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Time, Fate and Prophecy.

Growth, becoming, and unbecoming.

Memory, and the thoughts in the web of the unknown.


As the silver wheel turns the hands of time, we look at our lives and ponder what is coming into blossom in our lives. What have we accomplished and how do we let our achievements transform our lives? It is also a time to look at our failures, mistakes, and disappointments. How do we acknowledge them and let them go? It is also a time to ask ourselves what the larger processes around us are and in which way do they need to complete themselves, so we continue to grow.

This is a special kit for me to curate for you. This is something I try to accomplish with all the monthly kits. This kit specifically taps into the process of connecting with change. You see, the wheel of the year laid out by our ancestors celebrated and honored the earth and cosmos in its cycles. But, in today’s world, we are quite removed from this natural cycle. So how do we reconnect with the wheel, strengthen our ability to adapt, let go, grow and persevere in a very natural way?

We don’t fit in a box and there’s not a one-size-fit-all answer. Tso, the best we can do is open ourselves to connect and receive, truly be mindful and experience what is happening right now, so we respond in a way that aligns with our highest good. It’s not always easy but it’s necessary.

Fate and Karma are personal beliefs that can be neither right nor wrong.  How you become to familiarize yourself with these concepts is a personal journey that shapes the way you craft your magick and live your life. It is worth its weight to investigate just how much of your beliefs are ruled by fate or karma and what their differences mean to you.

This month, as we move through the solstice into the zodiac of cancer we are ruled by the moon. We have an opportune moment in time to connect with the Goddess Arianrhod, contemplate change, fate, karma and destiny. Our clairvoyant abilities are heightened at this time and we have the radiance of the suns energy to boost our magickal energy, so we can persevere through these life changing thought patterns.

I really struggled this month trying to find the perfect tool to give you as you work through this journey. Nothing I could buy really fit bill. After much work, a labradorite pocket watch came to my dreams as a symbolic altar piece to represent 

The magick within you, the personal journey of owning your own beliefs, and a gentle reminder that the time to do that, is now.

I believe candles will be an important part of this journey, but they would never survive shipping, so I created a candle dressing kit. You can go several different routes with these herbals. They can be used to invoke or evoke the Goddess Arianrhod, the Goddess Kali, drawing down the moon, celebrating the cycles of the earth and cosmos, at eclipses and crescent moon phases for change and adaptability, or simply as a meditation candle to ponder time, fate and karma.

The crescent moon shaped stone is made of Blue Goldstone.

Blue goldstone is a protective grounding stone that dispels the toxic psychic debris that holds harmful thought patterns. I had the goldstone cut into crescent moon shapes as the crescent phase is the time of biggest change and favored by the Goddess Arianrhod.

The gorgeous blue stone is called spiderweb obsidian. I cannot be sure what will come of any magickal work you do with this stone. The web is yours to spin.

If you look at the doily patterns details, you’ll find 13 flowers in the outer circle and an 8-pointed star in the center. This is the wheel of the year! The 13 flowers represent the 13 moons and the 8-pointed star represent the wheel. This little doily makes a wonderful little altar piece or even a crystal grid!


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