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    -by Jeanette Belle, Celtic Hedge Witch.

    In this busy world, how does one find the time to stop and enjoy the things that we have? How can we best use the items that we get from Magickal Folk for our spiritual practice? Ultimately, those answers depend upon your own path, and how much you are willing or able to give to your spiritual practice on a daily basis. But, let me tell you how I do it.

    First of all, I have a planner that only has the month shown on one or two pages and does not include the weeks or days separately. This way I can get a “big picture” view of the whole month without any surprises that come about when I use a weekly planner. If your planner does not have the moon phases, then get those written in. You will need to know not just the New and Full moon times, but also the First Quarter and Last Quarter days so that on one day of every week you have a moon phase.

    Since I am a visual person, I use colored pencils and stickers to symbolize what the day has to offer. I want to know at a glance what is going on. I use yellow to color in Full Moon and black to color in the New Moon, etc. When it comes to meditations and rituals, be creative and come up with your own “code.” I use a green dollar sign for days that would be best for me to do money, prosperity, or abundance work. I have frowning emojis for difficult or challenging days. Also, write in the VOC or void of course hours. These are special times when the moon is not aspecting any other planet and so, seems “lost” or void of its course. During the VOC, you want to either do nothing or do something that you want to last, stagnate, or not change—be careful with this, though.

    If you would rather, there are many calendars on the market that already have much of this information written in it.

    My 2018 Planner:


    Timing is important to me since I am a professional astrologer. I already know how to use time as an ally, but if you are new to the stars, then I suggest that you do three things.

    Number one: get your astrological natal (birth) chart done for free at or Both of those sites are also excellent resources for everything astrology.

    Number two: once you have downloaded your free birth chart, then RSS feed or email subscribe to a good astrology site such as Big Sky Astrology, Cosmic Trends, or Yasmin Boland’s Moonology site. These sites will keep you updated on such things as where the moon is in her phase and sign and what that means. You could also use an app to keep track.

    Number three: none of that information really matters though unless you understand how that affects you until you “see” it in your natal chart.

    In order to understand what that means, go back to those free websites and read what they have to say about your chart. even has a free daily personalized horoscope to help you see how the stars are affecting your chart. Yasmin Boland has an excellent book called Moonology, which also gives rituals for new and full moons based on where they fall in your natal chart. April Elliot Kent has two basic books, Astrological Transits, and The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology that give information on how to read your natal.

    Now to combine astrology and the boxes from Magickal Folk so that

    you personalize the rituals and meditations to suit your needs.


    As soon as I receive my subscription boxes, I read to know how Candice envisioned the items to be used. I look to see if she had a time in mind, and I will generally use her intentions for timing. If she has not given me a time frame, then I read to see if the meditation or ritual is one of expanding or of unblocking or either. However, any expansion spell, ritual, or meditation can be worked any time just as any unblocking spell, ritual, or meditation can work at any time—it is all in the intention and the wording.

    For instance, in the Evolve box from last year, Candice curated a meditation ritual using Hiddenite and Pyrite to help find a positive resolution regarding manifesting new ideas and for opening up to receive. At face value, one might think that this was New Moon to Full Moon stuff since it involves increasing one’s will to expand and moving forward.

    However, it could also be used to remove any blocks or release anything that is standing in the way of such expansion, which is Full Moon to Dark Moon stuff. Like I said, it comes down to your needs and intentions. If you need to use this meditation after the Full Moon, then you could say something like, “Hiddenite, gently and firmly clear the way so that I may become aware of my collective responsibility in this event (name the event or situation). Pyrite, gently and firmly release the feelings of melancholy and thoughts of misfortune and despair that have become transfixed in my mind and heart.” You could use a black meditation candle to help you as well.


    Let’s pinpoint the timing of when it might be better to do this meditation.

    Remember that if you need to perform a ritual out of necessity, just like leaving a situation that is harmful to you, do not wait. Do what has to be done, when it needs to be done. Also, since we are social creatures, our lives are sometimes “interrupted” by other people. When this happens, you might not be able to perform your ritual like you had wanted to if you get to do it at all.  Don’t beat yourself up. You are never separated from your spiritual practice, not really. You can always be in a “spiritual” frame of mind. In Buddhism, they remind us that you still have to chop wood and carry water even if you are close to enlightenment.

    Remember that I have read about the meditations and rituals that I receive from Candice, and I have written them in on dates in my planner where I think they would best help me: A Full Moon forgiveness and release meditation or a New Moon manifesting ritual, for instance. But, I further refine the timing of the rituals and meditations based on where the Full and New Moons fall in my natal chart, sometimes waiting until a better time comes up for that particular intention (home improvement, career, friends, or self-care, etc.).

    For example, generally speaking, I might do a spell for better communication when the Sun, Moon, or a planet is moving around in my 3rd, 9th, or 11th houses, which are the houses of communication. But, just about any house involves communication of some sort, just for different reasons. For instance, looking at my planner, I see that the last quarter moon for March 2018 will be on the 24th. Both the first and last quarter moons are all about adjustment when things can look challenging or difficult. The moon will be in Cancer, which is opposite my rising sign but conjunct my Mercury (the planet of communication). I might be feeling a tug of war between my needs and wants and those of my husband. I might not be able to put into words those feelings. Something may come up that triggers this.

    What to do? I could sit with the Evolve stones and allow for the feelings of “me versus him” to come in for a moment. During this meditation, I might have heard the wisdom of what is really going on to come in through the help of the stones. I am not really upset with my husband. Responsibility rests with my own actions or inactions, and my Spirit is letting me know this. It could be that I am feeling tired, as last quarter moons usually feel, and I just need to take a nap. Maybe, I have not had a “Me” time day where I do some things to pamper me or have a hygge day. Maybe my husband has been feeling a bit run down and wants to go for a walk in the woods to recharge his spiritual batteries (yes, what happens in your chart affects those who are close around you and vice versa). In any case, I can use the stones to release or unblock those feelings and listen to what my Spirit has to tell me about the situation.

    Other curated meditation kits that would ease the quarter moons include the Mystic Tree and Patience and Passion. So, I invite you to go back and take another look at your magickal items and see how else you can personalize them with astrology.

    You see how all this is exciting stuff and can expand your spiritual practice?

    It feels good to me to be able to use the items that I have spent money on,

    that Candice has spent time on, and that Spirit wants me to use.

    I hope that this article has helped you, too.


    Jeanette Belle, M.A., is a Celtic Hedge Witch from a long line of witches and is married to a Rom Gypsy. She has two masters degrees (Ancient History and Religious Studies) and teaches at a local community college. She is also a professional tarot reader and an NCGR certified astrologer. When she is not knitting, reading, gardening, taking care of her family and home, or watching movies, then she is asleep. Every now and then she will write on her blog: or sell some of her knitted goods at 

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