First and foremost! Thank you for taking the time to read this page thourghly! Magickal Folk does not manage your subscription orders, update addresses, change credit card numbers, or add/cancel/postpone/skip subscriptions. 

Our system allows you to fully manage your subscription from your phone or desktop computer with ease. If you have questions, I have detailed everything I could think of below!


When do subscription ship?

*We ship all curated monthly rituals (subscription boxes) between the 15th – 20th of every month.

*Witches trunks usually ship within a few business days of ordering

When is the last day to order the currents months subscription?

As a general rule, the 20th is the cutoff date. Sometimes I run out before then. If that is the case, the product will be marked sold out. If you missed the cut off but really want the current months box then please message me ASAP. I usually hold about 10 extras of everything!

When do subscriptions renew?

Witches Trunk Show – Cratejoy 11th ~ In this site 20th

All other monthly subscriptions – 1st

Do you accommodate custom renewal dates?

Yes. Just ask:)

How do I change subscription products?

I disabled this feature because it was messing up the renewal dates. If you had a witches trunk that renewed on the 20th and switched it to a different kit that had a cut off on the 10th then you missed the month! Sooo, I disabled that feature! if you would like to change things up, you can cancel your current subscription and sign up for the new one!

What are themed kits? 

Themed kits are curated collections suited to a specific theme. Lately Ive been doing a certain theme for 3 months because I felt like too many things were missed by trying to get it all in 1 month. Im always aligned with the wheel and whats current with the seasons but then I like to focus on something specific like Women, Family, etc. 

Do you offer trial boxes or one-time purchases on the monthly curated kits? 

Yes! You may choose to pre-order a trial box by adding it to your cart from the product page. This way you are not committed to a monthly subscription and will not be automatically billed. Both options are available on the product page. Shipping is included with all subscription boxes. When you checkout as a 1 time purchase, you will see a free shipping option so you are not overbilled. Purchasing additional shipping will not make the monthly box ship any sooner. We ship all curated boxes between the 15th – 20th.  

How do I find tracking information? 

Once your order ships an automated email will be sent to the email address on file. It will also plug into your account under the order (click the order number). If you cannot find tracking then you order has not shipped. Please refer to the FAQ above regarding shipping schedules! 

How do I update my shipping address? 

You can edit your shipping address within your account by clicking on your account  and clicking "edit address". If you already have an open order awaiting shipping, you will need to email me

How do I access and manage my subscription? 

If you subscribed through the cratejoy marketplace, you will have to login there. If you subscribed directly through my shop (this website) you can access the secure subscription portal by logging to the secure subscription portal

How do I cancel my subscription? 

All account information is self-automated and can be managed from your phone or home computer. If you subscribed through Cratejoy, then you will need to log into your cratejoy account to cancel. Otherwise, If you subscribed through this website, you can log in to the secure subscription portal (keeps credit card info safe) 

***Please do not email me to cancel. 

If I cancel my subscription, will my open order be canceled too? 

No. If you have already paid for the monthly delivery then the order will ship as promised. Canceling a subscription does not cancel an order. It only cancels the monthly automatic billing process. 

How do I cancel my order? 

Email or message me ASAP! Pre-ordered monthly delivery purchases can be refunded within 3 days of purchase, all other non-subscription products can be refunded if we have not shipped the order. 

Do you accept returns? 

Absolutely! Under certain circumstances of course, so please email me with your concerns.

Do you sell kits or or items from past boxes? 

Honestly, sometimes... I try, but we are a small shop and make almost everything by hand. please see the recent rituals collection for availability!