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For cosmic alignment, you have 1 unmarked beeswax candles, 1 Taurus zodiac oil, 1 Venus planetary incense. As soon as possible, use the Taurus oil and herbal incenses to rework the energy of your altar to align with the 2nd house. Reserve a small portion of oil and herbs for a candle ritual.

When the sun enters each house of the zodiac, it activates a special set of energies offering the opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening. As we enter the house of Taurus we focus on values. Where do we place our value and in which way can we find the opportunity to grow? Ruled by Venus and the element of Earth a positively charged Taurus has an amazingly strong physical magnetism which can easily manifest both tangible and intangible desires. But, to grow holistically and spiral upward. The Taurus must seek to transcend physical & material value and awaken to the value of the spirit within. An enlightened Taurus is a healer, nurturer and breathes the life of spirit into everyone and everything around them.

The Venus planetary incense was blended to balance cosmic energies, instill patience and healing, boost intuition, love and sensuality and aid in the fertility of your living altar. Burn over a charcoal disk, dress candles, brew as a potion/herbal aura mist. 

The Taurus ritual oil is an uplifting blend that contains Ylang Ylang essential oil as its main magickal component. Ylang Ylang is a Venus flower associated with healing matters of the heart, love spells, boosting confidence, and foremost balancing auric energies. Ylang Ylang is paired with Eucalyptus essential oil for cleansing and releasing, bergamot essential oil for happiness and joy, patchouli for grounding, protection and drawing in divine love.

The bogwood stick in your box is a rare timer unearthed and imported from the peat bogs of Ireland. Preserved by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, this form of wood holds ancient mysteries of our Irish ancestors. I invite you to carve this piece into a wand for ancestral blessings and wisdom or into an Athame of The Mórrígan for directly working with her powers when casting spells and circles.

Empower the Rose Pentacle box with your newly carved wand or athame as the keeper of the mysteries of The Mórrígan and the sacred feminine. Save in this place the contemplative lessons currently ripening within your soul.


Cast a circle. Take a deep breath in, and exhale fully, inviting relaxation into every cell of your body. Feel yourself held and supported, knowing that this journey is safe and that you are supported by the sisterhood of women who have walked this path ahead of you. Like you, we have heard the call of the Sacred Feminine, and our spirits have responded to that call with an undeniable yes! But the path isn’t without obstacles, and we sometimes feel disconnected from our divinity despite our deep longing for evolution. Instead of hearing the affirmations of our sacred selves, we still hear the negative feedback loop that many of us have heard for as long as we can remember.

Take a moment to write down some of the negative messages that you hear, messages that are so deeply learned that they feel like they are part of you. These are messages that start with

“I cannot…, I do not know how to., I am not…, I should not…”

Once you have written down as many as you can think of, place them in front of you, and settle in with closed eyes once again. And we'll begin our journey, back, connecting to the time before you learned that your whole person was being judged based on your physical appearance. Back before you were told that you can’t trust your body or your instincts. Before you learned that your value as a person is based on being sexually attractive to men. Go back, before you learned that bleeding is shameful and dirty. Before you learned that "being good" means not speaking your truth or having healthy boundaries. Before you learned to disconnect from the fact that you have a monthly cycle. Before you learned that other women are the enemy. Before you were taught that you are not enough, and never will be. Before you were taught that you are failing as a mother - and failing as a woman if you are not a mother.

Before this time of the shamed feminine, there was the era of the sacred feminine. It was a time of women’s wisdom and women’s power. We were holy; we were whole. This is the time of The Mórrígan. Women were taught by their mothers, and their mothers' mothers, to stand in their power, and they were neither controlled nor dominated. Women passed their wisdom down to one another, and lived cooperatively rather than competitively, and quite naturally had an equal voice in what happened in their world.

But gradually, between then and now, there was a great shift; a cultural re-write took place. Instead of being revered, women were taught that they were inherently flawed. Women’s bodies, once honored, were instead said to be incapable, and the gift of their life-giving cycle became a curse. Women learned to hide it, to stop it, to fear it. Even birth was something women could no longer be trusted to do without male oversight.

Women's connection to the Divine, once a source of deep meaning and power, became evil and taboo. The wise women were discredited as hysterical lunatics, as wild witches. Those who tried to keep their wisdom alive were burned at the stake. Women heard songs of their domination, and stories were told from the time they were babies to teach them that their only hope for salvation, of true happiness, was the love and approval of a man. The messages were inescapable; so much so that the women internalized them. And when they became mothers, they taught their daughters this as their own truth. The books were scrubbed clean of stories of their ancestors’ power, of the wisdom that is their birthright; and what was taught forever more was called History!

And now, with so much time having passed, we no longer question what we are expected to learn. We don't even know what we don’t know. But there is a part of us; the thread that still connects us to the wise women of our lineage - and she still knows.

To find her, simply look at what you wrote down and ask yourself. Are these my truths? Or just the script I was expected to learn during this life? Are these my mothers' truths, and her mothers' truths? Or are these nothing more than the programming that the women in my motherline learned to believe? Opening your eyes now, I invite you to begin the process of unlearning by taking your pen and striking through all the negative messages you have learned and internalized about yourself. If you have written "I should not," mark out the "not," and read your new statement aloud. If you have written, "I am not, cross out the "not" and affirm this new message to yourself. Continue this process until you have reprogrammed your internal dialogue.

When you have finished, place your journal and pen aside and with another deep inhale and exhale, close your eyes once more. The strength, the wisdom, the reverence for the sacred feminine was at one time ours to claim, during the time before the beyond. And with your revolutionary act of unlearning, you reclaim this once again, in the here and now reaching within, connecting to the brilliantly radiant Sacred Feminine seed that we ALL possess, we can affirm for ourselves the gifts of our lineage: self-worth, reverence, sisterhood, wisdom, and strength.

With a last inhale, offer yourself deep gratitude for initiating this practice of unlearning, and commit to the process of reprogramming your inner language, starting now. Gently begin to shift your awareness to your body, to this present moment. Move slowly and with ease as you return to here and now. When you are ready, open your eyes. Welcome back!


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