Taurus Cosmic Energy Kit

Taurus Cosmic Energy Kit

Apr 26 , 2018


When the sun enters each house of the zodiac, it activates a special set of energies offering opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening. As we enter the house of Taurus we focus on values. Where do we place our value and in which way can we find opportunity to grow?

Ruled by Venus and the element of Earth a positively charged Taurus has an amazingly strong physical magnetism which can easily manifest both tangible and intangible desires. But, to grow holistically and spiral upward. The Taurus must seek to transcend physical & material value and awaken to the value of the spirit within. An enlightened Taurus is a healer, nurturer and breathes the life of spirit into everyone and everything around them.

Because Taurus learns through physical experience, I curated this kit as a Living Altar. A spiritually grounding and physical experience to connect with the divine to establish and transcend the material plane.

The Venus planetary incense was blended to balance cosmic energies, instill patience and healing, boost intuition, love and sensuality and aid in the fertility of your living altar. Burn over a charcoal disk, dress candles, brew as a potion/herbal aura mist. 

The Taurus ritual oil is an uplifting blend that contains Ylang Ylang essential oil as its main magickal component. Ylang Ylang is a Venus flower associated with healing matters of the heart, love spells, boosting confidence, and foremost balancing auric energies. Ylang Ylang is paired with Eucalyptus essential oil for cleansing and releasing, bergamot essential oil for happiness and joy, patchouli for grounding, protection and drawing in divine love.

The Mookaite Sphere activates the Solar Plexus Chakra increasing self-confidence and self-worth lighting a path one’s full potential. It’s a stabilizer stone. Keep this mookaite sphere within your living altar as a vibrational ally when you have the need for spiritual grounding and emotional release. 

The Cosmic Energy kit would not be complete without a piece of handmade Raku Pottery! For Taurus, I thought a blessings bowl filled with fresh spring water upon your living altar would complete this kit. As you bless the water with love and intention you can pass it forward to the herbal advisors you are growing. Together, you grow!

Among many other special qualities and abilities, I started you out with my top 4 picks for Taurus. Rose Mallow who teaches one to open to their full potential. The Giant Poppy who teaches us to remember where we’ve been, so we know where to go. They also aid in dream divination. Marshmallow blesses you with love and protection. Columbine flowers call in winged messengers, soften one’s energy and bring a touch of divine romance to your altar.

In crafting a ritual, set of rituals or spells. I encourage you to incorporate other living plants and handmade art of any kind as a physical expression of your aspirations.

Kayla McGehee created tarot art for our rituals this month! This As Above, So Below tarot worksheet is meant to be a journaling insert for your Book of Shadows/Grimoire. Ritualcrafting Grimoire cards & envelope were included to aid in your ritual crafting, intention setting and spell writing. The envelope can be used to seal spells or simply to hold cards and information when pasted into your grimoire.

Thank you, it has been my honor to create this kit and be a part of this journey with you!

Magickal Folk, Candice Ruck



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