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Folklore Box - Ostara

Folklore Box - Ostara
Folklore Box - Ostara

Folklore Box - Ostara

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They say the place light and dark meet is where miracles arise. This is why the Spring Equinox is such a magickal time of wonder and majesty. At the point of equinox, the light and dark dance together in perfect harmony until the light breaks away,frolicking across the natural landscape and spiritual expanse, inspiring us to seek both grounding roots and resplendenttransformation.

Within the Ostara Folklore Box, you will find the expertly curated seeds from which your Ostara rituals and spells will blossom. The collection is sown with energies of purification, healing, rebirth, fertility, and abundance, from which the season’s best can grow.

Magickal Folk has combined everything you need to purify, bless, and charge your home, altar, body, mind, heart, and spirit, so you can Spring into Ostara. Get ready to glow like the sun, flourish like flowers, be moved like water, and soar like the wind.


 Inspired by tradition, magick, and a more romantic era, the Folklore Box is a luxurious spiritual care box skillfully crafted to reflect an old-world aesthetic with a touch of elegance. The recipes are carefully formulated with specific herbs, intuition, and intention. The products are reiki charged and hedge crafted by hand in consecrated space using the highest quality, ethically sourced, unique, and cruelty-free ingredients.

Each Folklore box will contain 13+ full-size items that have been entirely made by hand. Every box will contain an ultra-lush body care collection, altar & spell collection, folklore prints, recipes, reiki ignition with paired hedge flying balm plus a handmade gift from the heart. 

Whether you purchase a gift for yourself or for someone else, choosing the perfect gift is easy with our luxurious selection of ritual and body products. With Magickal Folk, you are brightening someone’s day with something that will enhance spiritual growth. 

The Folklore Box is not available as a subscription. VERY limited quantities are available. 


Altar & Spell Collection

Vegan Flying Balm - The Lamb

Flying balm allows you to come together with animal kindreds and allies, channeling their vital essence and the wisdom of their existence towards your greatest potential. Enriching and deepening hedge riding, shapeshifting, shadow work, and divinatory rituals, our flying balms are made in small batches towards great spiritual advancement. Balms are thickened with a blend of various high-quality floral waxes and coconut wax.

1 oz Balm in Glass Jar, Value $22

Ostara Sabbat Ritual Oil

Mindfully and magickly crafted by a seasoned witch, the ritual oil has broad applications and profound effects. An herbal infusion that sometimes includes crystal chips, this offering can be used for dressing spell candles, charging altar tools, enhancing ritual baths, and throughout the home for cleansing, blessing, and attracting abundance.

1 oz oil in Glass Jar, Value $12-$16

Ostara Sabbat Altar Wash

Generating pure universal light energy from your altar and sacred spaces, the altar wash clears what no longer serves your practice. Cleansing stagnant, low-vibrational, and negative energy, the herb-infused vinegar wash elevates the power of your intentions allowing you to manifest the best and attract your greatest good.

4 oz Glass Bottle, Value $14

Ostara Sabbat Floor Sweep

The epitome of “out with the bad, in with the good,” the floor sweep wards unwanted energy and spirits, preventing them from entering and disrupting the energetic balance. Moving in a clockwise direction throughout the house, clear stagnant energy, opening and drawing the happiness, health, and wealth you wish to attract.

single-use amount in zipper pouch, value $5

Ostara Sabbat Candle, Dressed & Charged.

The hand-poured premium biodegradable coconut and soy wax candle, dressed by a seasoned witch, means your rituals are mindfully crafted with intentionality and devotion while saving you time to invest in your inner practice and growth. Dressed with the intentions of the box, this offering is ready to uplift your petitions to the universe.

XL 16oz candle, value $24

Artful Wax Melts/Tea Light Candles/Rolled Beeswax Tapers

Both the wax melts and tea lights (whichever we choose to include) are hand-poured premium biodegradable coconut and soy wax made to align with the box intentions!

Wax melts, beeswax tapers or tealight set, value $10

Ostara Sabbat Salts

Governed by the earth, salt transmutes and grounds, ideal for casting a strong circle and supporting spell working. Ritual salt can also be used as a salt cleanse by combining with alcohol in a cauldron and igniting to remove stagnant energy, and when infused by herbs and oils, an enchanting fragrance.

