Sekhmet ~ Energy Ignition

You begin your journey in the lowermost corridors of a pyramid; it is a metaphor for the recesses of your psyche. Within the pyramid, there are priestesses and priests, keepers of wisdom, healing, and magick, but also kings and queens, their internment symbolizing powerful, sovereign forces laying dormant within you.

Assuming the form of a lioness is not just an ode to Sekhmet, it is an opportunity to unburden yourself of limiting beliefs, self-consciousness, and the societal conditioning that promotes the repression of female voices and anger. You are encouraged to pause her until the expression of your emotions feels complete.

You will encounter Sekhmet during this visualization. When you drink from her cup, you may experience release in different ways. This is another opportunity to allow your instincts and intuition to lead. Don’t censor yourself! You may laugh, cry or experience a deep belly sigh. Be sure to linger in this feeling for as long as need be.

Finally, the Sun will represent the divine light of spirit, be open to any wisdom that unfolds as you unite with it. This may be wisdom from Sekhmet, Hathor, or a seemingly unrelated message or messenger. Know that you can trust in its timeliness and truth.

Have a dedicated journal or recording device ready, so once you are done, you can note any messages, wisdom, visualizations, or sensations you experienced or received while you embodied your primal force, drank Sekhmet’s elixir, or become one with the Sun. If you can, interpret these experiences and their deeper meaning at the end of the ignition. If you do not yet realize their significance, have peace knowing the experiences, messages, and meaning you found along Sekhmet’s path will remain, working towards your soul integration, empowering you to embrace both your fury and your compassion as both a petitioner and practitioner of Sekhmet’s medicine.


In the depths of a great pyramid, make your way through the winding walls, inscribed with hieroglyphics, accented with red henna dye. The aroma of Sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, and cinnamon waft through the corridors.

The caverns of this pyramid are filled with the keepers of ancient mysteries and medicine. Kings, queens, priests, and priestesses lay entombed within.

It mirrors your psyche and the repressed emotions, truths, healing, and primal urges interred within.

Becoming aware of these suppressed energies, you begin to shapeshift. As you connect deeply with your primal self, you start growing fur, long talons, assuming the form of a lioness.

As this lioness, you are free to fully experience your anger, rage, and the pain, indignation, fear, and possible sadness they stem from.

Bare your fangs, growls, raise your hackles, roar, express the ferocity and fury that is boiling to the surface!

Embrace your animus, embody your emotions. Lose yourself in your primal nature

Prowling through the pyramid, you hear Sekhmet beckoning to you. Following the sound of her voice, you find the great goddess draped in red linen, crowned with her solar disk.

She holds a goblet filled with a sanguine liquid scented with hops, cloves, cardamom, blood orange, rose, and mollifying herbs.

She invites you to drink from her cup of cleansing, letting go, healing, peace, and transfiguration.

Get drunk on the elixir of emotional release, soulful integration, and love. Open yourself to the wisdom of Sekhmet’s medicine. Receive the messages and meaning borne of this intoxicating essence.

Born-anew in the desert, under the scorching midday sun. You feel liberated, purified, empowered, revitalized, and strengthened. The Sun doesn’t just kiss your skin. It bathes your soul!

Arms outstretched, heart space open to the Sun, you expose yourself to its rays as it grows bigger and brighter.

Swelling in the sky, the Sun approaches closer and closer until it engulfs you. Open yourself to the light.

Receive the love, healing, and wisdom it holds. Become one with the divine light of spirit and what its radiance reveals

Become one with the light

Reborn of the solar radiance, you are draped in red linens, holding an ankh with an athame hung at your waist.

As a priestess of Sekhmet, you too are a warrior, healer, lover of justice, and destroyer by the fire of your will.

You are Divinely Feminine in both your rage and your compassion.