death to find the source of renewal.

In ancient Libya myths, the Goddess Anatha rises from the lake of the Triple Queens as Athena, Metis and Medusa. Athens, a New Moon Maiden who inspires courage, strength, and valor, the Sea Goddess Metis, a full Moon Mother of wisdom and Medusa, Dark Moon Goddess and Crone. All three aspects of Goddess Anatha worshiped by the Libyan Amazons as Serpent Goddesses of female wisdom.

Serpent haired Medusa ruled over the regenerative mysteries of sex and death, and protected magickal rites from being discovered and abused by the uninitiated. As the third, crone and destroyer aspect of the lunar triad, Medusa's message was one of wisdom, and it concerned the inevitability of death. As an Ocean Goddess of the West, She guarded the gateway of death and granted safe passing to all souls entering the oceanic entrance to the underworld.

The image of Medusa depicts the Greek version of Medusa liberated through the promise of a cauldron ritual of rebirth. It is here that she shed the pain of her past. She is now at peace, encircled in Hydrangeas and holding the skull of Perseus. This is her story reborn and inspiration for whats to come.

The Serpent Spirit Meditation Herbals is a spiced chai tea. Pour boiling water over the herbals an inhale the aroma while doing long deep breathing in meditation to activate kundalini.


Cosmic Energy

Planetary Incense work the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of rebirth and regeneration. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Mars and the element of water. Throughout the duration of our time in the 8th House, we will sense our emotions with intensity and our ability to draw energy is magnified (intentionally or unintentionally).

The Scorpio Zodiac Oil contains tarragon and vanilla essential oil, saw palmetto berries, licorice root and wormwood herb. Tarragon protects and purifies the aura from the volumes of energy Scorpio tends to draw in. Saw Palmetto berries are a tonic herb that increase libido and vigor to embrace the mysteries of our sexuality. Wormwood is used for visions and astral travel, a key component in the evolutionary cycle of Scorpios. Anoint tools and candles with the Scorpio oil to effectively channel the energy that suits our highest good.

Mars planetary Incense contains Galangal, Blessed thistle and Angelica Root for protection and vitality.

Pluto Planetary Incense contains Black Cohosh, Damiana, Galangal, Myrrh for accessing the unconscious mind, regeneration and alchemical transformation. 

A Cauldron Ritual of Deep Transformation


Cast a circle of protection against all who cast doubt and fear.

Then call them to witness.

Call all the elements

Call all the elements of fire to witness; the salamanders and phoenixes, ancient flames, prayers to fire, fiery deities, fire animals and spirits, torch bearers, and every though of fire that has ever been though. Call them to witness.

Call the elements of water to witness; call the nymphs and sirens, the fish and every body of water, prayers to water, deities of dreams and mysteries, and every thought of water that has ever been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the elements of air to witness; call the fairies and wisps, the flowers and winds, prayers to spirit, birds and air spirits, deities of the sky, stars and planets, and every thought of air that has ever been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the earth to witness; call the gnomes and dwarfs, the trees and serpents, prayers to earth, deities of fertility, blood and land, and every thought of earth that has every been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the ancestors to witness; call all those whom we loved and lost, those who have shaped us, taught us and made us who we are today. Call them to witness.

Call spirit fourth; lay her out on the altar for all to bear witness. From her, take the pain and suffering and cast it to death in the Cauldon. Declare. This death is a gift, and last chance at life.

When you are ready, snuff out the candle and bid all witness’s goodbye. Close the circle and never look back. Everything from this point forward is new.

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  • 31 Oct 2018 Dani

    I look forward to each and everything I get. Such high quality and I’m loving the writings and drawings we are now getting. You can tell the thought and care put into helping us advance our craft and learn new things. I look forward to seeing what Candice will bring us next. Thank you for all you do.

  • 31 Oct 2018 Erica Cayer

    Every box I receive, I’m more and more amazed. Not one order have I been disappointed with. All of the items can be used for different purposes. Thank you Candice for all that you do.

    Blessed be

  • 31 Oct 2018 Kelly

    I absolutely love this subscription! Magickal Folk always gives the best boxes!

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