Delivery Included. Ships the 20th of every month.

original rituals paired with handcrafted candles, herbals, incenses, salts, oils, gems and minerals and many other unique tools.

Active private community for support, growth, and connection for all whom wish to connect!

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The Monthly Series

The monthly series are themed to align with the seasonal energies.

In the Fall, we wrote odes to women. We embraced feminism and rewrote the script on some deeply personal and transformative magick.

As we enter the Winter Series (beginning November 10th, 2018), we open our grimoires and invite friends and family in for a warm winter full of hearth magick, folk healing, story medicine and time honored tradition.

I deeply value the relationships that I have found through the magickal folk community. I feel those who have made the biggest impact have imprinted on not only my life but my children’s and future generations. Odes to Family is a 3-month series that celebrates the magick of connection within a family and community using old world magick.

Each of the monthly options will have their own unique aspect of the overall theme and are curated to work together or seperately. You can find out more on the energy details on the individual product page.

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• Several subscription options to choose from.

• Delivery Included.

• Completely original works, made by hands, in ritual or ceremony.

• Detailed instructions included.

• Ethically sourced.

• Detailed instructions included.

• Ships the 15th - 20th of every month.

• Accounts automatically renew on the 1st.

• Small Combo, $36

• Monthly Meditation, $17

• Crystal Alchemy, $20


• Witches Trunk Show, $32

• Seasonal Series, $58

• Ritual Tea, $15




Thanks for asking! I wish it were a simple answer! I do not do the same boring thing month after month. Because I offer so many different options, its best to go firectly to the product page to see what each individual subscription offers! In general, It varies from crystals, candles, herbs, altar tools, aura mists, commissioned artwork and other unique ritual tools like the Lilith Incantation bowl you see to the right!

I am not a reseller. I go to great lengths to ensure everything I send in the monthly curated rituals is uniquely crafted, personal and made by hand.

I must add, the witches trunk show box is not curated or themed and may contain retail witchy items and sacred space gifts from other compaines.


Subscription under $30 ship first class mail to the address on file. A tracking email will be sent once the package has shipped. Please notify me ASAP if there are any shipping delays or mishaps.


Subscriptions are billed monthly to the card on file. If you choose to "add to cart" instead of "subscribe" you are purchasing the monthly box as a 1 time order and will not be automatically billed monthly.


Currently, I do not have the staff to accomidate custom combination orders for the monthly deliveries. The smaller boxes ship between the 15th - 18th then the Large box ships on the 20th. I do have a Small box combo available that includes a few subscriptions grouped into 1 shipment to save on shipping. I hope to offer an "everything" box soon:)