Store Credit & Rewards

How it works


Store Credit

Store credit will automatically accumulate as you shop and can be used anytime! 

In order to receive store credit, you must be logged in to this site with a customer account BEFORE you complete a purchase. All renewing subscription orders are also counted without being logged in. 

To check credit balance, click the "store credit" button below your address book on your account page. 

To use store credit, copy the codes from your balance page and paste them in the promo code section at checkout. 

Store credit cannot be used on monthly subscriptions or renewals. We are working on reopening the Coven Collection after our move, remodel and new COVID regulations!


Referral Program

Use the referral code located in your rewards center to share with friends and you will both receive 5% cash back in store credit!


Affiliate Program

Sign up to become an affiliate to receive 10% commission on all purchases plus receive free products to review, write about or talk about on your social media channels! Affiliates must have an active following that aligns with our core beliefs. We are also open to short and long collaborations!