Witches Flying Balms

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Never be afraid to fly. Your soul is the sky. Here’s to you finding your wings!

FAQs on our flying balms

***All balms are vegan unless stated otherwise. 

No. We do not use belladonna, henbane, hemlock, mandrake, opium, wolfbane or any other deadly botanicals in any of the balms we sell to the public.

All our balms are made with a proprietary blend of herbs, resins, roots, and oils and blended with coconut wax, and coconut oil for a thick balmy texture that we refer to as our base blend.

The base blend oil is infused for several weeks before additional herbs, crystals, flowers, roots, resins, and/or oils that align with the medicine of the guide we are working with are added to the formulation and blessed by spirit before crafting.

For example, the nightingale flying balm is twice infused with dried bluebell flowers, magnolia flowers and magnolia wax. 

Any additional items added to the specific balm will be listed in the product description in case you wish to create your own recipe at home.

We are currently updating the website one collection at a time to immerse all our workshop information into the product pages.

Over the years, we have curated hundreds of products and recipes but we simply cannot keep them all in stock! For this reason, as we relist each of the products, we are also updating them with detailed information on ingredients and method so you replicate the recipes at home...even if they are out of stock!

Newly listed in-stock items will be announced on a monthly basis once we finish the website.

We appreciate your patience as we merge our course information into the shop as a free resource.

You can always contact us to anytime to see if we have something in stock even if its listed as sold out!

Aside from the website update, For the time being, we are focusing on the curation and delivery of the Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine subscription box and Folklore box. All other items must get in when they fit in until we can hire more staff!

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