March Subscription Kit Reveal

March Subscription Kit Reveal

Mar 26 , 2018


The spring season is bursting with energy, inspiration and creative expression. I am excited and honored to be able to create these kits and be part of your magickal journey.

Ritualcrafting with your grimoire card

Rethink, rediscover and rewrite your current set of beliefs, known symbolism and techniques for connecting spiritually. Your magickal theory is ever evolving as are you. Ritualcrafting is weaving your magick by connecting the dots between your highest self, allies, advisors, ritual and spells then craft everything together into a beautiful string of energy and intention. Use the tools included in this kit along with your chosen sacred tools to align with the wheel, manifest your desires and create health and harmony in all areas of your life. Connect with us in our private groups for support, friendship, guidance and to lend your expertise.

Use the information cards included in this kit for crafting spells, ritual & journal pages in your personal grimoire/book of shadows and light. Fill your altar with the advisors, allies and ritual tools that serve your highest needs then craft a spell to weave all the energies together.  

Intention: This is your declared desire. Be specific…very specific. Consider all possibilities. 

Purpose: How will this serve the highest good for all involved?

Energy: This is an essential part of magick. Consider building up the energy towards a concentrated focus rather than bouncing all over the place. Grounding techniques should be planned in this section. 

Allies: They’re vibrational aids found in nature such as herbs, roots, crystals, waters, seeds & soils.  

Advisors: They’re are our nature guides, ancestors, friends, and mentors. This is story medicine from which we draw inspiration, guidance, courage, and discipline.   

Meaningful Words & Spells: The spell is your intention and prayer expressed in written or spoken form.  Invoking Deities: If you so choose.

Ritual: The ritual is the process of repeating a specific act toward a specific goal until the desired state has been reached. 

Magick: This is the energy you create and maintain throughout the duration of your ritual and manifestation of your desire   

Tools: They assist in ritual through meaningful representation of their elements, exist as vehicles for divinatory practices, or provide certain energies represented in their associations. 

Transmutation: This is the lesson learned. The shedding and growing, unfolding & enlightenment. This is the point where you look back and review the process, determine what worked and what did not. 


Aries – Cosmic Energy Kit

The Cosmic Energy kit focuses on the powers of the celestial wheel and how to weave those energies into our seasonal intentions. When the sun enters the 1st house of the zodiac, it activates the energies of Aries. The best way I can describe the energy if an Aries is that feeling you get when your favorite song come on all of a sudden, your find yourself immersed in the present moment and for a few moments, everything else is history. We LOVE the natural vibe of an Aries! For those of us not born in the house they teach and inspire us to radiate to our fullest potential. 

Evolving out of one’s shadowy personality aspects through Aries natural fire energy is the specialty of the season. We curated the following items to enhance and harness this opportunity.

We crafted an old-world style witchcraft candle to call on the element of fire. Its made of all-natural soy wax, and essential oils of rosemary, pine, blood orange and grapefruit! Burn this candle to draw in the strength and courage it takes to materialize your ambitions, succeed in achieving your goals and rekindling passion and fire in your life.

There is a special place in our heart for raku pottery, so we had to include the sun inscribed raku heart by Raku Pottery Works as an altar piece and inspiration to continue on the path towards warmth and heart centered actions and thought patterns. Your unique piece of fine pottery is thrown by hand using a balanced cycle of earth, fire, air and water. A spiritual method used by monks that date back to the Ming Dynasty. Jeremy Dillard of Raku Pottery Works has handcrafted and signed each piece.

The Aries ritual oil was created with essential oil of rosemary, vanilla absolute, dried nettle, dried rosemary and cinnamon chips. Rosemary is a protective and purifying herb that is used in association with seeing or creating pleasant memories, emotional healing and warming the heart. Vanilla promotes personal empowerment, good fortune, and mental stimulation. Nettle aids in transformation through nurturing and self-worth. Cinnamon activates energy and intention giving this oil a boost in overall success in ritual. Use this Aries Oil to dress candles, anoint tools or drop over a lit charcoal tab for carry out intentions and activate will centers.

The Mars herbal incense is a blend of Blessed Thistle, Galangal Root and Angelica Root. Burn this incense to bless the course of newly found passions and adventures. Blessed Thistle is a powerful protector herb of vitality. Angelica root is a guardian herb and can be used to call on guides to bless your journey or intentions when burned. Galangal Root is burned to break hexes and add strength to your spells and rituals. Together, this incense can be burned to bless and protect you as you follow your heart.

