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The Ritual

Tea as a ritual is a bridge to a spiritual communion. Magickal Teas are sipped to awaken and connect to your soul. With a simple choice in herbs and crystals, Tea rituals can heal wounds, manifest abundance, overcome obstacles, break down barriers, remove blockages, and self-empower. A tea ritual is meant to balance your chi, dedicate the day, empower yourself, set your intention, affirm your life and attract the life you desire. If done correctly, a tea ritual is a precious experience where time slows and your spirit awakens. Tea, as a spiritual practice provides many moments of perspective to nourish and understand yourself. To me, it is an art as much as a spiritual practice and inward journey.   If done correctly, you will awaken to your healing life force energy. You will become acutely aware of the wholeness of your mind body and spirit. This is a special moment in time which is usually experienced in solitary but can be shared in tandem or in groups as well. A tea ritual manifests the best results if habitually performed daily. A habit is a form of escape that frees the brain allowing us to engage in other thoughts while performing the habitual task.

The Brew

We are using herbal teas and other spirits of nature for their magickal correspondences and lore to enhance our ritual. In ritual, we sit down to quite our mind and journey inward. The selected gifts from nature aid us with their magickal essences and vibrations. We are connecting with leaves, flowers, roots, and rocks for their special qualities. In doing so we are experiencing the Sahasrara energy of mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature. Consuming a magickal tea is more powerful than any other form of magick. It cannot be undone. The results are instantaneous and almost always beneficial.

Choosing the right brew does not have to be complicated. In most cases, you can drink any tea that suits your flavor profile. Also, depending on the intent, the liquid in your cup can just as easily be coffee, water or wine.

Please note, It is not my wish to take away the power of the magickal teas by saying any tea will work. There are specialty teas that are specifically paired by magickal properties to physically and mentally move the energy body. There are very powerful spell teas that have stood the test of time and cannot be substituted. Some are traditional and taste terrible, but work wonders.


A Crystal Elixir, also known as gem elixir, crystal essence or crystal water, is a huge element of this ritual. Not only is it a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing and magick it is also a great way to set daily goals and stay focused on your intent. You can use one crystal, several, or even several different types to make a gem elixir. Using multiple types creates a synergy blend, which is useful for bringing together the vibrations of several stones as more than the sum of the parts, so to speak. I recommend creating a gem elixir using what is called the indirect method. This method is the safest for all crystal types because the elixir waters do not come in direct contact with the stones used. The direct method -- where the stones are placed directly in the water -- can be potentially dangerous if the stones used have components that may be toxic. You will find many elixirs or essence recipes call for an alcohol like vodka or brandy. In this case, you will not need a stabilizer as you will be drinking the liquid immediately and not storing for later use. To indirectly infuse and charge your ritual tea with these little earth spirits, simply place them on the tray and around the bottom of the cup during your ritual. You can also place safe stones in your cup if you are positive the stone is clean and safe.

Conducting the Ritual

Be in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is comfortable with a peaceful ambiance that is appropriate for your intent. Get in a ritual state of mind with appropriate scents, clothing, lighting, and sounds. Remember, you want this to be a habitual ritual, so keep in mind your existing daily routine and set realistic expectations as far as the ambiance.

Choose your corresponding enhancements such as crystals infusions, herbals, charms, and oils. These are the items you place directly on your plate.

Choose the activities you plan to do while you drink your tea. For example, some may choose to quietly meditate or play singing bowls while others prefer arts & crafts, light stretching or yoga, breathing exercises, tarot, pendulums or even just staring at the wall first thing in the morning! Its really up to you so long as you can stay focused on your intent while doing so.

Closing the Ritual

Every great ritual must come to an end and you want to ensure your daily ritual has proper closure. To do this, you must come to some sort of resolve. You may not have all the answers but you have made progress regardless. Give thanks, stand up, brush off any residual energies you’ve been harboring. Snuff out any candles or incense burning. Adjust the lighting and sounds. Close out a circle if you choose to cast one. Cleanse and store ritual items and move on to a great day!

Monthly Delivery

The monthly ritual tea kit includes a 1 oz loose leaf herbal tea in a resealable zipper pouch with written ritual.

Teas ship worldwide between the 15th - 20th of each month in a discrete bubble mailer envelope. Delivery fees are included in the subscription however, you may be charged VAT depending on regulations.


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Ritual Tea Grimoire

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All teas are made to order and available upon request. Please message me for an order.


  • Arianrhod
  • As It Is. So It Will Be.
  • Cauldron of Posey
  • Conqueror
  • Eagle Spirit
  • I Am Buffalo

A Spell Tea to amplify magickal energies and focus on what you take to be most important.

The entire process of this ritual should be planned and performed mindfully. This is a magickal act to dedicate time and space to willfully open yourself to receive and manifest the fruition of your intentions. Drink this tea on special occasions such as new moons, full moons, Sabbats and specific rituals that include spell casting.


Bancha Tea, Vervain, Diced Apple, Tart Cranberry, Hibiscus.

As we know all good things come in threes and Kukicha Tea, also known as ’”three-year tea” is made from the stems of the bancha tea plant. It is relatively low in caffeine and extremely alkalizing to your entire system. George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, and Michio Kushi, one of his disciples, popularized use of kukicha and plays a central role in the macrobiotic diet. Vervain also is known as the enchanter's plant, is magickal enhancer herb and used in any spell to enhance the magickal properties of other ingredients. Consuming Vervain in a tea will enhance one's innate magickal abilities. Apples are arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits. They are a symbol of immortality, vitality, wisdom, and fertility making them an important attribute to this magickal blend. Tart Cranberries provide protective energy and fight off negative influences. Hibiscus Flower pedals is a magickal attractor herb and is known to facilitate prophetic dreams and psychic abilities while attracting good spirits and love of all kinds.


We paired this decaffeinated yet energetically stimulating magickal brew
to spark inner fire. Everything about this magickal tea is in love with life
and ready for adventure.
Magickal Energies:
Cinnamon: Clairvoyance, consecration, energy, good luck, love, money,
passion, prosperity, protection, psychic development, success.
Orange Peel: Optimism, Happiness, Blessings
Ginger: Magickal Energy, Manifesting
Licorice Root: Protection
Cloves: Luck, Money & Prosperity
Yellow Dock: Draws Love and Money
Sarsaparilla Root: Health & Happiness
Add cream and honey to boost sexual energy
Create a floor wash to boost energy in the home
Drink as a pre-ritual tea before starting a big project, a long ritual or
spell, taking a test, traveling or simply to start the day with the best
possible intentions!

Cinnamon chips, orange peel, ginger root, licorice root, cloves, yellow dock root.
Brewing - Infuse 1 teaspoon loose tea in 6 oz water at 180*f for 6 minutes with a
covered top
Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program
Do not consume if pregnant or nursing

For strength and courage to seek freedom through transformation and rebirth.

Begin in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is has a peaceful ambiance. Get in a ritual state of mind with your favorite scents, clothing, lighting, and sounds. Remember, you want this to be habitual, so keep existing daily routines in mind and set realistic expectations as far as the ambiance.

Choose your corresponding enhancements such as crystals infusions, charms, and oils. These are the items you place directly on your plate or altar space. Choose the activities you plan to do while you drink your tea. For example, some may choose to quietly meditate or play singing bowls while others prefer arts & crafts, light stretching or yoga, breathing exercises, tarot, pendulums. Its really up to you so long as you can stay focused on your intent while doing so.


Suggested Ritual Pairings

Wilderness Hiking

Grounding while opening oneself to new ideas and perspectives

Messages and Omens from the Goddess Isis and/or other animal guides

Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Jupiter or Sun Cosmic Energies

Elements of Air & Fire

Ioho Ogham

The Griffin

Candles of Gold, White, Yellow & Orange



Passionfruit Black Tea, Vervain, Calendula, Lemon Balm

Brewing - Infuse 1 teaspoon loose tea in 6 oz water at 180*f for 6 minutes with a covered top

Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program


  • Feminae
  • Inner Chalice
  • Liberate my Soul
  • Life Everlasting
  • Light Shield
  • Love Spell
  • Lucid Dream
  • Perspicuous
  • Phantom Queen
  • Prayer

Within the repertoire of magickal teas, no list is complete without a magickal tea dedicated to the bonds of sisterhood, empowerment, honoring our moon cycles and expanding our relevant perspectives on feminism. Feminae is a social tea, meant to be consumed over meaningful conversations when we are most sensitive (during our moon cycles). Feminae is a tea of the Morrigan and can be consumed in rituals relation to the triple moon archetypes and deities, conjuring strength and confidence, group healing rituals and goddess gathering to celebrate and honor our cycles in life. white tea, red rose, hibiscus, skullcap, vitex berry, rose hips, pomegranate flavoring

A Spell Tea to amplify magickal energies for Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel and Dream Divination.


