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April Meditation Kit

Red Tigers Eye with 2 floating rose candles dipped in nettles.  

Wild light is the fire within our hallow bones

-The Mórrígan

It’s dark, and you and the Mórrígan are standing together. She offers you a source of light, and you take it in hand, knowing you will need it for your journey. You know that even though she has come this far with you, the rest of the journey must be yours alone. She holds your hand, sensing your mixed emotions... hesitation, curiosity, and resolve. 'How will I find her?" you ask. "Use your heart," she responds. "She is waiting for you; she has always been waiting for you.

Your Inner Warrior needs you now, and she knows that now is the time for you to meet face to face. You nod in affirmation, feeling ready for this journey. You have everything you need. You breathe and take a moment to reflect on the times when your Inner Warrior has risen to protect you, to defend you, to keep you safe. All the times you have survived, either emotionally or physically, because of her.

You tune into her energy, feel her emotional vibration. You imagine where she might be. In a flash of insight, you know where she is, and you know how to get there. Your journey begins, and you travel with confidence to the location of your Inner Warrior.

When you arrive, she is waiting for you.  You see her, perhaps for the first time in your life, and she sees you. "Beautiful and brave warrior, I am here," you say. You listen intently to what she says in return. You then say “You have done such an amazing job of keeping me safe, of going to battle for me. What I want you to know right now is that it is time to rest. You don’t have to fight to survive anymore. I am here to give you the love you need, warrior”

You ask her what would feel most nourishing to her; what would make her feel most loved. You listen, and then you do just what she needs. You love her in the exact way she needs to be loved. You then ask, 'Tell me which part of you is hurting," and then listen to her response. After she replies, you realize that you know exactly how to love her, down to the root of that hurt. You tell her she is so worthy and deserving of love.

Next, you ask, "Tell me how tired you are…” and then listen to her response. When you hear her reply, you realize you know exactly how to love her, down to the core of her exhaustion. You tell her she is so worthy and deserving of rest. Finally, you ask, "Tell me how afraid you are," and then listen to her response. When she has finished speaking, you realize you know exactly how to love her, down to the source of her fear. You tell her she is so very safe.

You spend as much time as you need, loving and tending to your Warrior's pain and fatigue and fear. Reminding her all the while that she is safe, she is loved, and she can rest. You remind her that she has done an amazing job of helping you to survive. You thank her from the very foundation of your heart and soul. You tell her that it is time for you to make your return and ask her if there is anything she wishes to say or ask before you leave, and then you listen to her response. When you respond, you know exactly what she needs to hear.

You leave your source of light there with your warrior, knowing you are so very capable of finding your way back and knowing that she will always be connected to your light. As you return, it is no longer dark, but warm and light with the sunrise. You see me waiting for you, one hand outstretched to greet you, one hand on my heart. Welcome back, beloved.



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