We paired a beautiful raw form of hematite from Spain with an Apache Tears tumbled stone. Both are stones of Aries and for good reason! Hematite’s energy is so strong it grounds and energies the earth star chakra while stabilizing equilibrium, creating energetic harmony and drawing off harmful energy. It is the ultimate ally for any Aries adventure. Apache Tears is a grieving stone. As it removes toxins from the body, it gently aids in healing the heart chakra and overcoming emotional damage.


Magickal Power Eclectic Witchery Kit

The spirit of spring is upon us and we embrace the season by working up our magickal energy, wilding our soul, conjuring up our will, courage and passion to overcome all obstacles as we fight to thrive. We strengthen our primal instincts, connect with mother earth and root ourselves in our ability to be brave, conquer unfamiliar territory and discover new horizons. But what is magickal power? I believe our power is sourced from the illumination of our soul purpose blended with the disciplined act of will and intention. As we look forward to the coming months and all the opportunities on the horizon, it is especially important to unveil and illuminate our source of magickal power to sustain us through the season of growth and opportunity.  

One of the biggest setbacks to moving forward is holding onto the past. We created a Forgive Aura Mist with essential oils of eucalyptus, rosewood, Buddha wood, and cypress as a potent aura cleanser and erasure of harmful thought patterns. Forgive, its really that simple. Forgive yourself, forgive others and choose to live in the present moment. Lightly mist yourself when you need a reminder to stop hanging on the wrong doing of the past and move to the present moment.

Holy Basil is a sacred herb in India said to translates to the meaning “beyond compare”. It is the elixir of life and associated with harmony, happiness, enlightenment, purity, serenity, luck, and good health. We included all three dried botanical varieties in this blend (Vana, Rama, Krishna) with an organic essential oil of Holy Basil and carrier oil of sunflower. Use this oil daily as a purifier of mind, body and spirit. The Holy Basil oil can aid in reaching higher states on consciousness to seek counsel from the patron deities. We recommend anointing candles and tools during meditation plus rubbing a small dab on each temple before setting out for the day.

Together, the Holy Basil oil and Forgive Aura Mist help to remove energetic and emotional obstacles in your path. To incorporate them into ritual or spell, use them as herbal allies.

We were able to include a beautifully carved Bloodstone Shiva to boost vitality and will. Bloodstone has been treasured throughout the ages for its ability to lend strength, passion and courage to the beholder. Not only is bloodstone protective in nature, it boosts physical and mental energy too. Include this bloodstone shiva in all spells and rituals where energy and willpower are needed. Bloodstone is as powerful of an ally as it is an advisor.

We crafted a natural soy crystal and botanical spell candle in a travel container to be the central tool in an outdoor spirit rewilding ritual. The purpose of working up magickal energy is to will it as you intend, and I cannot think of anything more powerful than a witch who has liberated their soul. So be it! With the flower power of chrysanthemum, sunflower, rose, lavender and marigold infused with amazonite, garnet, lapis lazuli, peridot, clear quartz and amethyst crystal chips this enchanting candle is intended to release you back into your wild natural self. All the untamable goodness that your soul holds sacred. Like a wildflower growing free anywhere it chooses.

To unleash your natural self, release your weaknesses, claim your strengths, and see your beauty take this candle as far out into a natural setting as possible, away from structures and manicured settings. Find yourself there and concentrate that into your candle. Bring your candle home and burn as needed.

Goldenrod is sign that good things are sure to come. Carry or burn goldenrod herb to will good fortune, prosperity, and luck to your intentions.

Dragonsblood is a magickal enhancer. Burn your dragons blood incense cones when casting spells for an extra boost in energy, cleanse your space of stagnant energy and draw in good fortune.


Success Crystal Alchemy Kit

Although the meaning of success is uniquely personal to everyone it is often determined by what others have decided success is. We see personal worth measured by what we have to show for what we have done, often in material form. But, as you awaken and embrace your authentic self, the meaning of success becomes less about traditional  achievement and more about how much you have really found “you” and the journey of unveiling your soul.  

When we move our perception of success in this new direction, it then becomes measured by the depths of our soul’s purpose, our inner peace and our ability to live authentically. For this crystal alchemy kit, we wanted to focus on that journey. The journey of determining success by carrying out our souls purpose. To do that, I paired Nephrite Jade with the essential oils of Ginger Grass, Lemongrass, Vetiver, Bergamot and Patchouli. 

Nephrite Jade: Throughout history jade has been regarded as a sacred stone providing protection, wisdom and access to the realms of spirit.