A lucid dream is any dream during sleep in which you become aware that you're dreaming. This simple realization snaps your waking consciousness into the dream, enabling you to explore your dream world with total clarity. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell can be as authentic as reality. It’s a great tool for overcoming personal psychological issues.

In the safety of the lucid dream environment, you can face your fears, phobias, anxieties, nightmares, past traumas and recurring dreams. You can also use Lucid dreaming to tap into your inner creativity. In surreal and unexpected ways, you can make music, seek original artistic imagery, plan events and solve technical problems!



Mugwort: Heightens Psychic Awareness, Inner Vision

Motherwort: Calming, Protection, Peace

Kava Kava Root: Sedative, Visions

Suma Root: Adaptogen that relieves stress in the body

Valerian Root: Sleep, Calm, Protection from Low Spirits

Stevia: Sweetens Spirit

Rose petals: Passion, Love

Chamomile Flowers: Manifesting, feelings of joy, creativity

Heather Flowers: Dream divination, the fae

Blue Corn Flowers: Psychic abilities, fertility, love, sex, and abundance


Infuse one teaspoon loose tea in 6 oz water at 180*f for 6 minutes with a covered top.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program

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Suggested Ritual Pairings Dream Crystals such as Amethyst, Epidote in Prehenite, Dream Quartz, Peridot, Celestite, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Azurite and Barite Sacred Nature Ritual Bath Soak Herbal Sleep sachets with California Poppy, Mugwort, Damania, Lavender & Chamomile Dream Potion Mist charged with Moonlight, Fresh Dahlia Pedals & crystals of your choosing.

Let's understand a witch payer. We know by birthing a thought we give it power, and by speaking it, we give it life force energy. We also know speaking ill words are a curse both on ourselves and others. But, unlike religious prayers petitioning a blessing or favorable outcome by a God/Goddess, we are intentionally creating life force energy to effect a change. We are not asking; we are creating.

There are two forms of witch prayer. To pray for others is to create and send the energy needed to make an effect on someone else’s life. This could be positive or negative. But, when we pray for ourselves, the process is simple and much more potent. It is created in thought, and the most powerful are the thousands of casual, absent-minded thoughts we think every day. Thinking and speaking absent-mindedly is the most powerful form of communicating directly to your subconscious. As practitioners of magick and the metaphysics, we use tools like sigils, rituals, and mantras in a repeated fashion to replicate this connection in an intentional way. This is because repetition allows us to drift away from consciousness into other realms while still communicating our intended purpose, thus, uploading information into our subconscious so it can then download back to our consciousness in the form of intuition.

Pray for me. Pray for my mom. Pray for yourself. It takes on a whole new meaning when you realize the power lies within. So next time you're looking in a mirror, be mindful and pray love.

Prayer for Humanity tea is a simple tea. Oolong which is an excellent leaf reading tea with rose petals for centering love and compassion and rosemary for love, remembrance, protection, and purification of thought.

Everywhere we turn a prayer is in need. A need that brings us together to create and send out prayers for all humanity, effect a change in collective consciousness, unit and elevate love and compassion.


  • Rhythm & Flow
  • Salute the Sun
  • Stillness
  • Waning Moon Detox
  • Well of Mimir
  • Winter Blues Brew
  • Witches Wine
  • Witching Hour
  • Thinning of the Veil

The Ritual

Meditation is the practice of spiritual absorption of the mind and cessation of thought resulting in emancipation of the mind. Contemplation, however, is different from meditation. Contemplation involves the reflection of thoughts, the various ways of implementing those thoughts into action and the like.

Our monthly meditation is available as a kit and focuses on spiritual growth using both meditations to emancipate our mind and contemplation to strengthen our spiritual wisdom.

There are several ways to tune up and harmonize the energy body. For this subscription, we use various tools found in nature such as minerals and natural tools Minerals tune up and harmonize our energy body. The experience and overall results of this exercise is uniquely yours.


Monthly Delivery

The meditation kit is a contemplative meditation using thought manifestation and healing crystal energy in a variety of magickal ways. No experience required. Simply attune to the energy and intention of the kit and deliver yourself on a new journey.

The Monthly meditation kit includes various gems, minerals or stones paired with botanicals, incense or candles depending on the meditation.

You will also receive a grimoire card detailing how to use the meditation kit.

Delivery Included.


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Contemplative Meditation Grimoire

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  • Akashic Records
  • Sacred Wolf
  • Witches Sight

The mystery of discovering your guide or simply your connection is opening your mind and becoming aware of your connectedness. It’s been my experience that of all the guides in the spirit realm, wolves help demystify spirit connection, conscious awareness or knowing of being connected more than any other. By studying their behaviors in the physical realm, we learn the significance of social connection, trust, independence and instinct as a way of life in the wild. To be connected and accepted, yet independent and truly authentic is the way of a wolf. All spirits guides are sacred, but the wolf, the wolf is especially important because they are loyal protectors who will always guide you towards your highest good. At the same time, they are fiercely independent. They have good instincts and boundaries, so they will always present themselves with a warning whenever you present any shadow aspects. They can be trusted and in turn, they reassure your instinct and intuition. Of course, this happens over many moons of communicating with each other. Once connected, wolves are with you for life. If you lose that connection, you lose part of yourself. For this meditation, I wanted to honor the connection and sacredness of wolves as spirits guides as well as open the mind to new connections if you haven’t had this connection before. The herbal mixture is intended to be a communing incense that opens and invites the wolf spirit. It contains cedar and juniper tips, both are protective and familiar to us all in the physical realm. Star Anise which favored by ravens and the wind gods to carry messages in the smoke as you burn. Wood Betony for its magickal attributes of casting fears and unhealthy energies aside so you can communicate in confidence and authenticity. Elder Flowers in reverence of their ancient wisdom. Lapis Lazuli to realign auric energies. Lapis Lazuli refocuses energy in the throat chakra for truth and understanding, softens the subtle bodies, and facilitates communication on all levels. I included the cauldron recipe card to record the ingredients in this kit plus any other incenses, oils, crystals or tools you may use in connecting with wolves. The first step is to completely align with the Lapis Lazuli crystal. If you are unfamiliar with all the benefits of the stone meditate with it and record your intuitive feelings, research it (crystal vaults is a great resource). At any time you wish to call of the wolf, learn their way and create a connection simply intend to do so. These relationships develop over time so it’s important to journal thoughts and experiences along the way. The incense creates a sacred space and is best burned outdoors.  

The Tigers Eye pendulum carries a powerful protective energy that shatters self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. Resonating with Mars it brings in the elements of passion, drive and self-empowerment. As a pendulum, it answers questionsin a way to encourage you to stop dreaming and start living life on your terms. Witches Sight herbals contain sandalwood, lilac leaves, lemongrass, mugwort, eyebright, honeysuckle and lobelia. Burn as an incense to align the energy centers and heighten psychic senses. Using your hands, roll the smoke up and over your third eye and past the crown chakra. Practice mindful breathing and visualize your third eye opening. Once you get the sensation of the third eye activation, proceed in working with the pendulum.

The Ritual

The crystal alchemy kit honors the all-encompassing lifestyle of the witch. It holds the intention of the energies that surround us and dwell within us. The alchemy of energy created between yourself and these tools create a buzz of vibrations to see you through the day.



Monthly Delivery

Starting in September 2018 the kit will contain a 1 oz ritual oil with corresponding minerals and grimoire card. We only use high-grade natural ingredients. We never include synthetic fragrances in our oils. Instead, our oils contain moon charged tinctures, ritually crafted herbal oils, therapeutic grade essential oils (safe and low dose), dried botanicals, wild-harvested flowers, shrubs, roots, barks, leaves, edible and non-edible herbs and sometimes may even contain non toxic crystals within the oil.  

The crystal alchemy kits ship worldwide between the 15th - 20th of each month in a small box. Delivery fees are included in the subscription however, you may be charged VAT depending on regulations.

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Crystal Alchemy Grimoire

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  • Resolute
  • Samhain Home Blessing
  • Witchcraft

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

— John F. Kennedy


Resolute Crystal Alchemy kit is a purposeful journey of unwavering determination. Look at your life as a whole and ask yourself, what is the message of your life existence? Is it the message you wish to give the world during your time here?

The energies created by the Resolute kit support the raising of universal consciousness through compassionate acts and achievements. As the stone of truth and courage, Amazonite will help maintain equilibrium and momentum while Black Rutile amplifies energy and breaks all barriers in your path.

The Resolute Ritual Oil can be used to anoint tools, dress candles, burned over a charcoal disk or boost energy when casting spells. Add the oil to a ritual bath or wear as an intention perfume oil.


Resolute Ritual Oil contains:

Essential oil of cedar wood for its cleansing properties and ability to summon spirits should the need arise. Essential oil of thyme for its ability to help the seeker achieve the impossible. Essential oil of fennel for its physical and psychic protection abilities as well as its ability to counter magick should the need arise. Galangal root for its double ability to break spells and curses and draw in success in all matters. Calendula flowers work with all the other ingredients to increase the occurrence of prophetic dreams and intuitive messages. Sunflower oil as a carrier oil brings in solar energy and optimism in all endeavors.


