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The themed subscriptions renew tomorrow for the last part of the Fall Series then starting in December, we shift gears and move into the Winter Series (subscriptions will roll over automatically). 

To finish up the odes to women, I wanted to highlight the significance of sisterhood, especially among witches. I'm using palmistry as an example because it involves touch and compassion. I'm really excited to share an in-depth chart that is being custom made as well as energy tools and altar work that facilitates connection.

The subscription themes are as follows: 

Ritual Tea - "Feminae"
A blood rose tea for the feminist witch. Although, the ingredients help with PMS the ritual is about taking the time to honor our emotional and physical states during our moon cycles.

Meditation Kit – Sacred Wolf
This kit is an outdoor fire ritual for spirit communication. The colder and darker the better! The meditation will include sacred woods and herbals to burn with an offering. This is not a Native American ritual. This meditation is intended to facilitate a personal and lifelong connection with Wolf Spirit in the matters of loyalty, protection and family.

Crystal Alchemy - Witchcraft – for spell work and enchantment
1 oz Witchcraft Ritual Oil & Corresponding Minerals with Grimoire Card

Fall Series (November Large Box) - "Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis". All things change, and we change with them.

The Large Fall Series kit involves a very personal approach to uplifting and empowering others through love and compassion along with detailed original artwork depicting reading both hands. This kit is about connection, fate versus free will and the friendships that help us decide. Its going to be truly magickal!

The monthly seasonal series kit contains the current zodiac oil and planetary incenses to enhance the flow of cosmic energy and astrological workings within the ritual as well as a handcrafted original ritual curated to a specific intention. Individual items may vary from 5 to 15 depending on what is needed to complete the work. This subscription is curated by a practicing witch for a practicing witch who is who is currently creating and expanding their depth and potential. No ritual is complete without the personal touches, intentions and energy of the individual practitioner. A great amount of time and energy is put into creating the first half of this process for you. A private community has also been established to support your growth and magick. If you have yet to join, please do so here!


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