Spring Attunement

Close your eyes. No need to alter your breath; simply observe it and expand it.

Begin by visualizing a small orb of light. Observe as this orb of light expands with your breath. Growing larger with every inhale.

In your mind’s eye, a meadow materializes in the distance.

You sense a gentle, soothing energy nearby. Slowly, an outstretched hand begins to emerge. Take the hand in yours, there is nothing to fear, you are at peace…

You realize goddess Persephone has emerged from the world of shadows to usher you from the boundary of the shadow season into the light, a journey she takes each spring. The orb of universal light still pulses just beyond you, expanding and brightening with your every breath.  

Persephone walks with you leading you through the meadow of vibrant grasses and blossoming wildflowers. Watch as you and the maiden swish through the vivid blossoms of purples, oranges, yellows, and pinks.

You begin to hear the sound of a gently bubbling river. You look toward it, it is crystal clear. The orb of light just beyond it makes it glitter like diamonds and crystals.

Together you and the Maiden feel lighter as you leave the shadow season behind and draw closer to the warmth of the resplendent orb of light on the horizon and the riverbank.

Persephone leads you to the river. She pulls up the hems of her skirts and bends down into the water. The Maiden invites you to do the same. It is refreshing, yet warm. You kneel in the stream, cupping the water in your hands, splashing it on your face, your arms, and your legs.

The Maiden speaks softly, “these are cleansing waters. They cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. Casting off the stagnant energy the shadow season has left,” …You feel lighter and renewed.

The Maiden gestures towards the orb just beyond the river that has been growing with your every breath. It is large and expansive, as though the sun has touched down on the earth. Persephone speaks with her gentle lilt, “it is time to follow the light” …

Journey into the light and receive intuitive guidance from Love under every name it is known.

The orb grows larger, its light dazzling yet soft and welcoming.

Listen with your heart to the sacred wisdom of the universal light to be born anew, re-awakened, and revitalized. This is the path to your true self.

Follow the light….