The Lions Gate

August 8th has been considered a sacred day since the dawn of Mayan civilization. It is the peak of a hallowed period in which divine energy flows abundantly between the physical and spirituals planes. It is a time of activation and ascension.

On August 8th, Sirius rises in the sky, aligning itself perfectly with Orion's belt, which is comprised of three brilliant stars, sometimes referred to as the three sisters or the three kings. One of the things that is so magical about this alignment is that these stars align perfectly with the three Giza pyramids. In the ultimate climax on August 8th, Sirius aligns with the Great Pyramid!

From our earthbound perspective, Sirius is the brightest star on this venerated day, aside from the Sun. It has been deemed the Spiritual Sun. While Sirius plays an essential role on August 8th, it is ever-present throughout the year, from the end of July it begins its ascent to align with the Sun, Earth, and Orion's belt. You may realize, these solar events occur when the Sun is in Leo, which adds further significance to the date.

This alignment is called the Lion’s Gate or Gateway, and it reveals a stargate. A stargate is a doorway through which spiritual beings, information, and energy can enter and exit our earthly realm from spiritual realms. When Sirius’ trajectory reaches a crescendo in the sky, spiritual energy is activated and more readily accessible. There is an influx of high vibrational energy, which is said to activate codes in our DNA and our spirits enlightening the mind. The Lion’s Gate Portal is about fully embodying Divine energy in your mind, body, and soul.  It is wrought with opportunities for ascension, spiritual mastery, and transcendence. The Lion’s Gate energy has a powerful resonance. An amalgamation of energy the Egyptian Mother and Father of Creation, the noble lion, the vibration of the number 8, and a spirit of love and empowerment.

Orion is associated with the god Osiris, son of the earth and sky. He is often honored as the ruler or judge of the underworld, the father of the harvest, fertility, and rebirth. Osiris is a giving god of abundance and prosperity. Osiris resurrection is symbolic of the conquering of order over chaos, self-mastery, over low-vibrational states. Osiris exemplifies peace, unity, and harmony in this life and the next. Like his wife Isis, the Egyptian god Osiris represents eternal life and transcendence.

Sirius is symbolic of the Egyptian Mother of Creation Isis. Isis is also known as the goddess of magic, fertility, and rebirth. Having giving birth to the most powerful Egyptian god, Isis is the mother of all of Egypt, some say, creation. Sometimes represented as the Triple goddess, Isis, is often associated with the afterlife and the world of spirit. A patron goddess of spiritual seekers and journeyers, Isis' energy of the divine feminine enriches the vibration of the Lion’s Gate Portal and the sacred balance that is struck of light and dark, male and female, yin and yang.

It is said that the stargate is held open by two majestic lions on August 8th. Expect the Lion’s energy to emit from this hallowed portal. The lion's primal power will spark passion, vitality, and joy, making it a day of high-vibrational energy to be reveled in. As the leader of the pride, the noble Leo brings an energy of empowerment, confidence, and strength.  This confident resonance will bring with it creativity, self-expression, and self-actualization. Ruling the solar plexus and the heart, the portal will emanate a profound sense of emotionality, which could stir romance and unity just as much as emotional upheaval and old emotional wounds. The energy will be primed for those looking to choose a path or make decisions, representative of the lion's leadership qualities. Expect a resonance of mastery, integrity, self-worth, and emotional depths all in the context of the sovereign nature of the Leo.

The number 8, is ruled by the masculine energy of the Sun and yet it is the highest feminine number in numerology. The date 8/8 is representative of the principles of balance and polarity. The number 8 carries the resonance of the Universal Law of Truth. It is a reconfirmation of the potential for accelerated enlightenment on 8/8. Turned on its side, the number 8 becomes the symbol for infinity. This signifies the number's infinite resonance and the potential to connect with the wisdom and the sacred energy of the ages on this special day.  8 is also the number of karma, denoting when the portal opens, there could be an opportunity to change or heal your own. Like the lion, the ultimate goal of the 8 is mastery, suggesting this is an excellent day to unlock, personify, or spiritual download the master codes of the universe.

The heart chakra is the seat of ascension, where the earthbound chakras meet the spiritual chakras. The heart chakra is the chakra of the Leo, and the strength tarot card, which is associated with the number 8. Representative of the supremely loving resonance of Gaia and the divine, the Lion’s Gate Portal will unlock your heart space, raising your frequency to the highest vibration of the pure light of the "we," the united subconscious, and higher consciousness. Many can experience the awakening of the divinity with them and come to know the sensation of the divine in their bodily form when the portal expands. To transcend means the death of the ego-self, a unification of humanity, Father Sky, Mother Earth and Spirit, a reconnection with spiritual realms and beings.

The solar plexus chakra is imbued with the resonance of its namesake, the Sun. The 3rd chakra is the home of personal power and strength, which is much in line with the other energies in play on 8/8. The solar plexus is where you find your self-worth, your motivation, drive and purpose to live out your karma—also represented by number 8, and the gift of manifestation represented by Osiris and Isis. Helping to charge both the heart chakra and the sacral chakra, A solar plexus, imbued with the power of the lion and the vibrance of the Sun, will help lift your vibration to meet the energy of harmony and unity, as well as the courage, vitality and virility that the portal emits.

As you have probably gathered, the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 is ripe with opportunities for spiritual exploration, healing, rituals and invocations. The stargate will resonate with such a high vibration that it is the perfect time for rituals that necessitate transcendence and ascension, whether together or individually. As one might imagine, this high-frequency resonance will also support astral projection, lucid dreams, past life regression, mediumship, or channeling. Be forewarned; Even if you are not welcoming spiritual beings, the energy is primed for spiritual encounters and visits from otherworldly beings.

August 8th is the perfect time to pay homage to all gods and goddesses, as their energy will be present on this special day. Considering the portal's connection to Osiris and Isis, rituals regarding modern-day harvest are most suitable, such as prosperity, abundance, and manifestation. If you want to close a chapter or begin a new course, Isis and Osiris are deities of rebirth and new beginnings, making it an appropriate day for setting intentions such as these. You may also want to prepare any love, fertility rituals, or polarity-based spells as they are also supported by the gods and goddesses of the Lion’s Gateway.

If you hope to benefit from the lion's energy to achieve self-actualization or self-realization in any area, that would be the day. August 8th is the perfect day to connect to your personal power and truth to realize your gifts and purpose. Be mindful; if you aren't prepared to encounter your shadow side and delve into your emotional depths, old emotional wounds can be stirred, demanding your attention and healing.

Those seeking enlightenment can benefit from meditation during the portal to achieve enlightenment. If you want to change or heal your karma, you may wish to prepare cleansing or cord-cutting rituals for the special day. A reminder, if you don't prepare to face your karma during the portal, you may come face to face with it nonetheless, as spiritual energies are deeply stirred.

The Lion’s Gateway portal will also move your heart, meaning it is the perfect time to cast a circle around those you love, honor the gods and goddesses, and make peace with those you have wronged or those who have wronged you. Many say there is particular significance to the Lion’s Gateway Portal this year. They believe it is a time of transition from the old earth to the new earth. New Earth is a higher plane, 5th dimension reality, where the veil is lifted, egos are transcended, and unity overcomes hate. So above all, take this time to go within, connect deeper to your higher-self, and join the global community in welcoming the new wave of consciousness.