On Samhain a veil between the worlds where creation and destruction, life, and death thins. Everywhere we turn we see the transition from death to life and life to death. Its in this liminal time we hold the living in gratitude while honoring the veil and all those beyond it. In Ancient thought, the threshold was an in-between place, neither in nor out. Because of this, spirits are believed to lurk or hide within the threshold. Blessing the threshold before Samhain protects your home by keeping harmful energy away. Within this kit is a Samhain Home Blessing and threshold ritual to mark your home safe and enchant your doorway to celebrate and honor this sacred time. Place the carnelian stone and place it in inside the doorway at the very top of the door frame front and center. (If your frame does not support the stone you can hang from a sachet). Place the black onyx in the bottom two corners inside the doorway. Place a candle (any candle, preferably green) inside the doorway. As you light the candle say, “Here burns the light of the Evergreen Spirit of Nature” trace an X with your finger over the candle and say “Here stands the green guardian; no spirit of ill intent may enter across this threshold”. Moving from left to right sprinkle water over the threshold and say “Water, purifier and dissolve, cleanse and remove from this threshold all that is negative, unbalanced, destructive, and disharmonious.” Repeat this three times. Take a cloth, moving from the inside of the door to the outside, wipe the threshold, saying: "I remove from this threshold all that is negative, unbalanced, destructive, and disharmonious. “Hold a bell over the threshold and ring it three times, saying before each ring: “I dispel from the air here, all which is negative, unbalanced, destructive, and disharmonious. ”From left to right, sprinkle or scatter the mint leaves across the threshold, while saying: "All is welcome here that is positive, balanced, constructive, and harmonious. “Set the other green candle on the outside of the threshold and light it, saying: “Here burns the Evergreen Spirit, that which prevails against all decline, diminishment, and ending. "Trace an equilateral cross in front of the candle and say: "Here stands the Evergreen Guardian Spirit; no spirit may approach or pass by that is negative, unbalanced, destructive, or disharmonious.” Take salt and sprinkle it along the outer edge of the threshold, moving from left to right, and say: “Strict charge and watch I set, that to this place no evil thing may approach nor enter in.” Complete the ritual by sitting with candles for a couple of minutes as they continue to burn. Use a cotton ball or fingertip to anoint the four corners of the doorway. Remove all the items, leaving the crystals, salt and mint leaves in place at least overnight. When you are ready to finish, blow out the inside candle first and then the outside one. You can repeat this blessing at each threshold of your home.  

Samhain Ritual Oil: Mullein, Chrysanthemum, Sage, Birch Bark, Apple, Blood Orange & Allspice Essential Oil.. Anoint doorways, ritual tools and altar spaces to purify, protect and celebrate Samhain. Black Onyx: Absorbs and transforms any harmful energy that tries to pass through the door. Carnelian: Circulates life force energy, unconditional love. Peppermint Leaves: Promotes peace and tranquility.

If it were possible to describe the essence of a witch using one crystal, I would have to pick peacock ore. It radiates a rainbow of energy and feels like the morning sun on a cloudy day. Peacock Ore not only grounds and stabilizes, it recognizes and respects the darkness within us. But more importantly, it works to combat the harmful effects of dwelling there by offering alternative perspectives in its rainbow of colors and opportunities. Its super power is the ability to detect, draw and direct energy. Placed accordingly along the body and peacock ore becomes the healer by effectively clearing blockages and improving energy flow. As witches, this is what we do. We detect, draw and direct energy into a way we intend. Our craft is an elaborate manipulation and manifestation of energy towards our desired goal. Peacock ore is a mineral representation of exactly that. As we know, we are not black or white witches, we are black, white and every color in between witches! If ever in doubt of your magick or manifesting, draw on peacock ore as an ally. The witchcraft oil is a heated, slow brewed blend of jojoba, olive oil and sunflower oil infused with dragonsblood resin, honeysuckle flowers, and Vervain herb. This oil is a super charged enchanting oil that magnifies any intention and is recommended to be used as a base oil in all spell oils or by itself for banishing, healing and enchantment. The oil is not scented with essential oils so it can remain versatile.

The Ritual

The Magickal Folk Fall Series is an educational platform dedicated to expanding collective consciousness, amplifying feminist perspectives and casting magick with within a diversified community. Media & subscriptions kits are curated to combat contemporary issues using old world magick, new age metaphysics & affirmations of spirit.

The monthly delivery will include a zodiac oil, planetary incense, dream incubation, spirit guide ritual, commissioned art, corresponding crystals & minerals plus specially curated tools to complete the ritual.

Monthly Delivery

The monthly seasonal series kit contains the current zodiac oil and planetary incenses to enhance the flow of cosmic energy and astrological workings within the ritual as well as a handcrafted original ritual curated to a specific intention.

Individual items may vary from 5 to 15 depending on what is needed to complete the work. This subscription is curated by a practicing witch for a practicing witch who is who is currently creating and expanding their depth and potential. No ritual is complete without the personal touches, intentions and energy of the individual practitioner. A great amount of time and energy is put into creating the first half of this process for you. A private community has also been established to support your growth and magick. I look forward to meeting you! - Candice

The Fall Series kit ships on the 20th of each month in a discrete box. Delivery fees are included in the subscription however, you may be charged VAT depending on regulations.


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Seasonal Grimoire

September 2018

The September Fall Series kit strengthens our perseverance in difficult times and empowers us to look beyond the realm of influence to see our truth.

Contents Include:

1. Libra Zodiac Oil

2. Venus Planetary Incense

3. Owl Spirit Herbal Incense

4. Dark Lavender Dream Incubation Herbs

5. Slippery Elm Herbs

6. Bisque Fired Incantation Bowl

7. Blood Orange Tea

8. Mineral Sachet of Raw Honey Opal, Nuummite, Bloodstone & Snowflake Obsidian

9. Lilith Ritual Salts

10. Commissioned Drawing of Lilith by Dylan Garret Smith, IG @dylanxvx


When I sat down to write this letter I had a difficult time trying to create a pathway of understanding. I feel like the story untold is unique to our own experience and relationship with Lilith. As much as I would love to light a path of connection, this is a mystery we must look deep within to find. Instead, what I have given you is a kit full of allies to help align your energy, safeguard intentions and provide support and encouragement throughout the process.

What I accomplished in doing is what I wish for you. That is, to hear Lilith's untold story for yourself and liberate her from the thousands of years of demonization. Everything in this kit is multifaced. The energetic properties align with the seasonal cosmic energies of Virgo, the Aries Full Moon and the Virgo New Moon.

Lilith, demoness, bewitching woman, evil child-slayer, uncontrollable night creature of earth and fire, whore, screech owl that cannot be silenced, serpent of life and death, mother of all children, goddess of fertility and protector of children, heroin, liberator.

I couldn't be happier with this piece by dylanxvx. Id love to hear your feelings on it!

If you are not already familiar with Lilith I highly suggest doing your homework on her biography as well as her role in occult communities.

Suggested Reading:

Lilith | Unveiled

Changing Literary Representations of Lilith and the Evolution of a Mythical Heroine

 Demonology: Who Is Lilith?

The bisque fired flower bowl that came in the September Fall Series Box is to be used to inscribe a healing incantation for Lilith, and for all suffering women and children.

Incantation bowls are an ancient form of magic performed in the Babylonian era to guard against demons. There are close 40 of these "demons bowls" on display that are directly inscribed to ward off Lilith. Since this was the common form of curse put on her and what lead to the midrash writings, we are using the exact same model to reverse it and heal the ancestral wounds.

The words you choose in your incantation are extremely important. You want to address Lilith, the women and children ( if you choose to include them) by all the names that have hurt them as well as liberated them. For example: Lilith, demoness, bewitching woman, evil child-slayer, uncontrollable night creature of earth and fire, whore, screech owl that cannot be silenced, serpentoflife and death, mother of all children, goddess of fertility and protector of children, heroin, liberator.

After you have addressed and called on all the aspects of Lilith, acknowledge her for the story as told you. Close out with a petition, release of old woulds and dedication to the protection of all women and children in her name.

Just as the incantation bowls of nippur, draw an image of lilith inside the center of the bowl. Begin to write your incantation spiraling around from the inside image and you spill over to the outside of the bowl.

The actual writing of the Incantation on the bowl should take place during the dark moon phase but you should begin connecting with Lilith now. I will be following up with more posts and in-depth emails for those who got the box:)


Dark Lavender Dream Incubation Herbals include Organic Lavender, Valerian Root, Lavender Essential Oil & Poppy Seeds. Remove herbals from plastic baggie, add to the purple sachet and place inside your pillow slip.

Dream incubation is the ability to direct your dreams by consciously intending to do so. Use the Dark Lavender dream sachet as an ally that aids in dream recall and peaceful dreams while grounding energies for lucid dreaming and memory association.

