Waning Correspondence

Nov 08 , 2017


Waning Correspondences:

Goddess Aspect: Crone
Associated Goddesses: Callieach, Banshee, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan.
Magickal Attributes: BANISHING Releasing the Old, Removing Unwanted Negative Energies, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Scrying, Reversing Circumstances.
General working are for: Banishing Magick, ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleansings.
Disseminating Moon - addictions, decisions, divorce, emotions, stress, protection.
Last Quarter - addictions, divorce, health and healing (banishing disease), stress, protection

Directly after the light of the full moon has passed that the light begins to grow less visible each night, is a Waning Moon. The energy of the Waning Moon can be used to remove those energies and issues that no longer serve you such as letting go of a relationship that may be toxic. It is also leading up to the new moon which can be a time of rest and energy restoration.

As our energy dissipates, we can become out of balance by attempting to compensate with energetic masculine energy. For this reason, it is a good time to practice balancing meditations and mudras.

The Waning Moon is a beautiful reminder to rest and recoup. Stones that carry an energy of unconditional love are perfect during this time as they are a reminder that taking care of the self is as important as anything else that you do. Stones such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Ruby in Fuchsite, Pink Kunzite and/or Danburite work well with the Waning Moon.

Dream Potion, Mugwort Tea

Plain mugwort tea is very potent. A cup before bedtime should stimulate dreams. Unfortunately, it tastes so unpleasant few will drink it. Adding honey may be sufficient to sweeten the taste for some.
Place one teaspoon of dried mugwort in a cup and cover with boiling water. Allow this to steep for ten minutes, then strain and drink. Color or paint your dreams in the morning.

Labradorite Crystal Spell

Sleep with Labradorite beneath your pillow to repair, strengthen and cleanse your aura. It also encourages perseverance and determination-all required qualities for a successful magical career. If you use it regularly, maintain a regular cleansing schedule for the crystal, as well.

Breathing Properly

Many people do not breathe correctly. Knowing how to take a full, deep breath is a true life skill. A full breath cycle spreads life giving oxygen throughout the body, gets rid of waste gasses like carbon dioxide, and stimulates the spine and internal organs.

Many of us are “chest breathers,” meaning we’re accustomed to an unhealthy pattern of initiating the breath from the chest. When you fall into a pattern of isolated upper-chest breathing, you overuse muscles in the neck and upper body and under use the diaphragm. During heavy exercise and in emergency situations, you need those muscles to supplement the diaphragm by getting more air to the lungs. Unlike the diaphragm, the muscles of the neck and upper body tire more easily, leaving you anxious and fatigued.

One of the first steps in learning to breathe well is to learn diaphragmatic deep breathing. When you breath in, the diaphragm contracts and flattens downward creating a vacuum that draws in air. When you exhale, the diaphragm returns to its dome shape, pushing air out of the body.

Once you know how to get your diaphragm working for you, you will find that diaphragmatic breathing is both energizing and relaxing. It is the way a truly efficient body breathes throughout life. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the upper torso yet creates a full, deep pattern of breath.

Lying on your back with your knees bent or straight, put your hands on your lower ribs so that the tips of the middle lingers touch each other at the end of an exhalation. Your shoulders should be relaxed and dropped away from your ears. When you breathe in, try not to let it affect your shoulders. You want your shoulders to stay down and relaxed.

Your spine is long, a neutral spine, a natural position of the spine that allows the curves of the spine to be present. If you are sitting, feel that your weight is falling directly down through your sitting bones and your head is floating up toward the sky. Your throat is open and relaxed.

Breathe in slowly through your nose. Let the air flow into your upper chest and down your spine, expanding your sides and lower ribs, diaphragm, back, and pelvis. Allow the deep inhale to push your belly out a little bit. The chest does move with the breath but remains relaxed and the ribs maintain their cylindrical shape.

Exhale in the reverse order. Drop your lower abdominal, then your belly. Let your ribs pull in, and then let your chest drop as you fully expel all the air. Remain calm and comfortable at all times, never force, and if you feel strain or agitation, stop and let the breath come back to normal.

Learn and practice this breathing before you start practicing any other breathing technique. Remember that a small smile also helps relax your facial muscles and helps you to breathe fully!

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