Ritual Focus | Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine Monthly Box Themes

The ritual boxes are scheduled to arrive towards the end of each month before the upcoming New Moon (Pacific Standard Time).

Sekhmet - November (Super New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 12/3/2021)

Born as a reckoning for mankind’s wanton ways, Sekhmet made the fields run red with blood, charged with enacting justice in the name of Ra, the Sun God. Depicted as a lioness adorned with a crown of the sun, Sekhmet was both healer and avenger.

The warrior goddess is associated with spells for banishment, protection, and justice and rituals for sensuality, emotional balance, forgiveness, and truth. The Lioness teaches us how to embrace our fire and ferocity and shows us how to transform them into power and purpose.

Priestesses of Sekhmet tremble with indignation at injustice, embrace the duality of their nature; rage and love, chaos and order, take action in their lives and govern themselves based on authenticity rather than acceptability.


Lilith - December (New Moon in Capricorn 1/2/2022)

Priestesses of Lilith embrace their power, sexuality, grief, and rage against the status quo.

For Lilith’s lunar cycle, we’re curating rituals for awakening the primal self, sexual self, and shadow self to facilitate a connection to the Daughter of Darkness while casting spells for equality, liberty, self-acceptance, and purification to promote alignment with the Daughter of Light.


Baba Yaga - January (New Moon in Aquarius 1/31/2022)

Baba Yaga may welcome the characterization of a baby-eating demon because it keeps those undeserving of her presence at bay. Guardian of the Underworld, Keeper of Time, Goddess of Death, Giver of Life, Baba Yaga, answers our petitions with a generous heart as long as we prove to her how committed we are to living our truth.

Baba Yaga strengthens banishment rituals, whether freeing ourselves from external influences or outgrown aspects of our psyche. The Primal Mother empowers us to live beyond the boundaries of acceptability, letting the ego die so our wild woman can reign.  

Priestesses of Baba Yaga understand sacrifices and willingly make them. Though afraid, they are also willing to ask Baba difficult questions, courageously facing discomforting truths.


Persephone - February (New Moon in Pisces 3/2/2022)

From naive youth, a victim of patriarchal order, to Queen of the Underworld, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades with Zeus’ approval. Persephone eventually partook of the darkness she found herself in, leading to a life of liminality. One foot in the shadows and the other the light, she had to find her purpose in each. 

Spells and rituals for balance, death walking, and reclaiming personal power such as cord-cutting, banishing, and protection rituals are aligned with Persephone’s shadow path. 

Persephone’s journey is one of surmounting pain and trauma through acceptance and self-mastery. Priestesses of Persephone know the pain of victimization and the triumph of rewriting their narrative by redefining themselves. When navigating external forces feel precarious, they turn to the world within. 


Psyche – March (New Moon in Aries 3/31/2022)

A target of Aphrodite’s ire, guilty of nothing more than rivaling her beauty, Psyche found Eros’ love under fortuitous circumstances. Though, their love is soon lost, and so is Psyche’s hope, way, light. Through all her trials, the goddess triumphs, from mortal, through the darkness, into the light of divinity.

Psyche’s magick is aligned with spells and rituals for love, self-worth, soul retrieval, rebirth, water magick such as purification and scrying, boundaries, endings, clarity, and illumination.

Priestesses of Psyche are seekers of the truth, willing to bravely explore the shadows for the wisdom they may reveal and the growth their souls might find. You can call on Psyche when you are in despair because she knows the loneliness of the dark night of the soul.


Aphrodite - April (New Moon in Taurus 4/30/2022)

Aphrodite rarely shied away from her intense passion, whether it was her ire towards Smyrna for refusing to subjugate herself, jealousy toward Psyche for outshining her beauty, or lust for Aries, leading her to betray her husband.

Spell and rituals for self-love, self-acceptance, empowerment, and self-reliance help us embody the spirit of Aphrodite. Petition her for assistance releasing shame, reconnecting to your primal, sexual, and corporeal desires.

Despite playing many roles, the Goddess of Love prioritized her desires and loved herself first! While priestesses of Aphrodite’s medicine cherish their roles as wives or partners, mothers, and daughters, they refuse to sacrifice their individuality, understanding that they must fill their cup first if they wish to flood the world with love.


Nyx - May (New Moon in Gemini 5/30/2022)

Greek Goddess of the Night, Nyx, is a primordial god borne of Chaos. Nyx can be either kind or callous, brutal or benevolent. Just like the depths of the night, Nyx is mysterious and unpredictable. She is the mother of many Moros, impending doom, Lyssa, furry, and Oizys, distress are among her children.

Rituals like necromancy, death walking, mediumship, and honoring the night or darkness allow us to build a stronger connection with Nyx, as do spells for courage, Lunar Magick, and balance.

Priestesses of Nyx understand that life is not always positive, just as the light will not always shine, and are willing to embrace the darkness not solely out of necessity but for the balance it brings and the truth it represents.