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Glory Water
$ 8.00
1 oz bottle of Orange Blossom Hydrosol with Frankincense Essential Oil.   
Raku Dream Jar
$ 28.00
We have 3 dream jars with Black Kyanite by Raku Pottery Works and we have not unwrapped them to see exactly which color they are! From what we have seen, they are coppery like mine (the one pictured) they are matte or coppery with a magenta/copper/blue hue or crackle white/grey! ...
Knock on Wood, a Forest Nymph offering
$ 14.00
Kit Contents (1) 10 ml bottle of Forest Nymph Magickal Spirit Oil 5-6 tumbled garnets in a sachet 1 grimoire card for your book of shadows   About We have all heard of the phrase “knock on wood” when you need a little luck or to ward off evil spirits...
Eagle Spirit Ritual Tea
$ 5.00
Listing 1 oz loose leaf tea in a resealable pouch with grimoire card   Ingredients Passionfruit Black Tea, Vervain, Calendula, Lemon BalmConsult your physician before beginning any herbal program Use For strength and courage to seek freedom through transformation and rebirth. Begin in a comfortable environment where you feel safe...
Aquarius Ritual oil for raising vibrations and humanitarian work
$ 14.00
Listing 1 oz ritual oil in glass bottle with dropper Ingredients The oil is made with essential oils of benzoin, patchouli, palo santo and chamomile, with blue corn flowers, boswellia serrata resin and sunflower carrier oil.  Use We crafted an Aquarius ritual oil for you to charge and use throughout...
Howlite, Tumbled
$ 2.50
This listing is for one (1) piece of tumbled Howlite, measuring about 1″-1.5”or (2) pieces of tumbled Howlite, measuring less than 1”. Total weight will be approximately 1 ounce.   All crystals, minerals and gemstones are cleansed at the shop or during regular cleansings & moon bathing.  We then charge...
Book of Shadows, Pink Velvet
$ 24.00 $ 28.00
Blank Journal 6" x 8.5" 208 lined pages  
Cauldron of Poesy Tea Ritual
$ 5.00
The tea ritual includes 1 ounce of loose leaf tea & grimoire card The creation of poetry is important. Being able to state what you perceive in poetic form is an important part of the process of working with the cauldrons and transforming their contents. The poetry itself generates a...
Cauldron Magick 4x6 Recipe Cards
$ 12.00 $ 16.00
A gift set of 20 recipe cards and 5 water/oil proof dishwasher safe jar labels. I designed the cards and had them professionally printed on thick cardstock. 
Starter Kitchen Witch Recipe Box
$ 44.00
Kit Includes 1 plain wooden recipe box, 80 recipe cards, 20 made with magick plain jar labels, 1 cauldron of prosperity pouch, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 wood moons, 1 wood cauldron About Recipes that heal and foster growth and happiness for you and your family are sacred. The recipes of...
Cailleach's Cairn
$ 8.00
Kit Contents 1 tumbled malachite, 1 tumbled obsidian and 1 tumbled hiddenite with a quarter page grimoire card that details a wilderness walk with your stones to connect with the Cailleach and honor her with a special cairn. This ritual is suitable for any Full Moon or Waning Moon in...
Cauldron Kit for releasing
$ 14.00
Kit Includes 1 Star Aragonite Crystal and 1 oz bottle of Rose Hydrosol with a grimoire page for your book of shadows.   About Roses have an affinity with the heart and the emotional spheres of mind, body, and spirit that heal, nurture and incite. A rose hydrosol can be...
Circe - A ritual incense of fire, passion & power
$ 4.00
1-ounce pouch herbal resin of Frankincense Resin, Safflower, Licorice Root, Juniper, Orange Peel, Hibiscus Burn over a charcoal disk to invoke the Goddess. We included 2 charcoal tablets. Using a pair of tongs, ignite the charcoal tablet until it takes spark and begins to self-ignite. Add the tablet to your...
Baba Yaga - A flying oil to seek & understand
$ 14.00
1 hexagonal glass jar with approximately 2 oz herb infused oil of Mugwort, Wormwood, Sage Leaf, Vervain, California Poppy, Skullcap, Olive Oil, Oakmoss Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil in Olive Oil Carrier.  Do you dare?! She's going to be frank and you'll love her for it. This flying oil is...
Faceted Clear Quartz Pendulum
Horn Of Plenty for good fortune and celebration of the harvests
$ 14.00
Kit Contents 1 Horn of Plenty roller ball oil 1 rune inscribed hazelnut 2-3 tumbled red malachite herbal incense blend About The Cornucopia came to become a sacred symbol associated with abundance and plenty. As a ritual tool, the Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty can be used throughout the year...
Iolite, tumbled
$ 2.50
This listing is for one (1) piece of tumbled Iolite, measuring about 1″-1.5”or (2) pieces of tumbled Iolite, measuring less than 1”. Total weight will be approximately 1 ounce.   All crystals, minerals and gemstones are cleansed at the shop or during regular cleansings & moon bathing.  We then charge...
Norse & Fate
$ 7.00
Kit Contents 2" Piece of Iceland Spar "Sunstone" and a grimoire card for your book of shadows.   About Iceland spar is a calcite crystal also known as “optical calcite”. The Vikings called Iceland spar a ‘sunstone’ because the polarizing effect can be used to find the direction of the...
Rune Protection Kit
$ 14.00
Kit Contents .3 oz Roll-On Thor Protection Anointing Oil Pietersite, Tektite & Cedar Amulet 1 Grimoire Card for your book of shadows. About Thor Anointing Oil Use in ritual, anoint self or objects when calling of the powers of Thor for protection and strength. The oil contains Cedarwood essential oil,...
Night Magick
$ 10.00
This kit includes Approximately 1 oz tumbled Pyrite, powdered incense in a corked vial, 1 charcoal tablet & grimoire card with instructions. About To work up magickal energy, enhance creativity and boost will power to manifest intentions. This meditation exercise is most useful when you are at a crossroad and...
$ 14.00
Hecate is the Goddess of beginnings, endings, and all transformations from one state to another. She is the Queen of Magick and the night. She is the Goddess of thresholds, boundaries, hedges, gates, and crossroads where life decisions are made. She knows the ways of Mystery, seeing through illusion and...
Witches Trunk Show
$ 20.00
The Witch Trunk is a treasure trove of magick! We offer these witchy bundles as a single order and monthly subscription! You can add to your cart for a single purchase or click over to the subscription options to sign up! You can expect 3-5 high-quality items that you could...
$ 14.00
Kit Includes 1 ATTUNE magickal spirit oil and 1 rosewood chambered pendulum with rose pedals & white sage plus a grimoire card with instruction for aligning chakras using your pendulum & oil. Using a Pendulum to Align & Attune EnergyRosewood is a prized wood of India and considered holy. Using...
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