Tea as a Ritual

Tea as a ritual is a bridge to a spiritual communion.

Magickal Teas are sipped to awaken and connect to our soul. With a simple choice in herbs and crystals, Tea rituals can heal wounds, manifest abundance, overcome obstacles, break down barriers, remove blockages, and self-empower. A tea ritual is meant to balance your chi, dedicate the day, empower yourself, set your intention, affirm your life and attract the life you desire. If done correctly, a tea ritual is a precious experience where time slows and your spirit awakens. Tea, as a spiritual practice provides many moments of perspective to nourish and understand yourself. To me, it is an art as much as a spiritual practice and inward journey.   If done correctly, you will awaken to your healing life force energy. You will become acutely aware of the wholeness of your mind body and spirit. This is a special moment in time which is usually experienced in solitary but can be shared in tandem or in groups as well. A tea ritual manifests the best results if habitually performed daily. A habit is a form of escape that frees the brain allowing us to engage in other thoughts while performing the habitual task.

The Brew

We are using herbal teas and other spirits of nature for their magickal correspondences and lore to enhance our ritual. In ritual, we sit down to quite our mind and journey inward. The selected gifts from nature aid us with their magickal essences and vibrations. We are connecting with leaves, flowers, roots, and rocks for their special qualities. In doing so we are experiencing the Sahasrara energy of mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature. Consuming a magickal tea is more powerful than any other form of magick. It cannot be undone. The results are instantaneous and almost always beneficial.

Choosing the right brew does not have to be complicated. In most cases, you can drink any tea that suits your flavor profile. Also, depending on the intent, the liquid in your cup can just as easily be coffee, water or wine.

Please note, It is not my wish to take away the power of the magickal teas by saying any tea will work. There are specialty teas that are specifically paired by magickal properties to physically and mentally move the energy body. There are very powerful spell teas that have stood the test of time and cannot be substituted. Some are traditional and taste terrible, but work wonders.



A Crystal Elixir, also known as gem elixir, crystal essence or crystal water, is a huge element of this ritual. Not only is it a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing and magick it is also a great way to set daily goals and stay focused on your intent. You can use one crystal, several, or even several different types to make a gem elixir. Using multiple types creates a synergy blend, which is useful for bringing together the vibrations of several stones as more than the sum of the parts, so to speak. I recommend creating a gem elixir using what is called the indirect method. This method is the safest for all crystal types because the elixir waters do not come in direct contact with the stones used. The direct method -- where the stones are placed directly in the water -- can be potentially dangerous if the stones used have components that may be toxic. You will find many elixirs or essence recipes call for an alcohol like vodka or brandy. In this case, you will not need a stabilizer as you will be drinking the liquid immediately and not storing for later use. To indirectly infuse and charge your ritual tea with these little earth spirits, simply place them on the tray and around the bottom of the cup during your ritual. You can also place safe stones in your cup if you are positive the stone is clean and safe.

Conducting the Ritual

Be in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is comfortable with a peaceful ambiance that is appropriate for your intent. Get in a ritual state of mind with appropriate scents, clothing, lighting, and sounds. Remember, you want this to be a habitual ritual, so keep in mind your existing daily routine and set realistic expectations as far as the ambiance.

Choose your corresponding enhancements such as crystals infusions, herbals, charms, and oils. These are the items you place directly on your plate.

Choose the activities you plan to do while you drink your tea. For example, some may choose to quietly meditate or play singing bowls while others prefer arts & crafts, light stretching or yoga, breathing exercises, tarot, pendulums or even just staring at the wall first thing in the morning! Its really up to you so long as you can stay focused on your intent while doing so.

Closing the Ritual

Every great ritual must come to an end and you want to ensure your daily ritual has proper closure. To do this, you must come to some sort of resolve. You may not have all the answers but you have made progress regardless. Give thanks, stand up, brush off any residual energies you’ve been harboring. Snuff out any candles or incense burning. Adjust the lighting and sounds. Close out a circle if you choose to cast one. Cleanse and store ritual items and move on to a great day! Personally, this is when I rinse out the teacup, possible change out the crystals and start my daily elixir! I drink lots of coffee but I do so in a different cup.


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