Infusing herb magick into spell paper with expired herbs and tea blends

Herbs can be used to draw or attract things we want into our lives. There is a shift that happens within our aura as a result of using herbal mixtures. It is our aura that becomes the magnet which pulls or attracts that which we desire into our life. Use enchanted magickal herbal paper to record spells kept in a book of shadows and light or to weave and cast spells.

When weaving spells, you can infuse the magickal energies of herbs and flowers into your spell making it that more powerful. You can also incorporate seeds into this paper so it grows from the soil.

You can choose any type of paper product you wish. For this recipe, I used recycled kraft paper on the roll. You can find rolls of this paper at any school supply or store that carries packaging materials.

Mise En Place

  • a deep tub or tote large enough to submerge your Mold & Deckle
  • 1-2 cups herbs, seeds or flowers of your choosing
  • enough water to fill the tub 2/3 the way full
  • enough wadded and crunched paper to loosely fill the tub 1/2 way. You can use recycled paper grocery bags, scrap mail, newspaper, or buy paper pulp off amazon.
  • Mold & Deckle set. If you do not have a mold and deckle set you can use a skillet screen and hand pour the pulp. This method works well for papers that can remain chunky and do not need to fit in any particular shape. Most often to be burned.
  • A blender or food processor
  • Mesh metal strainer
  • 2 large bowls


  1. Soak herbs, paper, and water in the deep tub. Once the paper is soft and tears easily, begin pulling it apart in small chunks so it is easier for the blender to shred.
  2. Set up a mesh metal strainer inside a larger bowl alongside the blender, a tub full of soaked paper and another large bowl to hold pulp.
  3. Using a cup fill the blender approximately half full using the herbal water, then add the hand shredded paper pulp to the water. The water to paper ratio should be 2:1. So if you fill the blender halfway with water then you add enough paper to fill the blender to 3/4 full. This is just a suggestion. I've burned up my share of blender motors in my time and I found this method works the best. Hahaha
  4. blend up the paper until you get a fine to medium pulp consistency.
  5. Pour into a strainer and ring out a little bit of water
  6. transfer the pulp to the empty bowl and add the strained herbal water back into the tub of soaking paper.
  7. Repeat Steps 3-6 until all your paper has been blended
  8. Use you mold & deckle or fry screen to form paper.
  9. Bless your dried papers using sage or frankincense before knotting with sting and storing. It is also a good idea to charge your papers as you would crystals in the full moon!






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