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April Witches Trunk 

Black & White Herbal Devotional Candles
Tumbled Garnet
Raw Elestial Smoky Quartz
Polished Clear Quartz Point
Tumbled Black Tourmaline
Both candles have been enchanted with a special blend I use when working with
the Mórrígan. It consists of ground roses, juniper berries, mountain misery
and a hardened sap from ponderosa pines that I harvest here in the
Sierra Nevadas, lemongrass, vervain, black salt, dead sea minerals,
hyssop, sage, and safflowers.

Use the white candle as a prayer candle
and the black candle for communicating.
The crystal energy resonates with The Mórrígan in all her aspects and can
be used in any/all spells invoking her.


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