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Manage/Cancel Subscription

Managing/Cancelling is super easy! Here's how:


When you first subscribed directly to my shop you received an email inviting you to a secured portal to manage your subscription. All you have to do is log in there & navigate around through all the options!

You can initiate a subscription cancellation, modify your billing information, change your subscription, ect. You can even reactive your subscription anytime! If you have lost this invitation or portal link I can resend it no problem! just email me:)

Cratejoy Subscribers can only access their subscription in the Cratejoy marketplace. If you are having issues navigating your Cratejoy Account, please contact them directly (they have live customer service) I am not always up-to-date with their current platform setting but last I checked you simply had to login to your Cratejoy account and click "edit subscription" then "cancel" or "edit address" or "edit credit card". 

Please note

cancelling your subscription will not cancel your current order that is pending shipment. It only cancels the reoccurring billing process. 

If you need to cancel/refund the order that is waiting to be shipped, please click here 





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