Im on Hiatus!

Im on Hiatus!

Hey all,

I must take a small work hiatus to care for myself and my mom. But don’t be alarmed!

Creating the rituals are the only thing normal in my life right now, I refuse to give that up so plan on everything going as normal for all currently active box subscribers!

The thing is, I get on average 200-300 new orders and just many inquiry emails each month so that’s basically what I will be temporarily cutting out of my schedule. That and late renewals. I can accommodate late renewals if I know beforehand. Email me and I can reschedule your renewal date, so your account is not past due! Past due accounts will be forwarded to a later month and you will miss out in May, possibly June. Late renewals throw off all my counts and create more work. I usually have 100 or so each month and its normally no big deal but I'm squeezing time right now! Please understand! I Love you!

I expect the hiatus to last 1-2 months…could be more, or less depending on recovery. I do not plan to pick back up until my mom is better. In normal circumstances, I would take a 6-week FMLA break from work but that’s not how this works for us in the subscription box realm! lol

I know I don’t have to explain myself, but I’m explaining it all to you anyway, so you know what’s going on with me personally and because I love you all so much. Even though the subscription boxes are just a box, it’s a very personal experience for us both. We bond, and I’ve become close with so many of you that it’s hard to NOT tell you about personal and private things in my life.

Most of you know, my mom is soooo so sick and honestly, I’ve been juggling so many things lately I really need a break. Every day is a fight for life for her and even though I’m there all the time, it’s not enough. She starts chemo again on Monday (while still in the ICU). We are really worried about this round. Last night she asked me to stay until she was asleep and I plan to do that. I plan to be there the rest of her waking days. I don’t know how much time we have left. I already have too many emails left unanswered and I don’t want to continue letting anyone down.

We’ve become accustomed to throttling of life and death daily. Currently, we're going on 60 days in the hospital and the last 20ish have been in the ICU.


I naturally have a different view on just about everything. I have literally written a book or two in all the sleepless nights. But this time, a damn dam broke within me and everything is flooding out. All the emotions and revelations I have needed, they came all at once. So I'm taking a break to organize and compose myself. And to sit bedside with my mom.

While I do, I’ll continue working on building this huge online forum to house the depth of ritual. Its secretly been in the works for a while now!

I want to provide a resource that gives depth to your everyday life. To move away from valuing the tangible. To see blessings as they are…within. And the ability to know peace when it whispers and to conquer the ego. I’ve suffered, I’ve survived, I found strength, passion, anger, peace, and gratitude.

There is so much I want to say and haven’t. So much I could have taught but didn’t. All of this is channeled into this forum resource. Needless to say, I’m excited about it! (and it will be completely free)


So, for today, that’s all I have. I appreciate everyone hanging in there with me, through all my roller coasters these last 6 months. We haven’t lost, and we won’t give up. Your support means so much to me. I plan to give it all back! Thank you!


Side note---The typos in the grimoires were left intentionally (in case you didn’t get that when reading the lesson from Abba Abraham) While they were my regular typos from typing too fast and not paying attention, I decided to leave them when proofreading to trigger the desire of the “man of Scetis”, and the lesson of Abba Abraham. Please re-read the introduction letter I wrote. In other words, because we have so much missing information surrounding the Mórrígan, it’s important for those who decide to work with her to have their own unique experience with her. Our responsibility is to be the keepers of her story. Do not let the words of others be a substitute for your own knowing. You are and have always been complete and whole, so just embrace the moment and engage the heart in each of the rituals so you can have your own unique experience.

With love, Candice


oh, also, I will not be listing any of the April boxes in the shop so if you would like one, please message me and I'll see what I can do!

ok, that's it, i promise!

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  • 26 Apr 2019 Bonita Carmel

    Hi Candice! Having gone through simular bitter sweet caregiving, I feel for you, and am wishing you and your family the best for every day! I love your box, it was my first and since I don’t know when you charge for the combo 13, I’m texting to please charge for my May box now as I didn’t get my deposit into my bank untill the 3rd of May. I also want the March seasonal as well, but want to ask you to Bill me for may combo 13 at Bonita Carmel. Thank you so much and many blessings!

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