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Harvest Moon Wax Melts
$ 8.00
Mulled spices, calendula, roses and the smell of rain in the fall!  3.5 oz Natural Soy melt with 6 cubes in a clamshell. One for $8 or two for $12 - Delivery Included.    
Well of Mimir Ritual Tea
$ 7.00
1 oz loose leaf tea & grimoire card Ingredients: Organic Ginko Leaf, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Eleuthero Root, Organic Gotu Kola, Organic Parsley, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Bilberry, Organic Ginger Root BrewingInfuse 1 teaspoon loose tea in 6 oz water at 180*f for 6 minutes with a covered topConsult your physician...
Norse & Fate
Sold Out
1-2" Piece of Iceland Spar "Sunstone" & Grimoire Card “The outcome of our actions, our fate, is already decided and therefore doesnot matter. What is important is the manner of our conduct as we go to meet it.” – Neil Price Everything in the universe, even the Gods, were subject...
Rune Protection Kit
$ 15.00
.3 oz Roll-On Thor Protection Anointing Oil, Pietersite, Tektite & Cedar Amulet & Grimoire Card.  “Thewy Thor then overthrew the foe-He seldom sits, when such he hears:Were sworn oaths broken, and solemn vows, God’s plighted troth, the pledges given” The Prophecy of the Seeress, Voluspa, section 26The Poetic Edda, translated...
Night Magick
$ 10.00
To work up magickal energy, enhance creativity and boost will power to manifest intentions. This meditation exercise is most useful when you are at a crossroad and are contemplating making life decisions or as a pre-ritual meditation before casting spells of spiritual transformation Crystal Meet & Greet (Attunement)Sit quietly holding...
The Witching Hour Ritual Tea
$ 7.00
The Witching Hour tea is designed to aid you vibrationally in your magickal working during the witching hour.  The witching hour is a time honored sacred space that begins at a crossroad. We are in-between what is to be and what was. It appears at the moment the clock strikes...
$ 14.00
Hecate is the Goddess of beginnings, endings, and all transformations from one state to another. She is the Queen of Magick and the night. She is the Goddess of thresholds, boundaries, hedges, gates, and crossroads where life decisions are made. She knows the ways of Mystery, seeing through illusion and...
Heirloom Pentacle Board
$ 40.00
7"x7" engraved and stained solid birch Heirloom Enchanting Pentacle Board.  The birch tree symbolizes a renewal and protection bringing courage and determination into ones enchantments. It helps us to focus our attention on the potential for change and on the consideration of new directions and goals to be experienced in...
Complete Theme Kit
$ 125.00
This subscription option includes all the themed kits for the month and offers a discounted rate to save on shipping. The kit will ship in 1 box on the 18th-20th of each month and include the following kits: Ritual Tea Kit Meditation Kit Crystal Alchemy Kit Kids Rocks Pagan Basics...
Inner Light
$ 8.00
1 Raw Black Aegirine with Floral Smudge Aegirine blades active the positive flow of energy that should naturally be flowing through your being. They work by clearing the aura and drawing a wide range of light frequencies into your energy system. Aegirine grounds these energies and focuses them in the...
Spirit Guide
$ 16.00
1 Magickal Spirit Oil "Spirit Guide" 1 Barite Crystal Cluster 1 Grimoire Card Spirit Guide combines calming oils for deep meditation and spiritual journeying with uplifting oils and fragrances to balance emotions, reduce fears and restore confidence. The Blend can be used successfully in astral travels, projections, shamanic journeys, deep...
Lucid Dream Tea
$ 7.00
1 ounce Loose Herbal Tea with Grimoire Card A Spell Tea to amplify magickal energies for Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel and Dream Divination.  A lucid dream is any dream during sleep in which you become aware that you're dreaming. This simple realization snaps your waking consciousness into the dream, enabling...
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