Beginning immediately, set up a dream altar and nightly ritual. Within this altar you can keep the image of Lilith, snowflake obsidian plus any other items you wish to add. Prepare your bed with clean, comfortable sheets. Wear breathable pajamas (or none at all!) Focus on your intention (to speak with Lilith) and go to sleep mindfully. Avoid distractions like cell phones, TV, conversations or other thoughts before you prepare for bed. Stick to focusing on Lilith. Reading about her before bed is helpful.  


The Owl Spirit Meditation Incense is made of Jasmine Flowers and Raw Bosweilla Serrata Tree Resin. I suggest grinding the herbals to a powder and lightly sprinkling the herbal powder over a lit charcoal diak. You can also dress a candle. A tiny bit goes a long way with resins!

Often, we meditate seeking spiritual guidance without specifically reaching out to a certain spirit. We work to open ourselves in a way that we receive messages intuitively as they come. We always strive to be open to recieve. In this case, we are actively seeking spiritual guidance and wisdom from the Owl. Lilith is associated as an owl and even descrived as having owl wings and claws in human form.

Spirit Meditation is a practice that takes patience and perserverance. The messages will become clearer over time. Be sure to journal these experiences.

Zodiac oils help focus and channel cosmic energy effectively. The celestial wheel offers a reliable roadmap in our upward spiritual evolution by strengthening positive personality traits and helping to overcome challenges.

The Libra Zodiac Oil contains dried seedless rosehips and catnip with essential oils of myrrh, gardenia, frankincense and spruce.

Rosehips help balance emotions and increase awareness of our sensuality. Catnip creates a vibration that attracts allies and authentic friendships. Myrrh is associated with the moon and often coupled with other botanicals to strengthen overall energies. Frankincense raises vibrations for spiritual connection with the divine. Gardenia is most commonly known for its powers of love, prosperity and happiness but it also a potent ally when it comes to enhancing psychic abilities, specifically receiving intuitive messages and prophetic dreams. Spruce offers purification and opens doors to ancient wisdom.

Use: dress candles, anoint pulse points or ritual tools, add to ritual baths or salt scrubs, burn over a charcoal disk.

Planets have a natural force which influence our biological, physical, mental emotional states.

In Western astrology, the meaning associated with the planet's also corresponds to the astrology signs and houses of the astrology in their various leaderships. There are twelve zodiac signs which are ruled by the planets in the following manner:

As we move through the houses, The kit will include a planetary incense which works just like the zodiac oils.

Use: Burn loosely as incense or grind and shape into cones, infuse in oil, add to paper pulp for making special grimoire paper, sprinkle around altar to absorb energy, dress candles.

The Lilith ritual salts are lightly dressed with a fragrance oil I associate with Lilith. It's dark and sensual, almost sweet but deep. While circle casting is an important part of ritual for many. Not everyone casts salt circles so for those who dont, the salts will make two healing ritual baths.

The inner bark of slippery elm creates a gummy substance that oozes from bark when it meets water. This is called mucilage, for this reason, slippery elm has been associated with magicks that halt gossip and stop the spreading of lies. The magick of slippery comes in handy twice this month.

One of the biggest obstacles we all face at one point or another is negative self-talk. Its easy enough to avoid someone who brings you down, but you can never get away from the one in the mirror. We inadvertently cast bad juju on ourselves by saying these negative things so to combat the self-inflicted curse of negative self-talk, we make a slippery elm tea. Before going to bed, take a tiny pinch of slippery elm and place it in 6 ounces of water. Rest on a windowsill or other place that can soak up moon energy overnight. In the morning, strain out the bark. Being mindful of the power of thought, go to your bathroom mirror with your moon water and cast a spell of love and acceptance on yourself for the day. Drink the water and carry that energy without throughout the day. Over time, you will train yourself to focus on positive thoughts and clear the negative.

Secondly, reserve a teaspoon or so for work with the incantation bowl. We are also burning slippery elm to halt the lies and demonizing of Lilith.  

The mineral sachet contains all the wonderful energies we need as we enter the dark half of the year and flourish in the Libra Season.

  • Rough Honey Opal - Opals promote a sense of calm security, easing stress and depression, and encouraging one to stop brooding to better direct one’s thoughts and energies. A protective stone that shields negative energy and thoughts from forming. Use in combination with slippery elm.
  • Bloodstone increase mental clarity, strengthens conviction, heightens intuition, and aids in decision-making.
  • Snowflake Obsidian releases energy blockages of every kind while maintaining an inner calm to forge ahead.
  • Nuummite is a stone of empowerment, allowing one to see beyond facades and to understand what lies beneath words and actions, one's own and that of others. It helps one to delve deep into the psyche to discover the hidden hurts, fears, guilt or shame that lies in the subconscious and holds one back.

October 2018

My form is undone, but do not mourn

I will arise anew from the cauldron born

-Kristoffer Hughes


Within this kit includes

  • An enchanted cauldron candle of amber, charcoal and black salt is dressed with motherwort, dragonsblood incense powder, and smoky quartz. The vetiver and pine fragrance will dissipate to a subdued amber as you burn. This is intended to provide a strong grounding presence in the beginning and transition to a warm and calm energy.
  • Scorpio Zodiac Oil
  • Pluto Planetary Incense
  • Mars Planetary Incense
  • Serpent Spirit Meditation Herbals
  • Medusa Art Print

The Cauldron

The cauldron represents the powers over the element of water and embodies the mysteries of the universe. Within the cauldron we learn to master our emotions as we transform. The Cauldron is the symbolic womb of the Great Mother Goddess that bestows wisdom, death, and rebirth. Cauldron Magick is to lose all form, enter the womb of the Mother and be reborn anew.

The Serpent

The Serpent Goddess symbolizes the bridge between the worlds, death, and renewal. As a symbol of the earth, the goddess takes on her crone aspect and the Serpent Goddess reigns at as the deadly Queen of the Underworld. The Goddess teaches us that one must face death to find the source of renewal. The Serpent Spirit Meditation Herbals is a spiced chai tea. Pour boiling water over the herbals an inhale the aroma while doing long deep breathing in meditation to activate kundalini.

Cosmic Energy

Planetary Incense work the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of rebirth and regeneration. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Mars and the element of water. Throughout the duration of our time in the 8th House, we will sense our emotions with intensity and our ability to draw energy is magnified (intentionally or unintentionally).

The Scorpio Zodiac Oil contains tarragon and vanilla essential oil, saw palmetto berries, licorice root and wormwood herb. Tarragon protects and purifies the aura from the volumes of energy Scorpio tends to draw in. Saw Palmetto berries are a tonic herb that increase libido and vigor to embrace the mysteries of our sexuality. Wormwood is used for visions and astral travel, a key component in the evolutionary cycle of Scorpios. Anoint tools and candles with the Scorpio oil to effectively channel the energy that suits our highest good.

Mars planetary Incense contains Galangal, Blessed thistle and Angelica Root for protection and vitality.

Pluto Planetary Incense contains Black Cohosh, Damiana, Galangal, Myrrh for accessing the unconscious mind, regeneration and alchemical transformation.

In ancient Libya myths, the Goddess Anatha rises from the lake of the Triple Queens as Athena, Metis and Medusa. Athens, a New Moon Maiden who inspires courage, strength, and valor, the Sea Goddess Metis, a full Moon Mother of wisdom and Medusa, Dark Moon Goddess and Crone. All three aspects of Goddess Anatha worshiped by the Libyan Amazons as Serpent Goddesses of female wisdom.

Serpent haired Medusa ruled over the regenerative mysteries of sex and death, and protected magickal rites from being discovered and abused by the uninitiated. As the third, crone and destroyer aspect of the lunar triad, Medusa's message was one of wisdom, and it concerned the inevitability of death. As an Ocean Goddess of the West, She guarded the gateway of death and granted safe passing to all souls entering the oceanic entrance to the underworld.

The image of Medusa depicts the Greek version of Medusa liberated through the promise of a cauldron ritual of rebirth. It is here that she shed the pain of her past. She is now at peace, encircled in Hydrangeas and holding the skull of Perseus. This is her story reborn and inspiration for whats to come.

A Cauldron Ritual of Deep Transformation


Cast a circle of protection against all who cast doubt and fear.

Then call them to witness.

Call all the elements

Call all the elements of fire to witness; the salamanders and phoenixes, ancient flames, prayers to fire, fiery deities, fire animals and spirits, torch bearers, and every though of fire that has ever been though. Call them to witness.

Call the elements of water to witness; call the nymphs and sirens, the fish and every body of water, prayers to water, deities of dreams and mysteries, and every thought of water that has ever been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the elements of air to witness; call the fairies and wisps, the flowers and winds, prayers to spirit, birds and air spirits, deities of the sky, stars and planets, and every thought of air that has ever been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the earth to witness; call the gnomes and dwarfs, the trees and serpents, prayers to earth, deities of fertility, blood and land, and every thought of earth that has every been thought. Call them to witness.

