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Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy is the art and practice of divining past, present, and future by reading tea leaves, wine sediments or coffee grounds. The remains left at the bottom of the drinker’s cup are believed to contain an augury of the drinker’s life path. In addition to reading the remains in the cup, these omens can be read from the appearance and patterns that appear after the liquid has been spilled out onto paper, soaked in cloth or when its poured in libation or offering.

This practice dates back thousands of years among many cultures but modern tasseography was popularized in the Victorian era as a parlor game.

The current methodology is an adapted version of the ancient ways and can vary depending on who you ask. Although many ancient symbols are found to have similar meanings across the globe, the accuracy of the read is only as good as the reader's wisdom and experience. This cannot be memorized by studying symbol dictionaries. It’s been my experience that these books lead the reader on instead of empowering perception and intuition in an authentic way. I personally discourage using them.

Instead, I recommend the hard knocks way. If you want to become a fluent tasseomancer, you must connect with your elder council and higher self then do the work. Really there is no better way than time-tested experience and wisdom.

Start by dedicating a total of 5-10 minutes a day to read leaves. Boil 4 ounces of water and pour over a tiny pinch of oolong leaves. Let it cool while you work on something else then come back and hold the cup with both hands. If you have a question then focus on it, otherwise spend 2 minutes breathing and releasing while you clear your mind. Drink the tea with both hands leaving the last few teaspoons of water and leaves in the cup. Turn the cup upside down to release the last of the water then turn it right-side up and peer into the cup.

You may or may not get an instant visual that you can interpret, but don’t worry, this is completely normal. The real question is, what are your first intuitive thoughts? What do the clairs say? Did you notice any certain smells, body sensations or sounds? You want to focus on the clairs and where they activated as a result of the visual appearance of the remains. Jot this down, it should only take a minute or so. Then go about your day. Somedays you will see repeated omens that cannot be ignored and find yourself on the brink of a revelation and other days will be a blank. Notice when you’re on & when you off. This will strengthen your fluency. Over time, you will develop an accurate reading style that cannot be reproduced.



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