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An online offering of workshops for THE MAGICK OF PISCES will accompany each subscription. A coupon code for the workshop will be located on the grimoire card when you get your order. If you have any questions about the content or use, please post them in the workshop comment section. Please note, you must be in desktop mode to view or post comments.

The Seasonal Series Ritual will include access to all Pisces related workshops as the smaller rituals (crystal alchemy, monthly meditation & tea ritual) will cover the foundation of Pisces Magick.

Below are the Pisces related subscription boxes shipping later this month.

The Crystal Alchemy Kit (Alchemy of Pisces) - This ritual will include a Pisces Zodiac oil, corresponding crystal, grimoire, and access to the Pisces Alchemy Workshop. The workshop topics will include the fate, root and alchemical properties of Piscean energy. In this course you will learn the planetary influences during this season and how to cast spells accordingly. The oil and crystal duo can be used while the sun is in Pisces and throughout the year when the moon is in Pisces.

The Monthly Meditation will cover hermetic principles through contemplative meditation and daily exercises. This is a powerful ritual meditation to align yourself with positive aspects of Pisces.

Light of Pisces - This subscription includes a small natural perfume, incense, salted herbal soak, grimoire card and access to the Light of Pisces Workshop. The workshop will cover beneficial breathing, meditation, and yoga exercises that help understand and align with the positive traits of Pisces.


The Tea Ritual is curated as an inspirational ritual and journaling exercise as we explore ourselves in the 12th House. This subscription includes a 1-ounce loose herbal tea blend in compostable packaging, reusable tea bag, blank apothecary label, grimoire card, and access to the Twelfth House Workshop. The tea itself is curated to help heal the body from oxidative stress and the workshop will support the sometimes-difficult process of processing our inner realms in a supportive way.


The Seasonal Series box is this month is the grand finale and resolution of the past year. As the last stop in the zodiac before we are reborn in Aries, we are complete and whole as we stand. This Full Moon ritual manifests the realization and expansion of our sphere. The seasonal series will include access to all Piscean Workshops so you have a wealth of knowledge and source of inspiration for the direction of your Full Moon Ritual. In addition to the workshops, you will receive 2 dressed and blessed beeswax candles, a commissioned art piece for casting the candle spell, a ceremoniously crafted Jupiter planetary tincture, and 1-2 other tools to align and activate the celestial energies in Pisces.


As you know, the witch’s trunk is not a curated ritual. Then again, I always say that but end up ritualizing it anyway. This time it is true, but it is themed to work specifically with Neptune and strengthening our Moon energy through the use of crystals and herbal remedies. Cant forget Neptune!


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