For the last 4 years we've had a pretty active online community. Its always beautiful to hear the stories that were inspired from the monthly rituals. I’m really excited to be able to work with so many of you guys in this collective offering! My new life motto is slow & easy so please, there is no rush to this! I appreciate your willingness to open up and share your sacred experiences!

I feel a steady stream of inspiring videos, reflections, personal wisdom stories and creative expression will help shift us all towards a richer path of authenticity and peace within ourselves. The subscription boxes are a platform we can use to connect us in the collective while supporting our growth and unique experiences. 


General Guidelines:

Online Presence

Have one! Also, have an understanding of social media influencing.

Why is this important if its not a marketing thing?

Because influencers have the proper equipment, tools and wisdom to get their stories seen. They’ve invested in themselves in a way that gives them the advantage to connecting with communities. Their posts don’t get skimmed over!



  • Something that comes natural.
  • Listen to your guides.
  • Do pick the right subscription.
  • Include your own special touches, wisdom, tools and rituals


  • Do an unboxing, either by video or story board, unless it is part of a diary or something that takes us through the whole process. Its not about the things in the box so much as it is your connection to them and how you connected. It’s the how you connected not the what you got!
  • Don’t initiate a plan for what your doing with the items until they come. That’s way too much left-brain activity for this! Just let it come, let it happen and see what comes of it. For example, don’t commit to doing a nature hike with every box. Be open to doing whatever your guides inspire you to do….then tell us about it so we can learn how to do it too!
  • Don’t let the subscriptions pile up while you wait! That just adds pressure that keeps you further from connecting than ever before.


If you feel like you are a candidate to be a Sacred Flame for the Magickal Folk community and contribute to this collective shift then please email with the following information

Contact information

Short bio & area of expertise

Social media profiles along with a short description of how you use them online (personal, creative, professional, educational, networking, etc.)

Why you wish to be a Sacred Flame for the Magickal Folk Community

Which subscriptions you wish to work with and how you would like to be compensated for this first project. (Astrologist - $xx per reading or Trade for XYZ box, Herbalist - free box, stay at home mom - XX$ and free xyz box, Writer - xx$ per xxx word article or shop credit) you get the point! 



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