The way I curate

Magickal Folk is a living, breathing, evolving community of spiritual folks, holistic mamas, modern goddesses, soul junkies, witchy women and a handful of witchy men (love you guys;)). Although our online community is extremely diverse in traditions, together we conspire to awaken to whatever it is that we need to know in order to grow. 

Yes, this is a subscription box...but it is for serious practitioners of the craft. 2018 is the 3rd year of monthly subscriptions for Magickal Folk. While I am deeply dedicated to the entire experience from curb appeal to the energy your receive and beautiful gifts you cherish, I am mostly concerned with the end result of each curated kit. The finished product, which is your unfolding. 

I curate magick and energy and match up tangible experiences then gift it to you to envoke your magick and unfolding. My wish for you is your know thyself.