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An opportunity to sharpen the clairs, challenge yourself and win $200 worth of witchy goodies!

Challenge Guidelines:

Channel the Golden Yarrow. Listen to his story, his wisdom and message for you. Tell us about her then capture what you channeled in a painting, a drawing, poetry or an action like quitting an addiction, overcoming a fear, fighting for social justice...whatever thing you feel called to do.

You can write a confessional, build a focused altar, a garden...There is no right or wrong answer, or way of transmuting the message of a Spirit Ally. This an internal challenge to strengthen your connection to the spirit realm with the support of the Anam Cara. 

All entries must be posted in the forum so we can track them. Register your profile or login here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/magickalfolk/

DEADLINE to enter is August 20th, 2019. Comment on the challenge thread if you would like to enter the contest. Once you enter, I will give you access to a password protected forum where you can post comments & convo's and submit your piece. 

Once the submissions are posted, all will be revealed and we will decide which interpretation was most enlightening by a vote!

Winners will receive a $200 shopping spree from the online shop or coven collections of Magickal Folk. 

You can enter to win, enter to connect, enter to learn and have fun or all the above! Everyone who enters a submission will receive a small gift from me regardless if they win. 

You do not have to be a past or present subscriber to Magickal Folk rituals to enter!


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