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While preparing a flower essence of Sumatran Amber, Golden Healer Lemurian, Clear Quartz and a fresh Giant Magnolia I was inspired by her majesty and potent healing powers. As an ally and mentor, the Magnolia and I present the Summer Series of Magick & Ritual...

Monthly Meditation

Reconnect with the present moment through the portal of breath in the realm of air. This is also the place for the cultivation of intuition, communication, and mental acuity. The monthly meditation is curated to connect you with the altered states of consciousness that represents our thought forms, dreams, conversation, healthy mind patterns, magic and grace.

The monthly meditation includes 1 focus crystal and either loose herbals, incense or tealight candles with a written contemplative meditation. 

Monthly Tea Ritual

Creating healing tea rituals that flow with the wellspring of life as we pay homage to the moon, fertility, dreams, friendships and transformation. Water is the first element necessary to create and sustain life. Water can store memory just as crystals do and are powerful conductors of electricity. Our Monthly Tea Ritual is curated to help you be a better conductor, sustainer of life and carrier of purity and healing.

The monthly tea ritual includes one 1-ounce loose herbal tea in compostable plant-based packaging with a reusable label and written ritual.

Monthly Crystal Alchemy

Fire provides the spark for creativity, love and transformation. The essence this subscription is crafting magick through crystal alchemy to actively pursue our passion, intimacy, sensuality, and purpose. As we work with the element of creation, destruction, purification and transmutation, the Monthly Crystal Alchemy is curated to help you identify that which is inside of you is ready to manifest, release, and balance.

The Monthly Crystal Alchemy typically includes 1 focus crystal combined with a alchemy oil, ritual oil or other herbal liquid for ritual and spell work.

Monthly Reflection Ritual (formerly the large box)

A journey of learning, healing and transformation as we reflect on the status of our center. Through ritual, magic and meditation, we find body-mind balance, grounding, connection and inspiration for growth. The Monthly Reflection Ritual is curated to realign with the richness and abundance of the earth, find regenerative solutions for the challenges we face with safe and simple herbal remedies.

The Monthly Reflection Ritual will include 3 focused body-mind-wisdom products (which include but are not limited to butters, serums, salves, tinctures, aura mists, flower essences, and natural botanical oil perfumes) plus a corresponding salted herbal body soak, natural botanical stick incense, spirit offering, moon time tea, and natural soap bar.


***The only subscription that will have product/name changes is the large box so we can focus on healing. If you currently subscribe to the large box, there is nothing you need to do! 



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