August Subscription Box Reveal

August Subscription Box Reveal

Aug 22 , 2018

There is so much going on with this box Im not even sure where to start! For now, I think pictures will do it justice and the Gargoyle & Chiron deserve well-written blog posts.

Thank You! I look forward to swapping stories and any insight you may have!

xoxo, Candice

Small Combo Kit

Left to Right: Crystal Alchemy, Ritual tea & Meditation Kit

Download the grimoire papers for printing at home


Cosmic Energy: 

Eclectic Witchery: 



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The Magickal Folk Fall Series is an educational platform dedicated to expanding collective consciousness, amplifying feminist perspectives and casting magick with within a diversified community. Media & subscriptions kits are curated to combat contemporary issues using old world magick, new age metaphysics & affirmations of spirit.