Call the ancestors to witness; call all those whom we loved and lost, those who have shaped us, taught us and made us who we are today. Call them to witness.

Call spirit fourth; lay her out on the altar for all to bear witness. From her, take the pain and suffering and cast it to death in the Cauldon. Declare. This death is a gift, and last chance at life.

When you are ready, snuff out the candle and bid all witness’s goodbye. Close the circle and never look back. Everything from this point forward is new.


I highly recommend editing this ritual to suit your personal goals. This is merely a basic template and cannot be complete without meaningful words created from the heart relating to you at your core.

By adding symbolic representations when you call fourth Spirit, I feel the ritual will be enhanced exponentially. For example, you may use pictures or artwork, special incenses and herbals for energy, candles, poetry or tarot/oracle cards, clay figures, etc.

With all ritual work, the more time you spend personalizing it the better. I painted the cauldron candles flat black, so they are easily painted with acrylic paints or paint markers. Consider creating a sigil or symbol representing your patron deity or spirit ally. I intend to draw an ouroboros on mine. When the candle has burned down, and the cauldron ritual is done, bury the cauldron.

November 2018

Within this kit includes:


  • Sagittarius Zodiac Oil
  • Jupiter Planetary Incense
  • Cleanse Aura Mist
  • Condor Natural Incense Sticks
  • Palmistry Wall Chart
  • 2 Beeswax Spell Candles
  • Feminae Tea


As the last box of the Odes to Women Fall Series all I can say, all I can yell from the top of my lungs and from the deepest, most grateful part of my soul is thank you.

In September, we liberated a woman who knew her worth. In October we did the same for ourselves, now this month we take a moment to celebrate the women who were there for us the whole way through. We honor the connection and the bonds of sisterhood. We honor the witches who protect our balance, restore our peace, empower our will and brave our darkness. We do this with a whole lot of love, patience and understanding. We do it with our words and our actions.

Two years ago, we created the Anam Cara private facebook group exclusively for friends and members of Magickal Folk. A special place without masks for our brooms to fly free. The truth is, self-discovery isn’t pretty. It can get ugly, confusing and gritty. Its difficult to confront ourselves sometimes so having a community built into the self-discovery nature of the subscription boxes seemed only natural. The world is going to give us beauty, but it also going to give us pain. Neither are meant to be experienced alone.

Palmistry is the most intimate of all the methods of divination. It requires a closeness. The reader inhabits the most vulnerable areas of the seeker’s life - fate. They say our fate is written in the stars and mapped out in the palm of our hands - but our will is stronger than our fate. The palmistry art print was commissioned exclusively for this box and is meant to serve as a reminder that at the end of the day, you are the curator of your life. You have the ability to take your life into your own hands and navigate it. Fate is the by-product of will. By living it, we teach it.

Lets be honest - we are all busy, all the time. We don’t always have the time or energy to be something for someone. We want to, of course, be there - feeling great and have all the right words to say but it is unrealistic, and damn it, completely irrational to think we should. Instead, we walk around with these masks. We hide away the parts of ourselves that make us human - the parts that have built us into who we are today, the parts that are the cornerstones of our stories, our lessons, our scars. We tuck away the things that we feel ashamed of - the mistakes we have made, the people we have hurt, the hearts we have walked away from when we should have stayed.

And we ache. My god do we ache; but we never acknowledge the cause of it all. We never acknowledge the heaviness, the emotion within us that we keep to ourselves, the fear that courses through our bones whenever we think about burdening another human being with problems we don’t think they can relate to.

We convince ourselves that we are the only human being in a world of billions, to feel lost at times, to feel lonely. We convince ourselves that people wouldn’t understand the damage within us, the questions that bang against each other in our heads. We convince ourselves that no one has time to listen, that those who ask are only just doing so out of obligation rather than genuine interest.

So, we give up too soon. We don’t get to know people, we fear that they will run away the moment they see our bruises, our baggage. We convince ourselves that they wouldn’t have ever been able to shine light into the depths within us, that they couldn’t possibly comprehend what we have gone through, or what haunts us at night. But we are wrong. We are so wrong. Because we aren’t the only human beings to have felt loss deep in our bones, to have had our hearts broken in irreparable ways. We aren’t the only people who have stories building up within us, questions we wish we could ask. We aren’t alone. We aren’t alone.

And I think that’s what makes it so comical, so heartbreaking. We are all searching for connection, and yet we are all avoiding eye contact. We are all searching for people who understand, but we aren’t staying around long enough to realize that every single person has felt the same before. Instead, we convince the outside world that we are fine, even if we are aching for help, and that is why we don’t get it. That is why the distance between us and everyone around us widens. We are all running away from each other, when we should be running towards one another.

But here’s the thing - when you stop convincing yourself that others can’t understand you and that you are alone, you will realize that you are surrounded - by human beings who just wanted to connect. You are strength. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every single day to achieve and love. Some of you are lost to insensitive laws, to archaic theology, to violence and to poverty, and yet there is still a confidence that envelopes the bones of a woman. Even the strongest of structures within history have crumbled under pressure, during war, through the toughest times this planet has endured, and yet women still stand in solidarity, women still have their feet planted firmly on the ground like redwoods of optimism. You inspire through that, and you save lives every single day when you awake and exclaim your power, your thirst for equality. You allow the others to know that they aren’t alone, you mother, the lost, the hurting, the broken - you are an example of selfless might. You hold the worlds hand, and within that you create unity, you breed hope. You have never allowed for such a world to harden you, you have never silenced your empathy, and that makes you a marvel to both the human soul and the human eye.

What else can I say? How can I create a tangible expression of this kind with a ritual? I cannot. I can only express it in my words and my actions. Instead, some inspiration. I pray this breaks down walls, brings peace to your soul and power to your heart. Blessed Be.

The Cleanse Aura Mist is an energy cleanser. Mist the aura whenever you need a break, your energy feels stuck, or you feel as though you are absorbing or projecting too much energy. This blend takes about 2 months to make. I want to share this recipe, so you can recreate it. It is seriously the best energy medicine I can put together. Use organic ingredients when possible. This batch included organic rose hydrosol, organic holy basil Krishna, organic witch hazel extract, organic vodka, organic rosemary, organic rose hips. The only ingredients not organic were the orange blossom hydrosol, Palo Santo wood and Boswellia Seratta tree resin. Where and how the products are sourced are a very important part of the energy.

Place all the raw botanicals in a sealable 8-ounce jar. Blanch the botanicals by pouring a ¼ cup of boiling water over the botanicals and closing the lid. Gently roll the jar around so the hot water reaches all the botanicals and releases their oils. After a few minutes, add the organic vodka, leaving out 1” from the top of the jar. Fasten an airtight lid and store in a dark cupboard 8 weeks, turn daily. Strain botanicals, gently squeezing excess liquids using a chinois or cheesecloth. Discard left over botanicals in the yard waste bin. In a quartz sized mason jar, add 8 ounces rose hydrosol, 8 ounces orange blossom hydrosol, 8 ounces witch-hazel extract (key word extract!) and 6 ounces of the botanical tincture. Use within 6 months and store in dark, cool places. Refrigeration is not required.

While I was doing everything the long loved (hard way) I went ahead and made a completely natural incense on a stick for a bird’s eye view on life from our dear friend, the condor. The condor incense is literally 100% natural. I created the scent using a botanical tincture (just like the energy cleanser) but with sweetgrass, organic cornflowers, violet herb, organic lemongrass, gravel root and organic queen of the meadow. The stick itself is hand rolled with activated charcoal.

Condors get the whole picture. They can help us put the puzzle pieces together and understand how to navigate our will. You can call on the condor anytime you are confused about anything, especially if you find yourself alone in the darkness and see no hope and no way out.

The beeswax candles are part of a reckoning spell. Completely natural and unscented, beeswax candles absorb the most energy from its surroundings more than any other kind of candle. One candle represents fate, the other - your will. It is time to awaken to what is, and what is not. Hold the tips together at the wick and gently twist them together until they have formed a single candle, burn together. Read the melted wax.

Within the repertoire of magickal teas, no list is complete without a magickal tea dedicated to the bonds of sisterhood, empowerment, honoring our moon cycles and expanding our relevant perspectives on feminism. Feminae is a social tea, meant to be consumed over meaningful conversations when we are most sensitive (during our moon cycles). Feminae is a tea of the Morrigan and can be consumed in rituals relation to the triple moon archetypes and deities, conjuring strength and confidence, group healing rituals and goddess gatherings to celebrate and honor our cycles in life.

Cosmic Energy

Planetary Incense work the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Sagittarius rules the 9th house of philosophy. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and the element of earth. Throughout the duration of our time in the 9th House, we search for meaning and grasp everything that is available to us. Matters involving our worth and soul purpose becomes front and center.