XL 8 oz glass jar, value $14

Spell Herbs

Perfect for those who are full of intentions but short on time, the spell herbs are curated for you by a seasoned witch. Including single herbs or herbal blends for offering and spell casting, each offering comes with a number of corresponding energies and ritual ideas to inspire, heal, and manifest.

Half-to-one-ounce herbal in a compostable plant-based pouch, value $3



Body Care Collection

Body Oil

Spend time honoring at the temple of inner divinity. Fragrant, nourishing, and aura permeating, the body oil will inspire you to nurture body, mind, and spirit. Perfect for Glamour Magick, self-love rituals, and inward and outward beautification, this offering fosters an appreciation for who you are and who you are becoming.

4 oz glass bottle with a pump, value $24

Remedy Herbal

Enriched with medicinal and magickal healing, the herbal remedy may be a tincture, tonic, oxymel, glycerite, or more to benefit your mindful, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Aligned with the box theme, plus astrological, planetary, and seasonal influences, the remedy connects you to what is above and below. This ally is ingestible and must be refrigerated.

Container and size will vary depending on the remedy chosen. Value $16-$22

Body Soak/Bath Tea

Spend quality time with yourself, honoring your inner divinity with the body soak as it amplifies the naturally clarifying, elevating energy of ritual baths and showers. Add the salt-free herbal blend to charged water for an added boost as an aura mist, or home spray, imbuing them with the season’s best.

Two drawstring muslin bath tea bags sealed in a compostable plant-based pouch, value $8

Sacred Perfume & Intention Oil

Sacred Perfumes and intention oils connect you to your deepest desires and fosters alignment with the intentions of the Folklore box.

10ml roller wand or 15 ml perfume roller, value $17-$22


Folklore Prints Collection

Recipe Cards

Just like grandma had, 4X6 recipe cards are ideal for recording your favorite recipes for future use or future generations. Perfect your craft by noting your magickal successes and lessons, fostering a consistent, intentional, and powerful practice to build on as you manifest your greatest good. The power is in your hands!

Value, $6

Energy Ignition

The energy ignition is always created to stimulate profound contemplation, enrich communion with your highest self and the divine, and create a transformative meditative ritual. Mindfully written to bring the box’s offerings together in a meaningful way, the energy ignition takes you to places you never dreamed of and depths you never explored.

Value, $6

Folklore Print for Grimoire

A moving representation, our folklore prints represent seasonal energies, the inward journey you will take with the folklore box, and the resonance the allies and elements found within the box will help you embody. An artistically inspired rendering, the folklore print is a stunning keepsake, written grimoire addition, or altar image made specifically for this box.

Value, $4-$8

In Addition

A Gift

Scrolling through Pinterest and wishing you had the time to make a witchy handicraft for yourself, but short on time or crafting skills? You deserve to treat yourself! This thoughtful gift will be created with intentionality and love, serving as a blessing for you or those you share it with.

Value, $15-25

Folklore boxes ship roughly 2 weeks before the Sabbat.

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You can find a detailed list of contents for each sabbat box on the collection page here.

We may be able to make substitutions for allergies if you contact us before we begin ordering/making the products and we have approved a substitution.

Sabbat Boxes are first available as a pre-order only. Once our maximum fulfillment number has been reached we will mark the box as sold-out.

We will then notifiy you by email 30 days before to the scheduled ship date so you can remit payment in full.

Refunds are not available on deposits.

The full amount of the box (minus the deposit) + shipping must be paid within 5 days of the remit payment notification otherwise the desposit will be forfeited.


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Mogickal Folk Nail Divine Feminine. I love receiving my monthly box from Magickal Folk. The description of Baba Yaga was so vivid, I want to try to draw a picture of her. And I am not an artst. But I will try. I love the items that were enclosed in the box, so that when the time is right, I can perform a ritual to Baba Yaga and ask for her divine help. Thank you Magickal Folk.

Ann P.

I found this company from a YouTube channel and I am so happy I did. I love every box I get. The love and energy that goes into every box is phenomenal. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of every item in every box. So happy to be a customer

Marissa M.

This is really an awesome box!I loved all the items included for ritual use. And most importantly knowledge and insight to daughter of Demeter and also her role as Queen of the Underworld. Overall loved it!

Alicia K.