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  • Full Harvest Moon In Aries

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    There are many ways to harness and celebrate the energies of the Moon. Any given Full Moon is like a cosmic battery, so naturally we feel it is an optimal time to charge our energy tools. We pull out all our crystal babies, divination tools, and special altar items to refresh and charge their energy.

    We also celebrate Full Moons by their seasonal markers like the Full Harvest Moon. For example, this moon recognizes autumn’s traditional crop harvest. The name originates from Native American traditions borrowed by the early colonists. It is said the moon closed to the autumn equinox allowed farmers to continue gathering their produce into the evening thus named harvest moon. As nature worshipers, metaphysicians, witches, animists and all the like, we celebrate this moon in a spiritual way. For the Harvest Moon we harvest blessings and gratitude.

    Then there are Esbats. Esbats are Pagan ritual celebrations that honor the phases of the Moon. Ceremonies usually take place within Wiccan covens on the full moon but it is not unheard of to hear of solitary eclectics celebrating Esbats too!

    Lastly, there are astrological forces which influence our biological, physical, mental emotional states. Currently, we are presented with the Full Moon In Aries! Aries, always at the root of it all!

    Aries is a cardinal fire sign rules by mars. The essence of Aries is self-confidence and freedom. When a full moon is in Aries it brings on an innate need to conquer and blaze a trail. If you go into this thinking that you need anything but your naked self, then think again! A full Moon in Aries ignites your inner fire. A fire that can only be cultivated by your own doing. It is this fire that you find the confidence to face obstacles, even when there is no prospect of success. The Full Moon on September 24th is an opportunity to search the soul and cultivate the courage to light a path out of your own shadow.

    A Full Harvest Moon in Aries is a time to be grateful for all that we already have, move away from need and co-dependency, break barriers to freedom and be resolute in ourselves. That, is a blessing in itself!

    So what do you need for this Full Moon? Nada! Literally, I hope you do this in your birthday suit! Be vulnerable! Identify the things that make feel afraid or ashamed. Be human and love the part of you that has failed. Dust the closet and let some air in so your inner flame can ignite. Think hard. Believe in yourself. Be confident even if you don’t feel it. Then write it all down! Give it life and light so it can die and be transformed.

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