The Sagittarius oil contains star flower herb, gardenia, clary sage and juniper essential oils, starflower carrier oil, sunflower carrier oil.


Keeping with the Sagittarius energy, allow me to introduce Kintsugi. Kintsugi takes broken pieces of pottery and puts them back together with a gold sealer referred to as the “golden repair”. The philosophy is our brokenness is part of our story - it’s what makes us unique and beautiful so instead of hiding the scars, repair them and be proud of who you have become. (This kind of art makes me weep) The whole process is cathartic. If this is calling you, break that plate, glue it back together and hang your Kintsugi in your home proudly. I have a broken altar where everything is literally broken because we are never not broken!

December 2018

Starting in December, I began offering several combo options. The pic to the left is everything we made for the month (known as combo #13 and Cratejoy combo)

December subscriptions included:

  • Ritual Tea - Summon
  • Kids Rocks - Epidote & Prehnite with Epidote
  • Meditation Kit - Crone Mysteries with golden sheen obsidian bracelet and a red & black candle
  • Crystal Alchemy - Cerridwen ritual oil with picture jasper and dumortierite
  • Witches Trunk - Embrace ritual salts, petrified wood, merlinite, chevron amethyst, spiritual wisdom incense, pentacle bell, and moon & pentacle cotton book bag.
  • Winter Series December (1 of 3) - Organic sourdough bread starter, iolite crystal, blindfold meditation, salt & mistletoe blessing, cedar & cinnamon blessing, Saturn planetary incense, Capricorn ritual oil, hoop and button weaving ritual.


From the Grimoire of the December Winter Series Box:

Appropriation is the illegal, unfair, or unjust taking of something that doesn't belong to you. Cultural appropriation is the adoption of certain elements from another culture without the consent of people who belong to that culture. As a collective, we suffer from a fear to embrace our culture and history. We are so void of roots that we actually think we are guilty of appropriation when in fact, we are at best, temporarily detached.

For the very first curation to the 3 months we will spend on folk remedies, family tradition, ancestral wisdom and story medicine and we begin with ancestral connection via dreams divination or deep meditation. We must eliminate fear and hate and release the pressure that keeps us from exploring our roots. If we don’t, not only do we lose the wisdom of our ancestors, future generations lose our wisdom as well. You have to start somewhere. In the black envelope, you will find a lace blindfold. The blindfold is symbolism for our confusion and the missing information we need. Iolite crystals restore balance and aid in visions. Meditate blindfolded with the iolite crystal to petition your ancestors. Keep the iolite on a dream altar or somewhere near you as you sleep. Continue with the petitions until you can see.

Like a button holding a winters coat together, you are the button holding your family together. We hooped cotton fabric and stitched on a vintage button from my mom’s private collection using golden thread. This button is the first of many and represents the beginning of your doing. I imagine you can sew a collection of buttons to this fabric and use it as a conversation starter. An heirloom that teaches unity and preservation of history. I suppose you could quilt it into a blanket, or altar clothpossibly saved on the hoop to use for spells and rituals of togetherness, unity and tradition. Either way you are inspired to craft this into your tradition, I have no doubt the button will ever be mundane again!

Wheat is the quintessential nutritional plant. It was believed to contain the mystery of life and death and thus it became a sacred plant. Women's fertility is associated with that of the earth, and women were responsible for the abundance of the harvest because of their knowledge of the mystery of creation. Throughout Pagan traditions, sacred breads are a major part of sabbat celebration. Some sourdough starters have been going within a single family for over 100 years! Today, I offer this to you. The start of a sacred bread that can be kept alive for many generations to come! Imagine the honor of your great grandchildren baking bread from a living starter you created while they continue our tradition and story medicine you preserved. A sourdough starter is a lot like a living plant. You have to feed/water regularly and the environment must be kept ideal or the starter will die. It is a commitment! In the mason jar is an organic stone ground whole grain wheat flour by Bobs Red Mill. It contains all the flora and fauna to get your starter up and activated. You can feed it with any all-purpose flour. The jar contains enough flour to make a second batch if the first one is unsuccessful.

Iolite crystals are used to strengthen families and restore perspective and balance. Charge your moon water with the iolite crystal when feeding your starter. Please use an external elixir method, do not add directly to the water!

Mistletoe is a sacred plant of the Druids. It is encapsulated with a dash of sea salt and is intended to bring peace, fertility and protection to your home. It is tradition, gifted from my ancestry to yours.

The Cinnamon and Cedar bundle wrapped in red staring is a pagan tradition that brings prosperity and protection to the home during the hard winter months. This is also tradition, gifted from my ancestry to yours.

You will find that these gifts bring a lot more than an aesthetic to your home. Hung just right, with good intention, they will indeed bring peace and prosperity to your home.


Cosmic Energy

Planetary Incense work the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and social status. While in the 10th house, we turn to focus on how we appear in the eyes of others as well as ourselves. Reputation and legacy are forefront. We are called to answer for our actions as well as made decisions that align us with our life’s purpose.

The Capricorn oil contains comfrey and thyme herb, cinnamon and wintergreen essential oils in a sunflower carrier oil.




1 cup whole rye (pumpernickel) or whole wheat flour

1/2 cup cool water


a scant 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour

1/2 cup cool water (if your house is warm), or lukewarm water (if your house is cool)



Day 1: Combine the whole wheat flour with the cool water in a non-reactive container. Glass, crockery, stainless steel, or food-grade plastic all work fine for this. Make sure the container is large enough to hold your starter as it grows; we recommend at least 1-quart capacity bowl.

Stir everything together thoroughly; make sure there's no dry flour anywhere. Cover the container loosely and let the mixture sit at warm room temperature (about 70°F) for 24 hours.


Day 2: You may see no activity at all in the first 24 hours, or you may see a bit of growth or bubbling. Either way, discard half the starter (4 ounces, about 1/2 cup), and add to the remainder a scant 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour, and 1/2 cup cool water (if your house is warm); or lukewarm water (if it's cold).

Mix well, cover, and let the mixture rest at room temperature for 24 hours.


Day 3: By the third day, you'll likely see some activity bubbling; a fresh, fruity aroma, and some evidence of expansion. It's now time to begin two feedings daily, as evenly spaced as your schedule allows. For each feeding, weigh out 4 ounces starter; this will be a generous 1/2 cup, once it's thoroughly stirred down. Discard any remaining starter.

Add a scant 1 cup (4 ounces) unbleached all-purpose flour, and 1/2 cup water to the 4 ounces starter. Mix the starter, flour, and water, cover, and let the mixture rest at room temperature for approximately 12 hours before repeating.


Day 4: Weigh out 4 ounces starter and discard any remaining starter. Repeat step #6.


Day 5: Weigh out 4 ounces starter and discard any remaining starter. Repeat step #6. By the end of day #5, the starter should have at least doubled in volume. You'll see lots of bubbles; there may be some little "rivulets" on the surface, full of finer bubbles. Also, the starter should have a tangy aroma, pleasingly acidic, but not overpowering. If your starter hasn't risen much and isn't showing lots of bubbles, repeat discarding and feeding every 12 hours on day 6, and day 7, if necessary, as long as it takes to create a vigorous (risen, bubbly) starter.


Once the starter is ready, give it one last feeding. Discard all but 4 ounces (a generous 1/2 cup). Feed as usual. Let the starter rest at room temperature for 6 to 8 hours; it should be active, with bubbles breaking the surface.


Remove however much starter you need for your recipe, typically no more than 8 ounces, about 1 cup. If your recipe calls for more than 1 cup of starter, give it a couple of feedings without discarding, until you've made enough for your recipe plus 4 ounces to keep and feed again.

Transfer the remaining 4 ounces of starter to its permanent home: a crock, jar, or whatever you'd like to store it in long-term. Feed this reserved starter with 1 cup of flour and 1/2 cup water, and let it rest at room temperature for several hours, to get going, before covering it. If you're storing starter in a screw-top jar, screw the top on loosely rather than airtight.

Store starter in the refrigerator and feed it regularly; we recommend feeding it with a scant 1 cup flour and 1/2 cup water once a week.


Tips from bakers

·      Should you use bottled water? Unless your tap water is so heavily treated that you can smell the chemicals, there's no need to use bottled water; tap water is fine.

·      Why does this starter begin with whole-grain flour? Because the wild yeast that gives sourdough starter its life is more likely to be found in the flora- and fauna-rich environment of a whole-grain flour than in all-purpose flour.

·      A note about room temperature: the colder the environment, the more slowly your starter will grow. If the normal temperature in your home is below 68°F, we suggest finding a smaller, warmer spot to develop your starter. For instance, try setting the starter atop your water heater, refrigerator, or another appliance that might generate ambient heat. Your turned-off oven, with the light turned on, is also a good choice.

