Sekhmet ~ Petition Ritual

Sekhmet can be a formidable force in your life, reminding you of your power, inspiring the courage for authentic self-expression, reawakening the depths of your repressed indignation, anger, and rage, and transforming them into unyielding will and growth.

Sekhmet is a fierce goddess; through this initiation ritual, you can petition the Awakener, build a relationship, show gratitude, invoke the wisdom of her medicine, and declare your commitment to walking her path.

This ritual is performed under a Dark Moon or during menstruation, during which you are invited to reach out to Sekhmet through prayer, asking her to help uncover your anger, empower you to articulate it, and give witness to its healing flow. You can recite the prayer provided or let the fires of creation inspire your own.

Ritual Suggestions

Begin by building an altar to Sekhmet, adorning it with a red altar cloth and curios that hold special meaning to you and correspond to the goddess, such as a lioness, serpents, pomegranate, hops, bloodstone, tiger’s eye, pyrite, garnet, an athame, and candles including the Sekhmet Fire Goddess Candle. Sekhmet is particularly fond of solar and sanguine tones.  Remember to leave space for at least two bowls in preparation for the bowl ritual. When your altar is complete, you can anoint your altar and tools with Lioness Anointing Oil.  

The red frankincense and charcoal disk represent the emotions that are smoldering within. (You can use these items both during the initiation ritual and the bowl ritual). You may wish to add a couple of drops of the Lioness oil to the frankincense.

You can petition the goddess once you light the Sekhmet Fire Goddess Candle (also used again during the bowl ritual). When you are done, wait a few moments for a sign that she is present. If no sign comes, trust that she has still heard your prayers and will send you an omen when she deems it time.

After the prayer, you can offer tea to Sekhmet made from ground black cumin seeds or leave them in a small bowl with other herbs or items worthy of Sekhmet’s honor, such as cinnamon sticks, cats claw bark, or frankincense ashes.

Remember to make a daily offering or partake in a daily ritual to symbolize your commitment to walking Sekhmet’s shadow path. Keep a journal nearby, recording your thoughts and experiences after your daily observance to serve as a healing guide and celebration of the resurrection of your inner lioness!

Prayer to Sekhmet

Eye of Ra, bear witness to my anger

Flaming One, burn all obstacles that stand in the way

Let my emotions flow like your justice through the fields!


Great on of Healing, cut me open, leave nothing to fester

Share with me your medicine and how to heal my wounds

Awakener, rouse within me unwavering integrity, strength, will, and purpose that embodies your own


Thank you, beloved Sekhmet, for your unbridled flame

It has lit a fire within me that I will use to set the hearts of others aflame

May it never burn out