Ginger Grass: Cleansing, removes obstacles, emotional energizer Lemongrass: Cleansing, removes obstacles, enhances love Vetiver: Grounding, protection, power, prosperity Bergamot: Overcoming unhealthy habits, empowering self-improvement Patchouli: Protection, draws in and enhances the energy of botanicals

Dream Jade Essence

Make a crystal essence to commune with spiritual advisors in the dream state by rubbing a small amount of success oil on a jade stone and place in a clear glass container with 4 ounces of spring water. Charge under the light of the full moon. Gently anoint the chakras with the charged essence water before entering the dream realm.  

Morning Meditation

During your morning meditation, yoga or ritual, anoint third eye and pulse points with a small dab of success oil while holding a piece of jade in your hand. Align yourself in inner peace and the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose. Carry jade with you throughout the day as a vibrational ally.  

Manifesting Success

Burn bay leaves or sandalwood in ritual for manifesting tangible results. 

Clearing Blocks to Success

Take salty magickal baths with eucalyptus or rosemary. Add hematite or black tourmaline stones to this kit

Luck Charm

Carry Peony Root for luck, protection and prosperity


Beautiful Release Meditation Kit

“Brokenness is the road to renewal. By karmic consequences, one is sometimes left as broken pieces of glass sprawled all over the floor. Now you really need God and in no small measure, it is Goddess Akhilandeshvari of the Hindu pantheon that tells you that you and your broken pieces are in your finest hour! Goddess Akilandeshvari is a  manifestation of Shakti replete with teachings.  Goddess Akhilandesvari is the Goddess of “Never Not Broken”. In other words She is the ‘the always broken Goddess gains strength and beauty by constantly breaking apart and coming together again.

Goddess Akhilandesvari teaches us that there is nothing wrong in being broken, that in actuality, sitting in pieces is not a bad thing after all. Thoughts of togetherness and completeness are only illusions which we cling for comfort. This illusion of comfort certainly does not save us when things fall apart. Akhilandesvari gives us the jnana that we are to pick up the pieces and move ahead. Her lesson is simply this: even that new whole, that new, colourful, amazing groove that we create, is an illusion. It means nothing unless we can keep on breaking apart and putting ourselves together again as many times as we need to. We are already “never not broken.” We were never a consistent, limited whole. In our brokenness, we are unlimited. And that means we are simply bliss because we get to choose between an incomprehensible demoralization and the golden opportunity to get up and run the race.”

-Excerpt by Yogi Ananda Saraswathi. Read the full teaching in our blog 

We know this…How we think affects the health of our body, mind and spirit. Each emotional thought pattern we create is an underlying cause of the emotional situation in our life. Unconditional love of our self is the willingness to acknowledge our situation, accept our reality, forgive ourself and release any guilt or harmful thought patterns created. In doing so, we find beauty and strength in being never not broken.  

For this meditation kit, I paired Botswana agate with copal resin and our Bodhi Tree natural soy candle to create a grounded and peaceful energy for affirmation creation. Botswana Agate helps to remove obsessive thoughts and destructive thought patterns. It assists in overcoming fears and encourages possibility and hope in the future. Copal Resin is a powerful cleanser that opens connection to divine spirit 

Putting yourself back together again (creating an affirmation)

The first part of an affirmation should connect your physical mind to your subconscious Higher Mind or Divine Self. You can do this with an “I AM” type statement. The second part of your affirmation corrects the negative thought pattern you're trying to change. Next you want to put the new thought into practice with a statement of action. The best way to put a fine point on that is to simply end your affirmation with As it is or So mote it be. 


Conqueror Tea Ritual


I paired this decaffeinated yet energetically stimulating magickal brew to spark inner fire. Everything about this magickal tea is in love with life and ready for adventure.  

Magickal Energies: 

Cinnamon: Clairvoyance, consecration, energy, good luck, love, money,  passion, prosperity, protection, psychic development, success. 

Orange Peel: Optimism, Happiness, Blessings Ginger: Magickal Energy, Manifesting

Licorice Root: Protection Cloves: Luck, Money & Prosperity

Yellow Dock: Draws Love and Money Sarsaparilla Root: Health & Happiness 

Add cream and honey to boost sexual energy. Create a floor wash to boost energy in the home. Drink as a pre-ritual tea before starting a big project, a long ritual or  spell, taking a test, traveling or simply to start the day with the best possible intentions!   

Ingredients:  Cinnamon chips, orange peel, ginger root, licorice root, cloves, yellow dock root. 

Brewing - Infuse 1 teaspoon loose tea in 6 oz water at 180*f for 6 minutes with a covered top Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program Do not consume if pregnant or nursing



**you can find more pictures of this kit on our IG Page!







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