·      Why do you need to discard half the starter? It seems so wasteful... But unless you discard starter at some point, eventually you'll end up with a very large container of starter. Also, keeping the volume down offers the yeast more food to eat each time you feed it; it's not fighting with quite so many other little yeast cells to get enough to eat. You don't have to actually discard it if you don't want to, either; you can give it to a friend, or use it to bake. There are quite a few recipes on our site using "discard" starter, including pizza crust, pretzels, and waffles, and even chocolate cake.

Conditions vary so widely that 7 days can be far too little. The key is to watch for a dramatic and consistent rise in the jar at least doubling between 1 and 4 hours after feeding. This could be 7 days or less after you begin, or it could be three weeks.

Meditation Kit - Crone Mysteries with a golden sheen obsidian bracelet and red & black candles in a sachet with grimoire.

to be totally free
totally free
we must be delivered from one’s own self
or all else is superfluous.

For this contemplative meditation, focus on this poem. To understand this is knowledge, to live through it is experience, to connect the two is wisdom. The mysteries of the crone are a vast few. Like a wise crone, golden sheen obsidian helps to integrate our light and shadow into refined wisdom. Wear the bracelet until you no longer need it. Feel free to craft the beads into a string of prayers, necklace or witches’ ladder once you have fully realized what it means to deliver yourself from yourself.

The red candle is to ground, incite and bestow personal power. Inscribe with a petition of self-love. This should be used in ritual to work up energy before lighting the black candle. The black candle is to pray to the ancestors for their guidance and wisdom. We pay deep respect for the comfort and safety their wisdom brings, and we honor them by using that wisdom. While the black candle burns, ask for guidance on deliverance of self. Begin journaling meaningful esoteric messages and dreams until you have made a connection. The candles also serve to break hexes, jinxes, curses and other unwanted energy. If you are feeling burdened and unable to focus properly add in a special petition to the red candle for strength and conviction, passion and fortitude. You may also ask the ancestors for protection, balance and restoration when burning the black candle. Balance this request by giving back to the land spirits. You can do this by restoring minerals and nutrients to the soil or rivers.

Ritual Tea Kit - Summon

For connection, belonging, authenticity, wisdom, truth.
Begin in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is filled with family tradition, memory, pictures, heirlooms and most
importantly…new information on the ancient cultures of your direct ancestral line. You, like most of us are likely 23 shades of culture. Some may resonate with you more than others. That is perfectly ok. Allow yourself to set aside the hate, racism and fear that others put onto you about your roots. This space is a safe space to explore the paths of your ancestral line without being accused of cultural appropriation, unworthiness or being washed of heritage. Summon is a gift you give yourself to preserve and honor the traditions of your ancestors. A place
of authenticity and belonging to yourself. It is here, you summon yourself.

Irish breakfast tea, elderberry, elder flower, dandelion root, ginger root
Steep 1 tsp in 6 oz water for 4-6 minutes covered.
Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program

Crystal Alchemy Kit - Cerridwen

Preserving wisdom, understanding and obtaining what is needed to inspire and create change
In Welsh legend, Cerridwen represents the crone aspect of the Goddess. She has powers of prophecy and is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration. Her name comes from “ceryd” and “gwen” which translates to chiding love and blessed. She is a shapeshifting, corn, and sovereignty goddess often symbolized as a white sow to represent fertility, abundance and the strength of the mother. Her cauldron, called Amen, is the cauldron of divine
knowledge, wisdom, rebirth and transformation.

Use the Cerridwen anointing oil to anoint the picture jasper and dumortierite in a petition to the Goddess Cerridwen. Ask the Goddess to guide you to create the change and transformation needed to cultivate your cauldron of wisdom and inspiration.
Keep the picture jasper and dumortierite with you as vibrational aids.

Cerridwen Anointing Oil – Sunflower & Almond Carrier Oil, Silver Fir and Magnolia essential oils, and dried Gotu Kola, Ginko, and Corn Silk botanicals.

Picture Jasper awakens creativity and connects you with earth consciousness to aid in understanding the wisdom of our nature allies. Dumortierite is a stone of patience and self-mastery. It is, in all instances, a slow and easy energy that keeps ones cauldron alive with magick and inspiration.



January 2019

A lot of magick this month! Pictured is everything we made for January. This combo option is called #13 or Cratejoy combo. Ill break down the individual subscription below.

Meditation Kit - Brigid's Blessing

Kids Rocks - Septarian & Aquamarine

Crystal Alchemy - Within Ritual oil & Raw Celestite

Ritual Tea - Crescent Moons

Witches Trunk - New year blessing kit with am Yerba Santa herbal wand, brown zebradorite, purification salts, van van oil, and two candles by crystal journeys (cleansing & dragons blood)

Winter Series January (2 of 3) - Cosmic Alignment Kit with Aquarius Zodiac Oil and Uranus Planetary Incense, Weave the Liminal Book & online study group offering, Weavers Ritual with Spider Silk oil, Rose Quartz and black thread, Family Shadow Healing Ritual with Skullcap, Milk Thistle Seed & Wormwood, Intuitively drawn tarot card from the Vise Versa Deck



From the Grimore of the January Winter Series

Planetary incense works the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Aquarius rules the 11th house of friendships, groups, and aspirations. While in the 11th house, we tend to initiate change within our inner worlds, so we connect in our outer worlds in new and profound ways. The Aquarius ritual oil contains cornflowers, Boswellia serrata resin reason and essential oil, chamomile herb, Palo Santo chips and essential oil, benzoin essential oil and sunflower carrier oil. Use the oil to anoint tools and candles upon the altar. Aquarius is ruled by the humanitarian planet Uranus. The planet represents freedom, discovery and originality. Uranus gathers research and information from the world around you. Use the planetary incense when performing rituals or spells involving intellect, progressive ideas, research and study. The herbal blend can be steeped in water and used an aura mist or used to infuse magickal paper for spell writing and grimoires. You can also tincture and diffuse during meditation or simply burn over a charcoal disk or candle.

I love every part of Laura Tempest Zarkoffs new book Weave the Liminal. Published on January 8th of this year, this book is fresh off the press! There is so much to talk about when it comes to living modern traditional witchcraft that I had to bring the study group back so we can discuss all of the super potent perspectives she has. The book has inspired some unique rituals, journaling and exercises that I plan share as we go chapter-by-chapter! For ease and convenience, I plan to start the first study group topic in the main Facebook group, Anam Cara, starting on 1/27/19.

The spider was the first of four animal spirits that I began to work with on a regular basis. As someone who used to be deathly afraid of spiders it took quite a bit of work to be comfortable with their ideas. So, if the creepy crawly things freak you out, don’t worry, it’s well worth the exploration! I am really excited to share some of the magick they have taught me. Spiders rule the power of will. Which we know is the ultimate power source of a witch. There are two kinds of spiders; malevolent spider spirits, or shadow spiders, that use their patience, creativity, ability to draw energy, strength and perseverance to plan against and manipulate others, and there are those I consider good spiders, or amber spiders, who use those same traits to essentially bring life and light to the shadow. The two are frenemies and come in every color. You can only tell them apart by the difference they made on your life. You can unknowingly be working with a shadow spider if you are unaware of the shadow. For this reason, I gave you my spiders silk ritual oil. It is infused with golden life everlasting flowers, mullein, and willow bark with fennel and myrtle essential oil in a sunflower carrier oil. This is a blend I use with my amber spiders. It stimulates creativity and energy while remaining soft and receptive. The fennel is effective in repelling shadow spiders while increasing the mental energy needed to sustain the endurance of will. Spiders can sense everything, they are hyper aware of their surroundings. They are always weaving and preparing for what’s to come while mastering the present moment. The silk they produce is 5 times stronger than steel (by weight) so by design when the spider willfully creates its web, that web outlasts its own life. Their webs can last generations…literally and symbolically. This is the realm the spiders work within, the realm of creation, will, fate, generations, and lifetimes. They help to understand current realities and also to create new ones. Spiders are spiders, both malevolent and ally. The difference is their truth.

Our energy and intent when weaving is extremely important. You must know who you are, what you believe in and why. You have to dare to do the work to achieve what you need. You have to be silent (focused on within not the rights/wrongs of others). You have to believe your work will be successful. Otherwise, that beautiful thing you think you are building isn’t but a shadow of something or someone else.

The spider silk ritual is simple. It is a commitment to your way and the sacrifice to see it through to the end. It is reclaiming any power you have given away. It is the knowing of when you are walking in a shadow.

Apply to fingertips and draw a straight line up from the sacral, through the solar plexus and up to the heart chakra and circle down to the sacral then back up to the heart. Do not anoint other chakras or pulse points. Pour a small amount into a dish and lightly dip fingers in the oil and rub them together then up and down along any thread, yarn or ribbons used for knot or cord magick (ie. Sewing, spinning, stitching, crocheting, knitting, cord cutting, knot spells, ladders) I have wrapped this first thread around a piece of rose quartz. You may decide to never use this. Thread is easy enough to come by so in any case, I hope you save this somewhere as a reminder to be compassionate with yourself. If I were easy, everyone would be doing it. Don’t give up. Keep spinning your web!

