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As the days have begun to shorten, and the sun appears lower in the sky we are entering the Reign of Cailleach and nature lets go. Her dark forests teach us to move our energy to our roots. In this lesson, we go within, listen, and reflect as we are nourished by the stillness of the Crones Wisdom.

As we walk the pathway along the edge of winter toward inner wisdom, Cailleach demands the culling of old-growth for the restoration of balance. She challenges you to humble worldly desires and focus on the greater good of humanity. In doing so, she blesses the release of what is no longer needed and bestows the promise of renewal.  Along the way, she is also the guardian of the seed and the keeper of the essential life force. In her keep, she instills the very essence of power that will soon emerge within.

I invite you to join us in participating in preparing our minds and hearts for a deepening through any of the curated rituals this month. Each is dedicated in honor of the Goddess Cailleach in one way or another. Below you will find my personal prayer to Cailleach so you can understand the relationship I have with her and the direction I can go with respect to a Feast with Cailleach. Further below, a short description of each ritual/subscription.
Prayer to Cailleach
-From my personal book of prayers and other poetry
My dear and wise Grandmother Cailleach, Veiled One, Old Woman of the Spells, Mother of Mountains, Goddess of Winter, Ancient Crone of Wisdom, Lady of Beasts, Blue Hag whose winter brings the spring, and in death, is endlessly renewed.

You have lived through so much, survived many people and years. Your old soul is pouring with wisdom.
Wisdomthat taught me to respect the fragile nature of life. After all, it was your storms and showers of stones that shattered me into love. Nevertheless, it was in kindness, compassion and without judgment. This is the flood and ebb in which you speak. In which you place in the highest regard. And then, in the liminal stillness, you taught me perspective, empathy, and balance.

From crone to
maiden, maiden to crone, the shifting seasons is the bestowal of your sovereignty. You are the force maintaining the necessary balance between human needs and the requirements of the wild. I am grateful to you for all that you have taught me, but what I am most grateful for is creating my mother and my mother’s mother. I love everybody and everyone you have made and am so blessed to be of yours.

Wolf of my wolves, well of my waters, Cailleach. Help me in my fight against my lowest self. Help me heal the traumas from which I suffer. Help me fight against the exploitation of our lands and natural resources as well as the people and animals that dwell upon them. Wolf of my wolves, well of my waters, Cailleach.

The November rituals will be curated as followed: 

Ritual Tea Subscription: Crones Wisdom - a tea ritual of roots and their energy.
Monthly Meditation: Dark Forest Seeker, the return and remembrance of authenticity.
Crystal Alchemy: Lady of Beasts, a candle spell, and ritual invoking the Goddess Cailleach to aid in protecting our wild animals and natural resources.
Seasonal Series, The Witches Feast: The Reign of Cailleach celebrates the enchanting season of shapeshifting power and personal transformation that is Cailleach.
The Witches Trunk: Is a goodie/gift box and not part of the curated rituals...BUT I have to admit, I often align the energy of the items with the overall monthly theme.  


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