Entering the Lions Gate | Guided Meditation

Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable seated position on the ground or in a chair. Then rest your hands on your knees and gently close your eyes.


Begin by taking a few deep breaths in and out through your nose. Calming down your nervous system and focusing your mind onto your breath.

Let any thoughts, worries, or plans slowly fade away until there is nothing left but you and your breath.


During this Leo season, some significant astrological shifts are occurring that we must bring ourselves in sync with, in order to gain the most benefits of these manifesting energies.

As Sirius, the star that rules Leo, syncs up with Leo, it creates a high frequency energy that activates the Lion’s Gate portal. This Lion’s Gate is a portal for ascension into new levels of consciousness. It is an opportunity to leave behind old habits and negative thought patterns to shift into a higher mode of being, open the third eye center, and heal the heart chakra.

So, in this meditation today, we will visualize entering the Lion’s gate, strengthening the heart chakra, opening the third eye center, and activating the solar plexus to shift into a new mode of being filled with peace, freedom, unity, joy, and prosperity.


Take a moment now to set an intention for this meditation today. Setting any intention that resonates with you and then repeat it to yourself mentally three times with full commitment.


Begin to bring your awareness now to your third eye center, or the space between your eyebrows. Focus your mind on this space and imagine that you are delving deeper into your third eye center.

This space in the mind is the seat of visualization and manifestation.

Continue to focus your awareness now on your third eye center and allow any images, shapes, or colors to naturally appear before you without any force.


Begin to visualize now that there is a great gate standing in front of you with a beautiful stone image of a lion’s head sitting at the top of it. 

Imagine this gate standing before you now. See the long golden bars, the great lock and handle, and visualize the beautiful stonework of the lion’s head above you.

As you continue to concentrate your mind on your third eye center you see above this gate that the stars in the sky are beginning to shift and align in new ways.

The star Sirius, also known as the spiritual sun, begins to shift and center itself above this gate.

You see the light from this bright and powerful star shining down onto the gate and invigorating it with energy.

Suddenly, the gate begins to creak and make some loud noises as it slowly opens before you, revealing a vast open and beautiful space behind it.

You slowly walk through the gate and as you pass the threshold, you immediately feel your heart chakra and third eye center begin to widen and open in ways that you have never experienced before.

The energetic light shining down from Sirius begins to fill up your entire inner being and crack open your chest and third eye, bringing in a bright and healing light throughout your entire body.

As you walk through this lion’s gate, your heart chakra begins to get stronger and stronger with every step. You can feel any past traumas, pains, or negative thoughts breaking into pieces and falling away.

Feel this energetic light and inner strengthening fill your entire being.


As you continue to focus your mind on your third eye center, being within the lion’s gate has now opened it beyond your imagination.

Visualize now that your third eye center is completely open. See your body opening, strengthening, and healing in profound ways.

As your heart chakra and third eye center continue to open, this energy radiates throughout your entire chakra system along your spine and begins to open the other energetic centers in your body as well.

You begin to feel this energy concentrating at your solar plexus, or the space just a few inches above your belly button.

With every breath, feel this energy continuing to concentrate and grow within your solar plexus center.

As this energy grows within you, you feel overcome with a sense of peace, freedom, and unity.

Your entire chakra system is unified and opened in new ways, and you are completely taken over by a blissful opening of inner peace.

A deep sense of natural joy springs forward from your inner being as prosperity and success rains down onto you.

As you continue to be within this lion’s gate, you feel yourself continuing to open and rise up.

Your body begins to ascend now, moving through this portal and aligning your heart center into a beam of healing energy with the star Sirius above you. You are filled with courage, strength, and freedom of expression.

You move your body now in any way that you feel called to. Expressing any intuitive truths from your soul and becoming the best version of yourself that you could possibly be.

Any negative thoughts or feelings are beginning to purge out of you as you let go of them with ease so that you can rise into a new level of consciousness through the lion’s gate.

Feel your entire inner being becoming filled with unconditional love, peace, and joy.

Allow yourself to be in this deep state of ascension and feel yourself continue to open and break through any remaining chains that are holding you back from your true self.

Continue to meditate on this experience now and allow it to completely overcome your senses.


Begin to bring your awareness back onto your third eye center now.

With every breath, integrate the lessons and openings that have occurred in this meditation with your inner being. Moving this energy into the energetic storehouse within your heart and third eye center that you can tap into at any time.

Allow yourself to gently move back towards reality. Bringing your awareness back into your body.


Slowly move your fingers and toes now, gently waking up your body and reorienting yourself to this reality.

When you are ready, slowly begin to open your eyes and look around you. Taking in your surroundings and integrating your higher self with your current reality.