Sex, Love & Witchcraft Eclectic Witchery Kit

Sex, Love & Witchcraft Eclectic Witchery Kit

(I went with traditional witchcraft style using symbolic type packaging. I felt sticking a label on them would take away from the intimacy and magick in ritual.)  


Sex magic is a term used for various types of sexual activity used in magical or other religious and spiritual pursuits. It is based on the premise that sexual energy or libido (and the release of sexual energy through orgasm) is our most potent force, and that harnessing it through sexual activity provides an experiential conduit for the transcendence of reality. The level of energy generated by sexual arousal is claimed by its practitioners to create very powerful magic. 

Love and Light - The Harmony water is an organic rose hydrosol with clear quartz that is used on the hands before any magickal working to harmonize with the higher frequencies of heart centered love. Harmony water is a staple addition to any morning ritual to start the day with the highest intention of love and light. At every encounter with a friend or loved one, we have the opportunity to cast love onto that person. When we move our mindset to casting love on every situation (regardless of others faults) we make not just our own lives lighter and happier but we shine that love and light onto others, inspire them to do the same and even potentially offer them the light at the end of the tunnel. A few drops rubbed on the hands before setting out in the day is our daily intention to seize that opportunity.

Spark Erotic Sex Charm, Enchanting Candle & Aphrodesian Dust

Use this trio to discover erotic secrets new and old, make an emotional connection, target your erogenous zones, create energy circles, awaken sexuality and fill your whole body with pleasure.

An enchanting soy candle of musk, rose and jasmine was poured to create an intimate experience to raise sexual energy.

The Aphrodesian Dust is an herbal blend accredited to the sacred herbs of Aphrodite. The intoxicating herbal powder is a blend of vanilla, cardamom, hibiscus, damiana and saw palmetto to activate sexual energy. Dust the sheets and inner thighs then burn as incense and dress candles.

The Spark erotic sex charm is crafted as a charm that is cast in love magick to bring erotic sex into ones relationship. You can burn this as an incense, brew into a love making potion or massage oil, or simply place under the bed.

Sacred Union Sweetening

In the little glass honey pot, you’ll find herbs of marjoram, orris root, beth root and cherry bark. Together, pour a little honey in the jar with a dedication to creating a deeper connection in sexual and emotional intimacy then seal the jar with wax and place upon a sacred love altar in which you share.

You do not need a partner to explore sexual intimacy. Its equally as important to be comfortable with ones own sexuality and body as it is to have healthy sexual relationship with another. Not only can you use the items in this kit by yourself, I recommend it!

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