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This Capricorn season generates a potent energy stream of great transformation and enlightenment. In the Large Seasonal Series ritual, we embrace the opportunity to reveal our strengths, fortify our worth and heal the shadow side to our success.  Join us as we wield the powers of ancient celestial knowledge and seek to illuminate the world from within. This subscription includes a large hand-rolled beeswax spell candle, a ceremoniously crafted planetary tincture, grimoire art, and 1-2 other tools to align and activate the celestial energies in Capricorn PLUS an online workshop!  
Astro Magick is based on the hermetic arts and sciences derived by Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes great dictum “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” summarizes the fundamental hermetic principle that everything in creation is reflected within us.

Over winter, I will be teaching these hermetic principles and decoding Astro Magick through the smaller curated rituals below. You will need to pull a natal chart to get the most out of these rituals. You can get one for free here.
If this is an area you wish to decode, subscribe below!

The Monthly Meditation will cover hermetic principles through contemplative meditation and daily exercises. This subscription includes a small natural perfume, incense, salted herbal soak, and a grimoire card.

The Tea Ritual is curated as a healing rite and journaling exercise as we transcend shadow aspects of the Tenth House. This subscription includes a 1-ounce loose herbal tea blend in compostable packaging and a grimoire card.

The Crystal Alchemy is a duo of herb and crystal energy used to create a vibrational shift in the home or on the altar. Herbs are infused for 4-6 weeks in organic oil and twinned with a gem or mineral to amplify potency.  This subscription includes a 1-ounce ritual oil and a corresponding gem in a gift box with a grimoire card. Anoint tools, candles, all points of entry- including thresholds or indulge in a ritual bath. No fragrance is used whatsoever. Oils are safe to use on the skin, around animals and children.

You can buy these in a combo subscription to save on shipping!

View & order available subscriptions in Canada  

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