The Chariot Contemplation and Energy Ignition

At first glance at the 7th card of the Major Arcana, it is easy to miss that the chariot is not guided by reins, and while it is propelled by the force of the sphinxes, this is not what leads it. The chariot is led by the will, determination, and self-discipline of the charioteer.  The noble warrior stands tall at the helm. Guided by his conviction in his innermost beliefs and values, he focuses not on the worldly experiences of the city in his wake but on the victory of spiritual transformation ahead.

Reawaken faith in your ability to express your desires, manifest your will, and channel your inner power towards success that exceeds material wealth and quantifiable achievement. Empowered by unwavering integrity, you will flow with the rhythm of life, like the river rolling in the card’s landscape. You will navigate around and over any obstacles blocking your progression.

You, too, will don the crown of stars at the end of this ignition, victorious over limiting beliefs that cast a shadow on your discernment, your gifts, and inherent sovereignty over your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Have a journal, book of shadows, or recording device ready so once you have been reborn of the light, you can note any messages, wisdom, visualizations, or sensations you experienced or received when you entered the world of the Chariot. If you can, interpret these experiences and their deeper meaning at the end of the ignition. If you do not yet realize their significance, have peace knowing that the conviction, empowerment, and personal truth you reignited will remain, working towards your greatest good, your highest purpose, and fueling the free will to pursue them. May you valiantly travel the path of your choosing, guided by your values, in pursuit of your heart’s desires!


Chariot Energy Ignition

Making your way down a hallway, 21 vibrant paintings hang depicting the Major Arcana

The Chariot is the 7th portrait, gaze upon the formidable warrior standing tall in the chariot preceded by a black and white sphinx.

The painting grows larger with each deepening breath.

Drawn to step inside, you smell the fresh grass of the countryside and the briny scent of the river that flows with the rhythm of life towards its own aims

Listen to the sounds of the city the charioteer leaves in pursuit of his own desires, on a journey of his own making

The sun glints off the New Moons embellishing the warrior’s armor, symbolizing rebirth and dawning enlightenment.

His crown of stars signifies his victories over obstacles and the glory of his personal evolution.

As the chariot makes great strides away from the city, you can see the fires of focus and courage in his eyes. The charioteer seeks something more significant than worldly wealth and success

He pursues a life where he can express and actualize his beliefs and values in authentic, bold new ways

Stepping into the charioteer’s position at the helm– you feel the energy of manifestation coursing through the magic wand in your hand

The blue canopy decorated with 6-pointed stars overhead is a symbol of the divine universal order, interwoven with your will, knitting the tapestry of your life

As the majestic black and white sphinxes charge forth, their dichotomous energy, light and dark, positive and negative, is propelled in opposing directions.

You are unafraid. You have conviction in the power of your will and innate sovereignty to lead the chariot forward.

You are confident in your values serving as a true north for your spiritual transformation and journey or actualization.

Rushing forward, the chariot transcends - you are drawn into the divine white light of the universe

Follow the light and open yourself to the intuitive messages that come

Emerging from the light, you find yourself at the work of art you first entered.

Depart from the landscape, re-enter the hallway as the frame slowly narrows to its original size

Making your way down the hall, your inner divinity is reawakened, fueling the flames of your will.

Empowered with courage, conviction, and determination, and the understanding that you will surmount whatever obstacles may arise in the pursuit of your greatest good and highest purpose.