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Past Subsription Box Ritual

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Beltane Sabbat Kit
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Shipping 4/20/2017 Small Beltane Candle Torch with instructions for making larger ones 2 oz Beltane Perfume Mist (essentials oils & spring water) Beltane Bonfire Casting Herbs 1 piece of jewelry   
Everyday Rituals
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Contents: Centering Aura Mist Hematite Bracelet Selenite Chakra Pendulum Balance Herbals Good Night Witches Tea 2 Black Tea Light Candles Witches Black Salt   Daily Rituals for claiming personal power and aligning with intentions Centering Aura Mist a ritual of energy cleaning and removing unwanted energies– This is an all-around...
Magickal Moon Garden
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Amethyst Runes in Silver Satin Pouch Night Blooming Moonflower Seeds in Corked Vial Night Blooming Four O’clock Seeds in Corked Vial Night Blooming Primrose Seeds in Corked Vial Crystal Journeys Pillar Candle for Harmony Drawing on the inspirational and creative energies of the new moon, you can symbolically and literally...
Magickal Sampler Box
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This set is a magickal sampler box and is the standard first box in the Beginners Box Subscription Journey. It is available here as a stand-alone box as it makes a great gift and introduction box for those new to Magick.  This box includes:   A smudge kit 2-3 meditation stones...
Inner Chalice & the Kitchen Witch
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Symbolic of the creative womb of the Goddess, the regenerative Cauldron of Cerridwen and the Holy Grail of Avalon. The Chalice represents the life-giving element of water, receptor of all things deep and mysterious. The chalice represents the cradle of life that receives, holds, nurtures and protects. Spells and rituals...
The Ravens Key
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Interestingly, when developing your psychic intuition logic is both friend and foe. Perplexed, the key is actually the answer and the question in your inward and upward spiritual journey. With the assistance of the Raven’s keys you can unlock your inner mysteries. What it unlocks, I cannot be sure. That...
Clear & Invoke Kit
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This Listing is for 1 Star Card Deck in a silver sachet with jasmine flowers, 1 window quartz point and 1 oz. jasmine pearls tea.    Star Cards by Amy Patee Amy Patee is a yoga teacher, life inspirationist, beauty-amplifier, and entrepreneur. Fully committed to leaving a positive imprint on...
New Moon Magick - Nurture the Nurturer
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By the light of new, I renew. The magick of a new moon is in its untold story. A blank page, a new chapter perhaps. You wash yourself not in the ashes of your past but in the waters of your new beginning. With books behind your eyelids, a story...
Rune Introduction Kit
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Futhark Rune Set in Sachet Thors Hammer Amulet with Leather Cord Tips of an Evergreen for asperging runes, inscriptions and altar tools. Asperging is a form of ritual purification involving the sprinkling of liquid on the item, person or area to be purified. In Asatru, tips of an evergreen are...
Protection Apothecary Kit
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This kit includes herbs that you can easily employ as floor washes, smudge mists, ritual baths, candle dressings and fumigating. Each herbal card is designed to be a grimoire keepsake with a small section for writing in your personal use for the herb. Inside of each card is a detailed...
Moon Goddess Dream Altar
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Your dreams will lead to your biggest, brightest, deepest, most authentic self and you can harness that inner magick with a dream altar! Having an altar for your dreams is a way to give tangible form to your intangible dream while you’re working on bringing it to life. It helps...
Storm Magick
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This kit includes a copper engraved flower of life dish & clear quartz pendulum. Storm magick is one of the most powerful energies you can use for your spiritual practices. Storms carry their own magick in the form of intense energy. This energy can be used for any spell or...
The Morrigan, Phantom Queen
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This box includes 3 rituals for invoking The Morrigan; a Fourfold Moon Goddess Ritual, a Renewal spell and the Washer at the Ford Ritual.  The Box includes:  1 phantom quartz point .5 oz Phantom Queen Blessing oil in glass bottle with dropper Phantom Queen Blessing Herbs Phantom Queen tea 4...
Web of Wyrd
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Wooden Drop Spindle with Hand Dyed Blue Faced Leicester Wool Roving by Lisa Souza for hand spinning fate into yarn. Galoucci Stitched Linen Pocket Pillow for hand stitching runic inscriptions Rose Quartz Heart for attuning to the compassionate and protective energy of Freya Freya Anointing Oil of Rose Absolute, Vanilla...
The Triskelion
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The Celtic Triskelion is an ancient a symbol representing personal growth and spiritual expansion. Its three legs or spirals appear as if it is in constant forward motion. The Triskelion triad of forward moving parts depicts the journey towards understanding the concepts of the triple moon, mind-body-spirit, father-son-holy ghost, mother-father-child,...
The Veil
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Special Note - I have 4 left and Samhain is right around the corner. If you would like one of these four, I will ship them US priority mail the same day you order so they arrive on time.  Samhain, a pre-Christian Gaelic festival observed between the sunsets of October...
Star Energy for Spiritual Transformation
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Working with star energy is no different than drawing down the moon or drawing any other energy. When we draw on magickal energy, we become a conduit for it as we modify it. We draw it in, shape it with our intentions through visualization and then send it out with...
Drawing Down the Moon
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A curated kit for Drawing Down the Moon Moon Goddess Circle Salts: Sea Salt, Silver Glitter, Hyssop for circle casting. Do not use as Bath Salts. Hyssop is unsafe if taken internally. Cleansing Crystal Journeys candle for cleansing space and self.  Divine Moon Ritual Bath Salts for preparation of drawing...
Asatru & Norse Magick
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Water Buffalo Horn for offering & drinking in Blot rituals.  Coyote Bone for runic inscription and taufr. Madder powder for coloring runic talismans.  Tips of an evergreen tree for asperging runes, inscriptions and altar tools. Asperging is a form of ritual purification involving the sprinkling of liquid on the item,...
Magickal Records
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This kit includes Celtic Knot Focal as Pictured with 2 twist jump rings 2 yards white Silk Ribbon 2 Yards Black Silk Ribbons Dragons Blood Resin Gum Arabic Herbal Spell Charm for Magickal or staining Grimoire Paper Magickal Records Anointing Oil for Consecrating Black Feather Grimoire Card A Grimoire or...
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A grounding Kit for connecting back to Gaia & strengthening our connection to our highest self.   This kit includes:  Puffed Labradorite heart 2 Magnetic Hematite Spheres approximately 1 oz Copper Nuggets 6 Palo Santo Incense Cones 1 Patchouli & Nag Champa Soy Candle by Crystal Journeys Grimoire Card  ...
A Witches Garden
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This Kit Includes: 1 Zeolite Crystal Cluster 3-4 Moss Agate Tumbled Stones Fire Elemental Crystal Vial with Tektites & Amber Earth Elemental Crystal Vial with Black Tourmaline & Peridot Water Elemental Crystal Vial with Pearls Air Elemental Crystal Vial with Citrine, Rhodonite & Amazonite Small Harvesting Basket Black Eyed Susan Flower Seeds Grimoire...
Witches Winter Cupboard
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This kit contains what every winter cupboard should include:  Purification Incense, .5 oz packet Frankincense, Myrrh & Rosemary. This is an incense base blend for purification. Add additional herbals to suit your intention. Palo Santo Smudge Stick, 1 each for smudging the home as well as removing bacteria from the...
Celtic Oghams
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The Ogham Alphabet is an ancient Celtic magical system said to be at least seventeen hundred years old. It is speculated that this magickal system was deliberately encrypted by the Druids to protect their sacred knowledge from politics. The sigil of each Ogham is called a “feda” which means “trees”....
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