Viceversa Tarot - 1 card perspective pull

Pulled intuitively with love to highlight an area of life that could use a new, deeper perspective.

From the Deck: A different approach to reading. The Viceversa tarot, although always in the vein of classic figurative tradition, has taken on the task of expanding the base pattern of each reading, stimulating the reader to broader and double view of the card itself.

The quote by Macrobius “the world always in movement, turning in circles and starting with and returning to itself” made in reference to the God Janus, is in this sense a declaration of intent. Janus, one of the oldest and most mysterious gods of the Latin religion, is depicted with two faces, one looking toward the past and the other toward the future, one looking inward and the other outward.

God of the solstice gateways, the god Janus was in charge of guaranteeing passage between two worlds. For this reason, one of the prayers asks him to protect the devoted from the invisible side, which was still hidden. This is the vision the reader should be committed to when divining the Viceversa Tarot.

The school of Pythagoras contemplated two areas of learning: one external (exoteros) and the other internal (esoteros). Far from being in contrast, they called for the observation of the essence of things within and the practical application of such mystical knowledge (external).

A creature born and immersed in a world of polarities, the human being cannot ignore that any vision of the world (internal or external in and of itself) cannot transcend its truth. Where there is light, there is also shadow. Where there is an outside, there is also an inside that sometimes makes its presence and needs felt.


Healing Family Shadows


This month, we will work to address our family shadows. We will look at when and with whom they presented, and how they are affecting you and your life now. In doing this work, we will define our craft, express our views, release shadows from the past, and heal ourselves and our family--both into the past lineage and into the future generations.


Our work begins with aligning with the magick of Aquarius to prepare ourselves spiritually. As stated on the mini grimoire card, Aquarius initiates change, connection and acceptance of our deepest self. An Aquarius Zodiac oil & Uranus herb were included to rework the energy of your altar.


Start with a fresh journal and determine who is in your family. Family extends beyond blood ties and biology. This means our family also includes pets, hidden relationships (love affairs, secret adoptions) step and adopted family members, close friends, family, staff, etc. Separate the names into different groups in 3 distinct groups:


1.        Family who are part of this generation

2.      Family from 1 generation past

3.      Family from more than 1 generation past


Give yourself enough time to sit, think, and contemplate as you do this work. It is important to remember that those who bring shadows into a family are not necessarily "bad", and those who release shadows are not necessarily "good".


On a separate page, detail the cultural identity of your family lineage or ancestry. Ask yourself questions like: What country are my parents or grandparents from? What is the identity with that country or culture? What is the karmic lesson from that culture? If you have a variety of cultures in your family, what are they? Do these cultures blend easily, or are they in conflict?


For this next journaling session, choose a space outdoors in a well-ventilated area away from children and pets.   Burn a small amount of wormwood to enhance psychic activity and commune with ancestors. Determine your family shadows. For example, there may be abuse, addiction, violence, poverty, oppression, abandonment, betrayal, illness. Go back as far as you can, if you are not sure then go with what is true to the best of your knowledge. Think about the relationships of your living relatives, and the relationships of those departed. Ask yourself these types of questions: Where does the family shadow begin? In which generation? With whom? How has the family shadow affected different family members? Who has it hurt most? How has the family shadow wounded or affected me? Are there more than one family shadow’s? In which generation do they begin? With whom? Who in my family needs the most healing? Is this person living or departed? Who have I been wounded by? Who have I wounded? Who have I been loved by? Who have I loved?  Who needs help? From whom? Do I need help from anyone? Do I need to help anyone? Who do I need to have distance or separation from? How much, and for how long? Write each shadow energy on a small slip of paper that can be burned later in ritual.


Allow yourself time to process this. By doing this work, you've created energy surrounding these relationships. You may notice intensive dreaming and it is likely you will receive messaging and visions about this. Because these energies can be intense, I included Milk Thistle seed as a protective herb against anger, and the bite of the ancestral serpent. In such a case, sprinkle some seed about the altar, add to a dream sachet or place in a sachet to carry with you.


Prepare to release the family shadows by scheduling an entire day (or night) to ritual. Ritual requires more energy than prayer or meditation. It requires surrendering to the energy release that will happen--and understanding that this energy will flow through your body. This ritual is between you and the Divine, between you and the Universe, between your soul and the souls of all your family members.


Determine the place and any items you desire to make this space sacred then create it in your own way.  You will need skullcap and wormwood to burn with the slips of paper (so it’s best to pick a place outside). Slip into a deep meditative state and petition the divine to come in. Ask that your family is released from any shadow that came up through your journaling. You will notice that you have the idea of various family members arriving to you. You may see strands of energy that need to be joined between them or need to be cut between them. You may see family members, living or departed, who need healing. Whatever the vision, knowing or understanding that arrives to you, simply do this work as you are called to.


If you need assistance, remember that your guides and angels are there. You may ask them for help at any time.


Using a pestle and mortar, grind a small bit of skullcap and wormwood until you’ve integrated the two to a rough powder. Use this powdered mixture to dress a candle or burn over a charcoal disk to bring a peaceful ending to the lingering effects of the family shadow. Burn each slip of paper with the flame of the candle or on the charcoal disk with the herb. See your entire lineage as an energetic Universe. Allow yourself to know what healing needs to happen. Call in healing in whatever way arrives to you. You may imagine yourself handing back energy to an ancestor, who hands it back to another, and so on, until it has found its rightful place. Do this process until you feel it is complete. When you feel the energy has released, and you have the knowing that the healing ritual is done, connect with your guides and angels one more time. Ask them to do a healing on you and remove any lingering energy.


Use your breath to ground yourself back to the present. The healing is complete. Close this ritual as you normally would.

Ritual Tea Kit - Crescent Moons

Just as the Sun gives us our spirit & energy, the Moon gives us our soul & emotions. Through the moons energy we journey to align our emotions to make one with ourselves and the universe.
The Moon has a soft feminine energy. Her vital Prana nourishes our soul and strengthens our connection to our higher self. Her Divine energy has consciousness of its own and flushes out harmful thoughts, emotions and energies from our aura and the chakras. This effect gives us greater peace of mind and happiness. When we align with the moons phase, we are consciously harnessing the power of the moon to create harmony in our lives.

Time is liminal between the waning crescent and waxing crescent phase. During this transition of ending and beginning, the moon restores and renews our energy and we prepare for the next chapter of adventure.

Crescent Moons tea is a combination of Jasmine infused green tea, violet herb, linden leaf, California poppy herb, and marshmallow. Together, they work as energetic allies to soften the aura and strengthen our intuition. Make crescent moons tea a monthly ritual of bringing loose ends to a close, releasing energy, restoring spirit and seeding new intentions.


Meditation Kit - Brigids Blessing

Tumbled Milk Quartz ~ White Satin Spell Ribbon, Goddess Blessing Salts with dandelion root powder & cut leaf, blessed thistle herb, sea salt.

Lady of the Well, the Forge, and the Green Earth
I seek you.
Warm my heart with your perpetual flame,
Heal my wounds with your gentle waters,
Cradle me in your mantle when I can walk no more,
Brigid, I seek you.

Goddess Blessing
Dandelion for you to seek and maintain your freedom.
Blessed Thistle to protect and bless you.
Salt to cleanse and purify you.
Milk Quartz to relieve emotional woes, align the chakras and
open you to the divine.
White satin ribbon to keep a promise.

Take a tablespoon of Goddess Blessing salt and steep in a small bowl of red wine. Recite your prayers to the Goddess and anoint your lips, pulse points, throat and crown chakra. Take a quiet walk along the edge of a body of water. Loosely tie the ribbon on a bare branch to petition the Goddess Brigid for restoration and renewal.


Crystal Alchemy Kit - Within

Still waters run deep.
Appearances can be deceiving.
There is power in the unspoken and unseen.
Listen to the silence.
Direct it internally.
Disperse it quietly.

Raw Celestite Crystal ~ Within Ritual Oil
Anoint the celestite crystal and upper chakras with the Within ritual oil. Gaze into the flame of a candle. Immerse yourself in the depths of silence. Examine the worlds within.
The Within ritual oil contains myrrh essential oil in a sunflower carrier oil and dried botanicals of rue, motherwort, lemon balm and yerba santa to create a safe, sacred and calming energy for rooting and in-depth thought. Celestite crystals help instill trust in ourselves and the universe while guiding us towards our inner light.

Witches Trunk Show - New Year Blessing

Van Van oil to clear the road and overcome obstacles.
Charged Cleansing crystal journeys soy candle.
Charged Dragons Blood crystal journeys soy candle for setting intentions.
Tumbled Zebradorite for manifesting.
Yerba Santa Herbal Wand for purification & creating sacred spaces
Purification Ritual salts with sea salt, peppermint, eucalyptus, & frankincense essential oil for circle casting and ritual baths.

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