Summon Ritual Tea

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1 ounce herbal tea with grimoire card 

For connection, belonging, authenticity, wisdom, truth.
Begin in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The  beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is filled with family tradition, memory, pictures, heirlooms and most importantly…new information on the ancient cultures of your direct ancestral line. You, like most of us are likely 23 shades of culture.
Some may resonate with you more than others. That is perfectly ok. Allow yourself to set aside the hate, racism and fear that others put onto you about your roots. This space is a safe space to explore the paths of your ancestral line without being accused of cultural appropriation, unworthiness or being washed of heritage. Summon is a gift you give yourself to preserve and honor the traditions of your ancestors. A place of authenticity and belonging to yourself. It is here, you summon yourself.
Irish breakfast tea, elderberry, elder flower,dandelion root, ginger root
Steep 1 tsp in 6 oz water for 4-6 minutes covered.
Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program

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