RITUALCRAFTING: Weaving your own magick

RITUALCRAFTING: Weaving your own magick

Feb 22 , 2018

Ritual crafting is new to my boxes but an essential part of my personal life. With the change in themes, you will see monthly ritual crafting stationary in the Eclectic Witchery & Cosmic Energy Kits. The Small Combo Box & Witches Trunks will receive the ritual crafting cards only. This consistency in monthly ritual crafting is synonymous with cauldron stirring, chapter writing and the devotion to our grimoires. One set of rituals should lead into the next and so on.  

Crafting your own rituals using seasonal tools encourages you to rethink, rediscover and rewrite your current set of beliefs, known symbolism and techniques for connecting spiritually. Your magickal theory is ever evolving as are you.

Ritualcrafting is weaving your magick by connecting the dots between your highest self, allies, advisors, ritual, and spells then craft everything together into a beautiful string of energy and intention.

Use the tools included in your kit along with your chosen sacred tools to align with the wheel, manifest your desires and create health and harmony in all areas of your life. Connect with us in our private groups for support, friendship, guidance and to lend your expertise. Use the information cards included in our kits for crafting spells, ritual & journal pages in your personal grimoire/book of shadows and light.

Fill your altar with the advisors, allies and ritual tools that serve your highest needs then craft a spell to weave all the energies together.


Ritual crafting with your grimoire card


This is your declared desire. Be specific…very specific. Consider all possibilities.


How will this serve the highest good for all involved?


This is an essential part of magick. Consider building up the energy towards a concentrated focus rather than bouncing all over the place. Grounding techniques should be planned in this section.


They’re vibrational aids found in nature such as herbs, roots, crystals, waters, seeds & soils. 


They are our nature guides, ancestors, friends, and mentors. This is story medicine from which we draw inspiration, guidance, courage, and discipline.  

Meaningful Words & Spells

The spell is your intention and prayer expressed in written or spoken form.

Invoking Deities:

If you so choose.


The ritual is the process of repeating a specific act toward a specific goal until the desired state has been reached.


This is the energy you create and maintain throughout the duration of your ritual and manifestation of your desire  


Tools assist in ritual through meaningful representation of their elements, exist as vehicles for divinatory practices, or provide certain energies represented in their associations.


Transmutation is the lesson learned. The shedding and growing, unfolding & enlightenment. This is the point where you look back and review the process, determine what worked and what did not.  

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