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Specific Energy & Magickal Workings sun, moon & star magick ~ tides ~ balance of light and dark, god and goddess, masculine and feminine, receptive, giving and receiving ~ solstice ~ Litha ~ embracing the sun ~ growth ~ developing and strengthening our inner anchor ~ controlling our emotions ~ fate ~ prophecy ~ dream divination ~ transitions ~ new creative pursuits ~ letting go of the need for dominance and authority over others Overcoming insecurities ~ self-expression ~ self-awareness ~ self-knowledge ~ shine light from within ~ loyalty ~ optimism ~ solar magick including activities in sunlight, connecting with solar animals, Gods and Goddesses ~ work/life balance ~ self-love ~ enjoying life in the moment ~ entertaining and bringing people together ~ childlike spirit ~ will power ~ determination ~ desire ~ destruction ~ House of pleasure ~

Ritual Tea – Witches Wine


Exist Meditation Kit


Muse Crystal Alchemy Kit

Leo Cosmic Energy Kit


An Initiation ritual for self-sovereignty Eclectic Witchery Kit


I have a little bit of just about everything reserved. Links are included to the product page where you can find more details on the kit as well and purchase complete kits or individual items from each:) 


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